Melissa Ordway ~ above 'The Young and also The Restless' 12,000th Episode: 'I expect It simply Brings Joy'Melissa Ordway discusses her function on 'The Young and also The Restless' and the show's 12,000th episode.

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'The Young and also the Restless' Wins ideal Drama At an initial Virtual Daytime EmmysThe long-running soap likewise took residence three exhilaration trophies ~ above Friday night, v some winners speaking out about racial injustice.

'The Young and also The Restless' choose Up because that Four an ext Seasons, will Air 12,000th illustration This Summer'The Young and also The Restless' set yet one more incredible milestone this summer v its 12,000th episode.

Peter Bergman top top His 'Young & Restless' 30 Year Anniversary: 'A Powerful an individual Experience'

'Young and also Restless,' Alex Trebek Win huge At 46th annual Daytime Emmys"Y&R" winner for exceptional daytime drama, writing and directing, among others.

Tracey Bregman mirrors On The Young and The RestlessSoap opera star Tracey Bregman shows on the 45th anniversary the "The Young and the Restless."
'Daniel Harrelson Is Derek Morgan top top Steroids': Shemar Moore Discusses new Role ~ above S.W.A.T.Shemar Moore talks with CBS Local's DJ Sixsmith about his career, S.W.A.T and also the state of our country.
CBS Leads every Networks through 70 Nominations because that 44th annual Daytime EmmysThe soap "The Young and also the Restless," as usual, led the field with 25 nominations.
'Young and Restless' Works v American love Association For essential Message to WomenJill (played by Emmy-winner Jess Walton) has actually a near-fatal love attack. The story that Jill's heart an illness started on Thursday's episode.
Soap Actress Jensen Buchanan Arrested for Alleged DUI Crash the Injured one more DriverWednesday morning, about 6:20, Buchanan was apparently driving her black color Mercedes eastern on State path 154, in Santa Barbara.
CBS Daytime Parodies Those Sexy citizens Commercials v A Hunk instead Of A BabeActor Pierson Fode (Thomas on "The Bold and the Beautiful") is displayed shirtless (natch) enjoying his burger. Make that really enjoying his burger.
Nominations because that 43rd annual Daytime Emmy Awards Announced The awards will be handed out on Sunday, might 1. They will not it is in televised.
'Young and Restless' to Air in ~ 2:05 am TuesdayMonday’s illustration of “The Young and the Restless” will certainly be aired at 2:05 a.m. Tuesday.
Winners of The 42nd annual Daytime Emmys presented Sunday In Burbank Network TV's 4 remaining soaps are all nominated for superior daytime drama series: CBS' "The Bold and the Beautiful" and "The Young and also the Restless," NBC's "Days of our Lives" and ABC's "General Hospital."
'Fresh Prince' Star takes Crown together Winner In Celebrity Toyota grand Prix For 3rd TimeAlfonso Ribeiro started 14th in the 18-car field, but needed just 4 laps to happen actor Joshua Morrow (Nicholas top top CBS' "The Young and the Restless").
Supply Chain situation Forces fort Worth Restaurant to CloseDrew's spirit Food Restaurant has closed its doors, shifting to catering only, as the owner struggled come secure the supplies needed to stay open.
'Survivor' Contestant Michelle Yi defines Frightening Santa Monica AssaultFormer 'Survivor' contestant Michelle Yi, that goes through "Piper," never ever thought she would certainly be the victim that a brutal assault.

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'Survivor 41' episode 6: The Merge component 1 Drop her buffs! It's lastly halftime in Survivor! But... Not so rapid – this wasn't any traditional merge like the past. This episode included so numerous twists – us were left v a game-changing cliffhanger.