French authorities believe they have two feasible answers for just how the Notre Dame cathedral caught fire in April. And also it may all come down to a single cigarette.

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Paris prosecutor Remy Heitz called reporters this week the reason of the fire to be likely because of negligence, which might mean the flick that a tobacco at the not correct place, or a basic electrical misalignment. He added that the team hasn’t completely ruled out criminal activity, though the preliminary investigation right into the April blaze uncovered no authorize the fire was started deliberately.

"Several hypotheses have captured the attention of the investigators, including that of a break down in the electrical system or the a cigarette that to be not correctly put out could have started the fire," Heitz said. "Even if specific failings, i beg your pardon may explain the scale of the fire, have been carried to light, the investigations brought out to date have not yet been able to identify the reasons of the fire.”

However, just since they’ve narrowed under what lock think led to the fire doesn’t typical the examination is any closer to gift completed. Richard Marlet, former head that the clinical police in France, said Euronews the team would still need to find which tiny electrical wire sparked the huge fire.

"It can be wires linked to the tools provided by the companies in charge of renovation works," he said, or "it might also be the electric circuit associated to the bells."

The team, HuffPost reported, concerned this narrowed down conclusion after ~ looking at more than 1,000 pieces of evidence and also interviewing much more than 100 people.

As CNN noted, Hertz additionally told reporters, a judicial examination would just be carried out against a solitary person or reality "on the grounds the involuntary damages by fire because of a manifestly intentional breach that a duty of treatment or safety imposed by legislation or regulation, which arisen under problems likely to reveal persons to bodily harm."



Beyond the investigation regarding why the fire happened it appears the rebuilding initiatives have fight a snag together well.

On Wednesday, the Notre Dame structure revealed the Cathedrale de Paris fund has raised 396 million euros in donations and also pledges to date. However, HuffPost reported, actually ceded donations come pay workers for the rebuilding efforts is actually only at 38 million euros. And even the money came under to tiny donations from across the world, not the billionaires that promised big bucks to rebuild.

“The large donors haven’t paid. Not a cent,” Andre Finot, an elderly press officer at Notre Dame, told the AP. “They desire to recognize what specifically their money is being spent on and also if castle agree to it prior to they hand it over, and also not simply to salary employees’ salaries.”

So who’s really paying up? according to the foundation, 90 percent the the donations the received have come indigenous American donors.

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Though the bigtime donors might need to pay up soon as French president Emmanuel Macron said he wants the renovations done within the next 5 years, prior to the world descends on France for the 2024 Olympics.