If you’ve to be charged v shoplifting in Arizona, unfortunately you’re looking in ~ a crime the has after-effects both in court and out the court. Even if it is you’ve to be charged v a felony or misdemeanor, a conviction can mean jail time and will wreak havoc by implicating experienced licensing, your immigrant status, background checks, job opportunities and also security clearances. Having actually the truth of your instance evaluated by a trained shoplifting lawyer will carry out you the ideal opportunity to stop a conviction and the future collateral consequences.

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Frequently Asked inquiries (FAQs)

What wake up if you acquire a citation for shoplifting?

When you get a quote after one arrest, you room being cited into court to stand charges. Under the law, these space criminal charges and carry through them the possibility of fines, probation and also jail.

How long after shoplifting deserve to you be caught?

The statute of restrictions is (1) one year because that a misdemeanor and (7) seven years for a felony.

What is shoplifting?

The shoplifting definition is a theft of merchandise indigenous a store during the hrs of operation.

What wake up if friend get caught shoplifting under 18?

What happens once you get recorded shoplifting because that the an initial time?

The punishment for a an initial time violation can selection dramatically based upon the truth of the case and also whether the violation is a felony or misdemeanor. That said, an experienced shoplifting lawyer can regularly negotiate for diminished or dismissed charges once the offense is for a first time allegation.

What happens if girlfriend get captured shoplifting at Walmart?

Being recorded at Walmart is no different than being captured at any other store as that relates come the charges friend will challenge under the law. That said, Walmart notoriously prosecutes theft charges aggressively and will typically have save surveillance to carry out to the police in an initiative to strengthen your case against you.

What happens if girlfriend get captured shoplifting ~ above camera?

Being recorded on camera go not change the nature of the charges. However, having a theft videotaped on video clip will typically strengthen the case versus an offender and also make defending the charges much more difficult.

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How long does a shoplifting charge remain on her record?

Is there any means to obtain my shoplifting instance dismissed?

Having her shoplifting instance dismissed in Arizona have the right to only be completed by:Having the start agree to dismiss the case;Having a jury find you not guilty in ~ trial;Entering a diversion or deferred start agreement;Executing a misdemeanor deteriorate pursuant to ARS 13 3981.

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