Our discounts and deals make it easy to save on an adventure that’s just your style. They are designed because that maximum fun, savings and entertainment, even if it is you’re a family looking for son friendly activities, search an adrenaline rush, or a member of our distinguished equipped forces. We’ve do it easy to find the transaction that’s just right because that you! 

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Looking because that a field trip for children who room homeschooled or doing online learning? 

Join us for ours homeschool tours! Spark her elementary institution kids’ love of learning by teaching them about caves, the pets that live in them, and also the beauty beauty of nature! build their knowledge and also love the Colorado caves with an age-appropriate curriculum guarantee to obtain them excited around an undiscovered world hiding right under your feet!

Available Tuesdays & Thursdays only

Add Gemstone panning for just $5 per personAdd the Pioneer package for just $15 per person, weather permitting. (Closed Tuesdays - Wednesdays)
Pro tip: should be at the very least 42" customs tall walk on the rides with a paying adult, or 48" inches high to ride alone.

Cost: $10 per personIncludes age proper tour the the caveIncludes a bat presentationIncludes a geology laboratory presentation in our underground laboratoryIncludes Gemstone PanningThis tour will certainly last about 1 1/2 - 2 hours

Join us on Wednesday, October 13th, 2021 from 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. For a one-of-a-kind tour geared towards kindergarten through fifth grade – yet anyone deserve to join! as soon as you pick this introductory cave program you will discover the inside of Temple hill at cavern of the Winds mountain Park and also more! 


For a limited time, take it a journey INTO fear on our exclusive Haunted Lantern Tour: Director’s Cut! With just a handheld lantern, wind your method deep inside cavern of the Winds and hear spine-chilling ghost stories, learn about unexplained phenomena and the true raw history of cavern of the Winds. This Haunted Lantern Tour has EXTRA SPOOKY appeal for those of you trying to find hair-raising fun! 

Reservations space strongly recommended because of the restricted space available.

This tourism is available October first - 31st top top Friday, Saturday, and also Sunday OnlyCost: $45 per adult (ages 13+)Due to some disturbing content children under the age of 13 space not permitted. This tourism is not recommended if you have actually knee or earlier problems, heart or respiratory conditions, problem seeing in dimly lit locations or if you surprised easily.This tour will call for you come go through a passage about 250" feet lengthy and around 48" inches high, twice, while delivering an open flame candle lantern.The only resource of light during the totality tour will be an open up flame bucket lantern, i m sorry will administer only dim lighting.The Haunted Lantern Tour: Director"s reduced will last about 2 hours

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