Making that in music is extremely challenging to do, together the level of competition is in ~ an all-time high. Brand-new stars prefer Olivia Rodrigo have the right to pop up the end of nowhere, if hitmakers favor Lady Gaga aren't walk anywhere. To do it, you have to have the ideal sound at the appropriate time.

Ashlee Simpson looked to leaving her note on popular music music years back, and also she wound increase finding success v her debut. Simpson, however, would land in some warm water when she was busted lip-syncing on SNL. It made headlines in an instant, and everything readjusted from there.

Let's take a look back on this infamous performance.

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Ashlee Simpson increased To fame In The 2000s

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throughout the 2000s, Ashlee Simpson began her time as a popular music star in the music industry, complying with in the footsteps of she sister, Jessica. She older sister had uncovered plenty of success in music and also even on fact television, and also Ashlee was all set to make the leap it s her to discover fame and also success.

In 2004, Ashlee released she debut solitary "Pieces that Me" because that the pan to enjoy, and just like that, the singer gained some serious traction and was off and also running in the human being of music. After ~ hitting the height 5 top top the hot 100, Ashlee Simpson to be officially a hit, and from that point on, the singer would certainly look to make also greater strides in music.


she debut album, Autobiography, wound up being certified 3x Platinum through the RIAA, making the a significant commercial success. The singer was everywhere, and also her team to be making certain that she was going to be viewed by as numerous potential fans together possible. One of the significant gigs the Simpson booked throughout that time to be SNL.

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She landed A power On 'SNL'

once it to be announced the Ashlee Simpson to be going to it is in performing top top SNL, there was a real curiosity from fans. Simpson was gaining steam as a popular music star, and also a major performance ~ above SNL can have done wonders for her career.


because the show has been about forever, few of the greatest music plot in history have had a chance to shine on the show. However, there have actually been many of bad performances the have recorded headlines in the past.

major acts that laid an egg top top SNL encompass the black color Eyed Peas, Kesha, Lana Del Rey, and also even the Red hot Chili Peppers. Poor performances can occur to anyone, however most don't have actually it take place on live television.

Unfortunately, Simpson would provide a performance that wound up netting she far an ext negative push than she bargained for.

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It was A Disaster

So, what in the world actually happened on the fateful evening? Well, Simpson to be busted lip-syncing top top the show. She appeared to miss her cue to begin performing along to the track, top to an extremely awkward moment. The panicked Simpson began to execute a jig, and it didn't take audiences lengthy to number out what was goin on with the performance.

in ~ the finish of the SNL episode, Simpson inserted the blame on her tape for play the wrong tune in what appeared like an effort to conserve face. By that point, the damage was currently done.

shortly after, Simpson had actually told MTV the she was handling acid reflux and was utilizing a backing monitor to aid her performance.


"The total instance was a bummer. I made a complete fool the myself," Simpson said.

Kate Winslet was the hold of SNL the complying with week, and even she feel an immense amount of push to comprise for Simpson's blunder.

"I to be on the week after Ashlee Simpson. I was the next display after. It was like, ‘Okay. Five my god. So, this show’s gotta be yes, really real,'" she revealed.

It has been years since that notorious SNL blunder, and also Simpson has actually put that behind her. Instead of fearing it, she has actually simply accepted that the is part of she story.

"It's certainly not daunting to talk about. The was a really long time ago. It's other that happened to me and things in life happen, and they do you stronger. They do you a far better performer and a better person. I think things like that develop your character and your strength, and also it's just how you take care of them ," she said.


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Ashlee Simpson's SNL performance was one for the books, and also it's an excellent to hear that she has actually put it behind her.

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