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A: because I gained it favor that, uh huhBecause I acquired it favor that, wooh, uh huhBecause I got it like thatG: prefer how?A: prefer thatDancin' top top the dance floorGirl, it's friend that ns adoreStep top top stage, you scream for moreAfrika got rhymes galoreSnap mine fingers, make you mineIf not, I'll snap a 2nd timeAfter that, ns guaranteeYou will certainly be standing alongside meLeft or ideal side, take your pickBut girl, you've gained to do it quickBaby, baby, babyI understand I journey you crazyMC's know me together Mike GGirls organize on come me tightlyWarm personalityThat's why they acquire close come meTry their finest to drive me wildSay they desire to bear my childI go away, castle say, "Come back"Why? because I got it like that
A: Yeah, uh huhG: since I gained it like thatA: Yeah, uh huhG: since I got it like thatA: A ha ha, uh huhG: due to the fact that I got it like thatA: like how?G: favor thatNo problem, (why?) due to the fact that I got it prefer thatA baby Bam beat and also an african rapMy companion by my side, Sammy B is ~ above the cutYour DJs chill and chill, however hey, so what?Nuggets in mine pocket, wine in my handI acquired it like that, but you still don't understandIt pertains to me natural, it involves me easyI simply lay earlier and permit the big beat command meI never ever work a day in my lifeSingle tropical brother, no kids, no wife100,000 rhymes indigenous one band, that's manyBut ago where i come from, lock ain't precious a pennyYou've gained a most talent, yet you fail come seeYou paid because that yours, I got mine for free
Play in the rain and also don't gain wetWalk v the desert and also don't even sweatPlay in the snow and also don't gain coldI'm simply a cool young brother that looks kinda oldRun approximately the world schoolin' top top the sideIf ns commit a crime and also get recorded i slideI've acquired ladies uptown and also money top top the floorThere's not a point in the civilization that I'm askin' forA: Wooh, uh huhG: because I got it prefer thatYou wanna recognize why, brother?Because I acquired it choose thatA: Uh huhG: i ain't jokin', i ain't playin', it's just my brotherI gained it choose thatA: A ha haUsed to it is in a player, couldn't it is in trustedBut quiet in all, i never got bustedKnowin' every part of new York CityI thought it was funny, it supplied to watch prettyI had it all spread out out, also one next doorI had actually it favor that, so what ya askin' for?4 come 5, you see, to be my minimumAnd every day, I used to go and also get v 'emOne for every hour on the hourOne on the means while I was in the showerIt sounds kinda crazy, it sound kinda buggedBut you see, Afrika to be the one lock lovedSo you see, it got to a point where castle didn't careThey didn't wanna give me up, so they agreed come share

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A: since I got it prefer thatG: ns hear you, brother, wordA: since I acquired it like thatG: Man, you's one baaaaaad tropical brotherA: favor thatLike thatA: Uh, wooh, Sammy B, B, you acquired it like thatI know you gained it favor thatYo Mike G native the tropical Brothers, manNew Orleans got it prefer thatNew York City obtained it choose thatLos Angeles gained it favor thatCleveland got it favor thatLet me see, that else acquired it prefer that?G: DetroitA: Who?G: DetroitA: Man, yeah, Atlanta got it choose thatPhiladelphia got it prefer thatTexas obtained it choose that, allow me seeSomebody else got it choose thatG: D.CA: Yea, D.C., D.C. Obtained it choose thatBoston, Miami, I understand you acquired it favor that, MiamiG: WordA: indigenous up, yo, I'm outta here, you understand why?Both: since I gained IT choose THAT