In order to answer the concern we must an initial define heaven. Follow to the Catechism, heaven is a “state the supreme, definitive happiness” that requires a perfect “communion that life and love through the Trinity, with the Virgin Mary, the angels and also all the blessed” (CCC 1024).

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This definitive state of human happiness and communion that life and also love presupposes the powers of rational knowledge and love, which pets do no have. Therefore, no non-human animal would have the ability to experience “heaven” together defined.

Perhaps our pets i will not ~ exist in sky in the sense of suffering the Beatific Vision, yet could they merely exist in the “new sky and brand-new earth” (see CCC 1043; 2 Pet. 3:13; Rev. 21:1)?

We understand from the natural light of person reason the the pet we have now will no exist in the brand-new heaven and brand-new earth. The souls that animals have are totally dependent ~ above their product makeup. As such, they execute not proceed to exist after bodily death as person souls do. Therefore, all pets that die before the development of Christ’s second coming will certainly not exist in the brand-new heaven and brand-new earth.

And there couldn’t be any kind of sort the resurrection the these pets since resurrection presupposes a ongoing existence of part sort. Fido can’t be resurrected and also brought into existence from nothing at the very same time.

But to the question of whether pets in general will exist in the new heaven and new earth, the Church has actually never given any type of definitive teaching on this question. Any answer detailed would be in the kingdom of dangerous theology.

There are arguments on both sides. Those in favor argue that there is nothing intrinsic come the nature the God or animals that would prohibit God native creating new creatures and miraculously keeping them in existence. Just as God will preserve other material things native corruption, including the human being body, that could an extremely well create new non-human animals and preserve them native corruption.

Those versus the idea that non-human pets existing in the brand-new creation argue the there will certainly be no require for them. The perfection in pleasure that human beings will have actually in God and also one an additional seems to preclude the need for the affection pets provide us and also the must use animals in basic for achieving specific natural goods.

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The bottom line is that we recognize for sure that every little thing pets die before the introduction of the brand-new creation, they will certainly not it is in there. Yet concerning the question of pets in general, that is eventually unanswerable given the materials of divine revelation.

Here is a good article top top this subject written by my great friend and also colleague Todd Aglialoro “The Fidoist Heresy.”