Get the biggest scoops and also best storytelling on television from 60 minutes - on her schedule. Now you deserve to listen come the show in its entirety every week. 60 minute is the many successful broadcast in television history with much more than 80 Emmys under the belt. 60 minute is additionally the only show to obtain interviews through every American chairman from Richard Nixon to Joe Biden.

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On this week's "60 Minutes," Anderson Cooper talks to former defense secretary and CIA head Robert Gates, who touched ~ above several various other topics -- including the increase of China and the boundaries of America's military. Bill Whitaker reports top top the environment-friendly River Drift, where ranchers push thousands the cows along the same 70-mile route their ancestors pioneered 125 year ago. And Jon Wertheim travel to good Britain come report top top the future the England's pubs -- after the coronavirus pandemic closed them to close your tabs for much more than a year. See Privacy policy at and California Privacy notice at

On this week's "60 Minutes," invoice Whitaker reports ~ above a technology that the U.S. Government has grown progressively concerned about due to its potential to be supplied to spread disinformation or commit crimes: deepfakes. The Biden administration estimates “somewhere in between 1,000–1,500, probably more,” the the children separated from families during the Trump administration remain apart. Sharyn Alfonsi reports, Finally, Jon Wertheim's report ~ above Deep Springs College, wherein a pick group of student labor and learn for 2 years, ~ above a working ranch in the remote California desert. See Privacy plan at and also California Privacy notice at

On this week's "60 Minutes," Lesley Stahl sits v members that the military to expose the broken promise the the Public service Loan Forgiveness Program. They say confounding rules and red tape do the program virtually impossible because that borrowers come navigate. Tony Bennett has Alzheimer's Disease, yet when it comes time because that him to sing, the 95-year-old crooner increase from the fog of dementia. Anderson Cooper talks through Lady Gaga and also others around Bennett’s onstage transformation. Finally, Scott Pelley expose the identification of the facebook whistleblower, who left the society media large concerned, and with copies of thousands of pages the research. View Privacy plan at and also California Privacy notice at

On this week's "60 Minutes," overworked and under-resourced fire chiefs battling wildfires space getting backup from new hi-tech helicopters that can fight fires 24/7. Bill Whitaker tells united state more. In an interview with Lesley Stahl, embattled Wyoming Republican Liz Cheney, that was ostracized by she party because that voting come impeach president Donald Trump, discusses her decisions and re-election prospects. Alexey Molchanov now holds 24 records in complimentary diving and promises to go even deeper. Sharyn Alfonsi has his story.See Privacy plan at and also California Privacy notice at

With 60 Minutes off because that the Emmys this week, in the place, CBS Audio presents a special broadcast of The Debrief with significant Garrett, a weekly politics-focused audio documentary. Major explores the object of disinformation and also how the QAnon conspiracy theory helped fuel the January 6th insurrection at the U.S. Capitol. This episode consists of the whole of "Disinformation: component 1" and also a one-of-a-kind preview of "Part 2."See Privacy plan at and California Privacy an alert at

This week marks the 54th season premier the "60 Minutes, and twenty years since the terrorist strikes on September 11, 2021. Firefighters that were in ~ the civilization Trade facility that work share their stories v Scott Pelley. See Privacy plan at and California Privacy notice at

Ads room obnoxious

The ads the 60 minute agrees to have actually on your podcast are amongst the most obnoxious and out-of-character ads for such a major podcast. Cheapens the suffer to solemnly learn of the torture of youngsters by the Assad regime - just to be blasted through tacky and also obnoxious advertisements.

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much more Trump dislike derangement syndrome

Lies and more lies. These mother left their children on purpose. They space illegals that left their kids hoping they’d thrive up in the US. They must be prosecuted for son abandonment. No treated as a victim. Go perform a story top top the overcrowding by as much as 100% at children’s infrastructure under BIDEN administration. Or the records collection every day and also night the the huge illegals/drug smuggling. Practically 2 million illegals in critical 10 months perform a story on the record and overdoses since of the drugs flowing across our open up borders. Do a actual story not a Trump hate derangement

One sided reporting

If you just want one side of the story this is the podcast because that you. 10 thumbs down.