The subject of finances and work can be a continuous worry to some because it provides up together a huge part that our day-to-day lives. Over there is tension in no making sufficient money, fear in losing a job, jealousy in seeing someone else"s accomplishments when you"ve functioned just together hard, and weariness in a taxing, underappreciated position. Occasionally you just want come quit and also do other else. Other times you require something, something to support yourself and your family; yet, opportunities seem scarce.

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Whether you"re miserable in ~ your existing job or room unemployed and searching, your very first reaction may be to try and take regulate of the situation. Once we shot to manage the case ourselves, we tend to gain stressed easily and also may start to feel down when we don’t view the results we want. What we must do is to take it our impatience, our longing because that blessing, ours desire to assistance loved ones, and also our hurt native the workplace and put it in ~ the feet the the just One who is in control—Jesus, our sovereign Savior and also King.

We have a God who deserve to relate, and also he is a God who desires to hear native us even in our most trying moments. Ours heavenly dad knows every little thing that’s walk on in our lives, however he tho wants united state to seek him and also confide in him. That wants united state to trust him the he will hold us near no matter what transforms our lives may take. Use this prayer for employment come speak powerful words the belief and also hope over your life.

A Prayer for Employment

Dear God,You understand my needs. You know my desire for a job, for job-related I enjoy doing, because that the next step in my career to current itself. I pray the you would guide me as I proceed on this job searching journey. Might I focus very first on your will certainly for mine life, placing your desires and also your plan above my own wishes and also wants. Open doors to new opportunities that you desire because that me, and also equip me through the skills, knowledge, and also wisdom I have to take steps forward in this process. As I handmade my resume, write cover letters, send my applications, connect with brand-new companies and potential employers, and go on interviews, give me the words to speak and also the courage come share who I am and what I deserve to do. Offer me confidence that have the right to only come native you, and also give me humility too. I trust you, Lord-- mine life is in your hands. Your will be done. Give thanks to you for being close to to me every step of the way and say thanks to you for always providing because that my every need. May this all be for your glory.

In her name,Amen.


-Rachel Dawson, design Editor


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Download this free PDF of Prayers because that Faithto use in time of uncertainty. To trust in the Lord and He will provide what is finest for her soul!


When you have a unstable day at work and you simply don’t understand exactly how your co-worker or boss might have said something so rude to you, once you feel like you placed your ideal in yet you keep obtaining corrected, and when you did every little thing that you to be asked however the firm let friend go…remember the gospel. Remember the Jesus died so that you can have life, remember the Jesus stated this life would certainly be challenging, and also remember the Jesus said he would never ever leave you. Thank God for his visibility in your life, climate pray for every human being that allow you under or hurt you; pray the God would open up their minds and their mind to have the same gospel hope that you do and forgive them.

"Paul wanted people to check out Christ more clearly, and also he knew that God’s strength would achieve that. The gospel is the power to readjust people (see Ro 1:16), and also when civilization see Christ much more clearly, they space empowered to live and also act as God intended.

We can use Paul’s teaching in three ways. First, let united state pray that God’s power may assist us watch the worries we conference at work-related as methods for God to present his glory. Second, let united state pray that God’s power conforms united state to the image of Christ. Third, let us pray the God’s power enables us to expand his love to others. God’s transformative and an imaginative power is top top us, and can significantly inform our work and also the way we live our lives.

For various reasons, that is basic to forget to pray around the ups and also downs of our work. Us may emphasis on praying because that family and also friends, or on our own an individual growth or needs. Yet we overlook the issues that arise from or at work. Yet God desires to open up our eye to see exactly how he is able come do much more than we deserve to ask or imagine (see Eph 3:20) in every round of life. His power alters not just the method we see, but likewise how we pray. The wants united state to to express our thanks to him for the work-related that us do, and petition him about every worry we have. And he wants united state to realize the prayer can readjust even our scenarios at work." -From How to Pray for your Work, in theNIV confidence & work-related Bible


This write-up is component of our larger Prayers source meant to inspire and also encourage her prayer life once you challenge uncertain times. Visit our most famous prayers if you are wondering just how to pray or what come pray. Remember, the divine Spirit intercedes for us and also God knows her heart even if friend can"t uncover the words come pray.

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