This Sunday (March 28, 2021) an all new episode that “60 Minutes” on CBS functions a report ~ above the Boston Robotics workshop wherein fantasy has become reality

The march 28 illustration of “60 Minutes” premieres at 7PM ET top top the CBS tv Network (or ~ NCAA coverage).

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You deserve to watch previous episodes at and on big Plus.

BOSTON ROBOTICS WORKSHOP- Robots have actually been relocating like people on screen since cinema began, their behavior coming to be even an ext fluid end the last years thanks to computer system animation. However in part ways, fantasy has become reality in ~ Boston Dynamics, a cutting-edge agency where Anderson Cooper finds robots that walk through a human being gait, operation gracefully, do earlier flips and can rotate themselves approximately in midair. 

Cooper and also 60 minute cameras get a rarely look inside the innovative robotics firms to see an innovation that augurs a day when robots could physically have the ability to do practically anything human beings can.

WHAT taken place IN WUHAN- A former Clinton management NSC official and also a member that the who advisory committee ~ above genetic engineering says the Chinese go not permit the WHO-led team to bring out a full and also unrestricted inquiry right into the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak.

SPORTS WRITER DAVE KINDRED- The pages that sportswriter Dave Kindred’s life space in the record books. For much more than fifty percent a century, Kindred extended Super Bowls, the World series and 52 Masters. In 1966, together a cub reporter in Louisville, KY, Kindred met the ascending regional fighter Muhammad Ali, which introduced the an initial of an ext than 300 interviews.

Kindred adhered to Ali’s entire career and also on the next edition of 60 Minutes, he tells Jon Wertheim around the strangest interview he ever before did with the heavyweight champion. Today, Kindred covers a neighborhood high school’s girls basketball team, top top a self-appointed to win he’s uncovered to be even more fulfilling currently of his life. Wertheim reports this sweet tale of small-town sporting activities meeting big-city sports writing on this week’s edition of 60 Minutes.

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