The "World's biggest Underground business Complex," a 55,000,000-square-foot city underneath Missouri.

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A carbon footprint-conscious manufacturer the point-of-purchase displays, retail packaging and corrugated boxes calls SubTropolis home. Hunt Midwest; used with Permission
The nation's just inland, OCIA certified, climate-controlled eco-friendly coffee warehousing facility. Hunt Midwest; used with Permission
There room a number of advantages to maintaining things underground. The temperature remains close to constant, energy expenses are lowered, and—in the massive, 55,000,000-square-foot room known as Subtropolis—there is a whole city of workers who deserve to keep your goods safe.

Subtropolis stores every little thing from a USPS arsenal of countless postal stamps and also the initial film reels that Gone through the Wind, to a series of artificially lighted, manmade habitats offered by planet Works to demonstrate science come students.

Mining in SubTropolis started in the 1940s, and also the empty space grew under the limestone bluffs top top the Missouri River. By 1960, the owner realized the they had an enormous area they can rent out for company operations. The dubbed their secret city “SubTropolis” and called it “the World’s largest Underground service Complex,” a expression that hunt Midwest has trademarked. SubTropolis sports practically seven mile of illuminated paved roads, and semi-trucks journey throughout the underground.

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“We load and also unload our trucks in perfect weather conditions,” said Joe Paris, co-founder and principal of Paris Brothers, a nationwide specialty foods agency headquartered in SubTropolis. “It’s truly a green environment. We’re more than likely using around 75 percent less electricity underground than we would in an above-ground facility. Whether it’s electronics or whether it’s food, friend don’t have actually temperature and also humidity fluctuations and also so you don’t have any kind of condensation, moisture building up in anything. From the standpoint, in my opinion you can’t beat it.”

Know before You Go

The entire site is private property, and also is patrolled through security, although you can drive ~ above the main road in front of the bluffs. There is no visitor center, but you have the right to drive with SubTropolis Monday with Friday native 6 a.m. Come 6 pm.. There is a paintball place referred to as Jaeger"s in among the caverns, if you"re crawl to get inside.

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