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Blind jogger conquers Boston Marathon Dan Berlin, that is blind, claimed taking up to run has changed his world. He simply ran the Boston Marathon for the seventh time. Nancy Chen shares more.

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Paul McCartney blames man Lennon because that Beatles split

Paul McCartney claimed he didn"t rest up the Beatles, it was the late john Lennon that did. McCartney insisted he want to store the group together.

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Prosecutors back Missouri inmate"s innocence

years after Kevin Strickland was convicted in a triple homicide, he remains in a Missouri prison, despite prosecutors agreeing v him the he is innocent. Erin Moriarty reports.

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society media obstacles prompt warnings

institutions are see an alarming wave of attention pranks, including violence against teachers, the they say space being incited by social media. Jamie Yuccas bring away a look.

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navy engineer charged with attempted espionage

A navy engineer and also his wife space accused of trying to happen nuclear tricks to a foreign country. Crucial evidence was surprise in a peanut butter sandwich, according to court documents. Catherine Herridge has the details.

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Merck looks for FDA authorization for COVID pill

Drugmaker Merck is asking the FDA for an emergency use authorization because that an oral pill to treat COVID-19. Manuel Bojorquez reports.

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airplane crashes in California community

At least two people were eliminated when a little plane crashed into a southerly California neighborhood. Carter Evans has actually the latest.

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"CBS evening News" headlines because that October 11, 2021

Here"s a look in ~ the optimal stories make headlines ~ above the "CBS night News with Norah O"Donnell."

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institutions blame TikTok difficulty for inciting vandalism and theft

A TikTok an obstacle called "devious licks" incites youngsters to steal or destroy school property and post that online.

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marine nuclear engineer and wife arrested for trying to market submarine secrets

One "dead drop" allegedly connected a peanut butter sandwich.

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little plane crashes right into California neighborhood, killing 2

The crash occurred roughly 12 p.m. Neighborhood time in the city that Santee. It was unclear just how many civilization were top top board.

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Southwest cancels hundreds of flights, bring about chaos at airports

The delays and cancellations started shortly ~ the pilot"s union tried to block Southwest"s brand-new COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

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Fauci says youngsters can go trick-or-treating this year

last year, the CDC taken into consideration trick-or-treating a "higher risk" activity.

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Merck asks FDA come authorize very first pill to treat COVID-19

The large drugmaker is seek the emergency authorization because that molnupiravir, which that says cut hospitalizations and also deaths by half among patient with early COVID-19 symptoms.

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Paul McCartney claims John Lennon was behind Beatles" breakup, no him

Music legend disputes long-held belief by plenty of of the at sight group"s fans that he led to its demise.

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Biden rejects Trump"s bid to save White home material from January 6 panel

The White residence said the would provide the January 6 select committee access to a trove of records connected to the trumped White House.

Oct 11
Trump"s D.C. Hotel shed over $70 million while he to be president

A home committee accused the previous president of giving misleading information around hotel on jae won disclosures.

Oct 8
Vaccinating America Merck looks for FDA authorization for COVID pill

Drugmaker Merck is questioning the FDA for an emergency use authorization for an dental pill come treat COVID-19. Manuel Bojorquez reports.

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Idaho hospitals overrun through unvaccinated patient Idaho has actually the highest rate that COVID-occupied ICU bed in the nation. The results of the pandemic are resulting in burnout because that hospital staff. Jonathan Vigliotti has more.

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major airlines mandate COVID vaccines for staff

Airline carriers are urging their employees to obtain vaccinated or lose their job. Errol Barnett take away a look at exactly how it could impact holiday travel.

Oct 7 02:09
Pfizer seeks FDA authorization come vaccinate children

Pfizer has asked the FDA come authorize that is vaccine for usage in children ages 5 to 11. The shooting for youngsters would be one-third the adult dosage. Nancy Cordes has more.

Oct 7 03:50
Homemade waiting purifiers assist protect against COVID

A group at the college of California, san Diego is building homemade waiting purifiers for classrooms and also labs as an included layer of protection versus COVID-19. Dr. Jon LaPook share more.

Oct 6 01:26
yard sale funds random acts of goodness

flower on veterans" graves, donuts for nurses and a coast party because that dementia patient are just some the the arbitrarily acts of kindness.

