The face of Jocelyn Wildenstein, 79, has become known as an extreme example the plastic surgical treatment that has gone wrong. Due to the fact that of she catlike illustration tabloids named her “Catwoman”, “The Lion Queen,” and also “The Bride that Wildenstein,” and behind this bizarre face is an same bizarre story.

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Jocelyn started making “corrections” in the mid-1990s since she apparently feared the her husband, billionaire Alec N. Wildenstein, would leave her. Because he to be obsessed with large cats, she chose to turn into one. She later denied the story, claiming that she had actually embarked top top this transformation for her very own sake.


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In one interview, she claimed that she quit correcting she appearance due to the fact that “the posts were mean and would repeat the photo that she husband tried to paint her”.

She additionally stated the she constantly looked prefer a cat, v the cat eyes. “If girlfriend look at among my mother’s pictures, she also has the eye shape choose this. This was a story, and also it’s something he chose an extremely well due to the fact that it grounding to me like glue”.

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Jocelyn underwent facelifts at least seven times, drastically reconstructed her eye area and included lip fillers, and also filled she cheeks and also chin with collagen.

Her marriage certainly failed when she recorded her husband in bed through a 19-year-old model.

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It to be a nice tumultuous breakup. Wildenstein allegedly also threatened her v a gun, and the divorce instance lasted two years. Jocelyn to be richer by a billion and also a half dollars after ~ the divorce. Now, she doesn’t care what people think of her.

“I have actually nothing to prove. In the end, i don’t care”, she said about people judging her for her appearance.

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Recently, her pictures from a young age appeared on social media, mirroring what Jocelyn looked like prior to plastic surgery. As you may guess – she was yes, really pretty.


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See just how her change went from organic beauty to the bride the Wildenstein.

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Jocelyn Wildenstein even found herself in court number of years ago as she allegedly gouged boyfriend Lloyd Klein‘s face with she nails. She was also accused the stabbing her partner, who is a Canadian designer, double in the chest v the scissors. A resource said at the moment that she even threw warm wax in ~ him from a lit candle.

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The couple started dating in 2003, and due come this incident, media outlets to be reporting that their partnership is finished, however they to be wrong. Your love is more powerful than ever.

2010 Jocelyn Wildenstein spring fabulous AF in court in brand-new York after ~ assaulting her designer boyfriend in their Trump Tower Apartment. ? #celebcourtroomcouture #jocelynwildenstein #beckywiththegoodhair

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