Is your Hand Sanitizer on’s perform of products You have to Not Use? experimentation uncovered toxicity ingredients in part hand sanitizers – uncover out if your product is top top the list


Need aid now? contact 911 if the human is unconscious or has trouble breathing. Call Poison help at 1-800-222-1222 to connect to your regional poison center.

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One that the best ways to avoid the spread out of COVID-19 is come wash your hands through soap and water. If soap and water room not available, the Centers for condition Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends making use of an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that has at least 60 percent ethanol (also known as ethyl alcohol). 

The regulates hand sanitizer together an over-the-counter drug, obtainable without a prescription. We test hand sanitizers because that quality due to the fact that it is a product we regulate. We uncovered serious safety comes to with some hand sanitizers during recent testing, including:

Contamination with potentially toxic varieties of alcoholNot enough active ingredient (ethyl alcohol or isopropil alcohol)Labels v false, misleading, or unproven claims 

Some hand sanitizers have actually been recalled and also there are more than 150 hand sanitizers the proposal you stop using right away.

Check the’s Do-Not-Use List

Before girlfriend buy hand sanitizer or use hand sanitizer you have at home, the recommends checking our do-not-use perform at We update the list consistently as new test outcomes are released. Bookmark the perform in her web browser so the you can examine each hand sanitizer before using it.

How to find’s Hand Sanitizer Do-Not-Use List


Click or tap top top the red button that says, “Hand sanitizers consumers need to not use.”Scroll under the web page to the search box at the top of the do-not-use list.Using the info on the hand sanitizer label, form one of the adhering to in the search box:Product or brand nameManufacturer, or the agency that developed the product (may not be included on the product label)Distributor, the firm that bring the product come marketNDC or nationwide Drug code number (may no be included on the product label)Do not use any type of hand sanitizer make by manufacturers on the list.

If the manufacturer is not provided on the label, call the distributor to uncover out who made the product. If the distributor refuses come clarify this information when you call them, the recommends not utilizing the product.

Use our step-by-step overview to search the do-not-use list at

If your Hand Sanitizer Is ~ above the Do-Not-Use List

If you have actually a hand sanitizer ~ above the do-not-use list, or one do by a manufacturer ~ above the list, stop using that immediately. Litter it away in a hazardous rubbish container, if girlfriend can. Execute not flush or to water the product under the drainpipe or mix that with other liquids. If you perform not have hazardous waste disposal whereby you live, call your rubbish or recycling agency or your local government to ask whereby you can eliminate hazardous waste.

Methanol and 1-Propanol space Toxic

There are many species of alcohol. Just ethyl alcohol and isopropyl alcohol (also known as 2-propanol) space acceptable alcohols in hand sanitizer. Other varieties of alcohol, including methanol and 1-propanol, room not agree in hand sanitizer because they have the right to be toxicity to humans. Recent safety testing discovered some hand sanitizers contaminated through these possibly toxic species of alcohol.

Type ofAlcoholOther CommonNamesAcceptable HandSanitizerIngredient?EthylIsopropylMethyl1-Propyl
EthanolAlcohol✓ Yes
Isopropanol2-Propoanol✓ Yes
MethanolWood alcoholX No
1-PropanolX No

Methanol Toxicities

Methanol or methyl alcohol, also known as lumber alcohol, is used to make rocket fuel and antifreeze and also is really toxic. Methanol have to never be rubbed on your skin or swallowed. Swallowing or drink hand sanitizers contaminated through methanol can cause serious wellness problems, consisting of permanent blindness, and also death. The CDC website has much more information about people who died or to be permanently blinded ~ swallowing hand sanitizer contaminated through methanol.

1-Propanol Toxicities

1-Propanol or 1-propyl alcohol is offered to make industrial solvents (a kind of cleaner) and can likewise be toxic to people when swallowed. Swallowing or drink a hand sanitizer v 1-propanol can result in lessened breathing and heart rate, among other major symptoms, and can cause death. Hand sanitizer with 1-propanol contamination have the right to irritate your skin (or eyes, if exposed). Although the is rare, some civilization have reported allergic skin reactions. 

Never swallow Hand Sanitizer

You must never swallow or drink any form of hand sanitizer due to the fact that you can obtain alcohol poisoning. Children are at greater risk of by chance swallowing hand sanitizer, and due come their smaller sized body size, are at high hazard for health problems after swallowing hand sanitizer. 

It is impossible to understand from looking in ~ the hand sanitizer if the is contaminated with a very toxic kind of alcohol. Alcohol poisoning, from any type of alcohol, can reason serious health difficulties or death. If someone swallows hand sanitizer contact Poison Control automatically at 1-800-222-1222 to obtain help.

Check the Label

Usually hand sanitizers contaminated with potentially toxic species of alcohol, such together methanol or 1-propanol, carry out not have actually the toxicity ingredient detailed on the label. However, if methanol or 1-propanol is listed on your hand sanitizer label, you must stop using it immediately and also put it right into a hazardous garbage container. test results additionally showed part hand sanitizers had actually much lower levels of active ingredient than noted on the label. The CDC recommends alcohol-based hand sanitizers have at least 60% ethyl alcohol (sometimes listed as “alcohol” top top the label). trial and error revealed part hand sanitizers that have concerningly low levels the these energetic ingredients. In the “Product status” pillar of the do-not-use list, these products are referred to as “subpotent.”

False or Misleading label Claims

During the coronavirus pandemic the has discovered some false or misleading claims on hand sanitizer labels. Before you to buy hand sanitizer friend should know that no hand sanitizer has been proven to:

Prevent the spread of COVID-19Protect girlfriend from viruses or bacteria because that a certain duration of time, such as 24-hours

No consumer hand sanitizer is, therefore that insurance claim on any consumer hand sanitizer is not trustworthy.

Warn Children and Teens around Hand Sanitizer

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, calls to poison centers nationwide have actually increased because children have accidentally swallowed hand sanitizer that might look favor candy or a sweet drink. Swallowing hand sanitizer can cause alcohol poisoning, serious health and wellness problems, and also death. 

Tell children and also teens that no one should swallow hand sanitizer for any kind of reason and that it’s impossible to phone call if hand sanitizer is contaminated just from looking in ~ it or using it. Contact 911 or Poison regulate at 1-800-222-1222 immediately if who swallows hand sanitizer of any type.

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Hand Sanitizer and also Pets carry out Not Mix

Keep hand sanitizer away from pets and never usage it on her pet’s paws or skin, as this can cause alcohol poisoning, serious health problems, and also death. If her pet it s okay hand sanitizer on your skin or by chance ingests that (such together by chewing the bottle), call your veterinary or an animal poison control service immediately. 

Look for information on

Bookmark so the you always have the latest details to safeguard yourself and also your family during the coronavirus pandemic.