It’s been number of years since the Google Maps street view has actually been unveiled, and since then, a most shenanigans have actually been captured and also immortalized by among the most well-known online services on the planet. Today, we’re walking to have actually some fun at the price of the topics of this photos that were recorded at just the appropriate moment.

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1. Naked car Trunk Guy


It’s difficult to tell whether this is intentional because there is no context to administer clarity, yet one point is because that sure; that is a naked guy climbing the end of a stems of a car. One can only hope that the car and home is his.

2. Man Reading In His Underwear


One doesn’t should dress official in bespeak to read in public, however being nearly naked is acquisition liberties a bit too far. One point is because that sure, this underwear leader sure deserve to concentrate.

3. Masking Pedestrians


There is absolutely something unsettling about seeing persons in the middle of the roadway wearing masks because that no reason. As soon as seen in vast daylight and in the middle of nowhere, though, it’s simply silly.

4. Sidewalk Sex Doll


There’s naught wrong with owning a sex doll, however at least put it away properly. There are kids around!

5. Mrs Either looking for Something She dropped Or it’s Happy Hour


From this vantage point, it’s easy to assume that this pair is having actually a good time. However, it’s additionally equally possible that she’s just searching for the keys she dropped. Or they can be having actually a an excellent time.

6. Hand Job


That last photo left room for doubt, but this one is pretty crystal clear that someone is acquiring a hand job. Could it it is in the male with his pants down?

7. Might Be law The Worm, could Have please Down


Many space saying the this photo is of a woman doing the worm. The could also be a timely shooting of she falling down.

8. Friend Laughing at Fallen Friend


It’s okay. We’ve all laughed in ~ our friends’ misery in ~ one suggest or another.

9. Mooning


This guy is mooning. Nuff said.

10. One Under-dressed Woman


It’s clear the this lady is exceptionally comfortable v her body. It’s simply not clear if anyone else is comfortable looking in ~ her practically naked rear.

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So there you have it, 10 funny photos captures by Google Maps Street View. Hope you took pleasure in them.