Elvis Presley passed away on august 16, 1977, in ~ the period of 42. The cause of death was covered up through his family; but, that is suspected the it to be from an overdose of prescription medicine that resulted in his love to stop.

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Elvis Presley"s Hospitalizations

In November, 1973, Elvis to be admitted come the hospital because that pneumonia, pleurisy, hepatitis, and also an enlarged colon. He had actually been battling his suspended on prescription drugs and his weight and also general health problems for a while. He continued to perform, yet was hospitalized again for health and drug suspended problems.

He winner his third and final Grammy award for the tune “How good Thou Art" for ideal Inspirational Performance. All 3 Grammys he obtained were in gospel music.

In April that 1977, Elvis was again hospitalized and had to cancel few of his tour.

Presley"s Death

On august 16th 1977, he returned to Graceland ~ a so late appointment v the dentist. He visited his bedroom around 7:00 afternoon to rest prior to an evening flight. He to be later discovered in his bathroom and rushed to the hospital, wherein he was pronounced dead native cardiac arrhythmia.

What caused his love to avoid was an overdose that prescription drugs. His father, Vernon Presley, had the autopsy report sealed till 2027. The is suspected the he had taken a cocktail that prescription drugs, including:

MorphineDemerolChloropheniraminePlacidylValiumCodeineEthinamateAn unknown depressant

His body to be interred at Graceland.

Facts about Elvis

Elvis signed on with an agent named Bob Neal, in 1955. That same year the met "Colonel" Tom Parker, a promoter and manager, and toured through Tom Snow. He starts to obtain popularity, especially with girls in the audience. He signed a contract through RCA records at the finish of 1955.

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His an initial recording session remained in 1956 and one of the songs to be "Heartbreak Hotel." It sold 30,000 copies in 3 weeks, and also became his an initial single to sell over a million copies. He additionally signed a movie contract v Paramount pictures this very same year.

He make the headlines ~ above June 5, 1956 by providing a sensuous power of "Hound Dog" on the Milton Berle Show, i beg your pardon left numerous adult viewers shocked.

Ed Sullivan said he would certainly never have actually him top top his show, yet reconsidered when he saw the large ratings TV shows received as soon as Elvis appeared. The first Ed Sullivan present Elvis perform on to be on September 9, 1956. This year additionally saw the relax of Elvis’ first movie, "Love Me Tender."

In 1957, Elvis bought Graceland and in 1958, to be inducted right into the Army and served until 1960. Throughout that time, he met Priscilla v a shared friend. In the next seven years, Elvis’ fame grew and he filmed more movies, which climate totaled 26 movies.

He married Priscilla in might of 1967. His first television one-of-a-kind was tape-recorded in 1968, however by then, he was all set for a readjust as the missed performing live. That filmed his critical movie (number 31) in 1969, "Change that Habit" and started an engagement in ras Vegas, i beg your pardon was highly successful. The next few years were filled with much more touring and much more engagements in las Vegas.

With his an international fame and also fortune, he definitely left his mark on the music of his time as the "King that Rock-n-Roll."