Oct 8
She prayed while captured in a flash flood. Marines arrived to conserve her.

A minute ~ she prayed, a group of Marines seemed to appear out of nowhere.

Oct 1
mrs aptly called Angel Flood helps linemen restoring strength in Louisiana

Volunteers have stepped up to offer meals and also laundry solutions to linemen who space helping restore power.

Sep 24
A small Colorado town"s football team it s okay its ar of desires

A Colorado school"s football ar was in such bad shape that other teams claimed they wouldn"t beat on it.

Sep 17
Widow put on wedding dress to 9/11 memorial in respect of late husband

Monica Iken was married less than a year once her husband was eliminated on 9/11.

Sep 10
full Episodes CBS evening News, October 11, 2021

Southwest trip cancellations reason travel chaos; Blind runner conquers Boston Marathon

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CBS Weekend News, October 10, 2021 Southwest airlines cancels 1,800 flights; Hospital worker walk viral for serenading patients and also sharing story of redemption

Oct 10 20:52
CBS night News, October 8, 2021

U.S. Adds simply 194,000 tasks in September;Annual garden sale accumulation woman"s random acts of quality

Oct 8 19:27
CBS night News, October 7, 2021

Pfizer looks for FDA authorization come vaccinate kids 5-11; organization connects Latinos come the the end

Oct 7 19:58
CBS night News, October 6, 2021

Texas school shooting doubt arrested; Homemade waiting purifiers assist protect against COVID

Oct 6 19:56
Military has actually failed to deal with domestic violence, survivors speak

about 100,000 events of residential abuse have been report to the military due to the fact that 2015, a two-year examination by CBS News found.

Sep 8
Air pressure failed to attend to domestic violence, survivor says

Emily Brearley says the army didn"t save her safe — they supported her companion instead.

Sep 8
residential abuse survivors speak they couldn"t get help despite Pentagon regime

The lack of assistance for survivors is a story CBS News heard repeatedly during its two-year examination into domestic violence in the military.

Sep 8
Military"s residential violence crisis compounded after two decades of war

Captain Tony Hosein, a former military attorney, claimed there was a cycle of deployment, post-traumatic stress disorder, alcohol abuse, then domestic abuse.

Sep 8
Fighter pilots recall mission to take it down trip 93 on 9/11

two fighter pilots scrambled into their F-16s ~ above 9/11, learning that it can be your last mission.

Sep 9

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Italy"s strict COVID-19 vaccine mandate sparks violent protests

every Italians will soon need to present a "Green Pass," proving COVID-19 vaccination, current recovery or a negative test, to walk to work. The leader the a neo-fascist group was among those arrested.

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Brazil leader accused of "crimes versus humanity" for deforestation

Climate lawyers want the international Criminal Court come prosecute chairman Jair Bolsonaro for "aiding and also abetting… crime such together murder, persecution and also other inhumane acts."

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Climate readjust is "single biggest health threat encountering humanity," WHO states

brand-new report​ exit by the people Health organization warns the "no one is for sure from this risks."

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Russian prison designates the opposite leader Navalny a terror

Alexey Navalny has actually spent practically nine month behind bars in Russia​ after surviving a near-fatal poisoning attack.

Oct 11
Iraq catches ISIS finance chief and former deputy leader

Sami Jasim al-Jaburi left al Qaeda in Iraq to sign up with ISIS in the early on days, and also quickly became a peak leader – with a $5 million U.S. Bounty ~ above his head.

Oct 11
kid Tax Credit might spur part parents to protect against working: examine

Democrats want to prolong the CTC, however that"s sparking a debate amongst some economists about its impact on work.

19M earlier
couple accused of trying to market nuclear secrets appears in court

Jonathan Toebbe accused dropped storage drives in a peanut butter sandwich and a load of chewing gum.

16M back
$21 is ending up being the brand-new $15 in minimum salaries

USAA adheres to BofA in long hourly salary to almost three time what the federal government says workers should be paid.

updated 5M ago
Kyrie Irving will not pat or exercise with Nets until he"s vaccinated

The team"s basic manager said, "We will not permit any kind of member of our team to take part with part-time availability,"

1H ago
Dad of journalist killed throughout live TV report bring away on facebook

Andy Parker says the agency is violating its own terms of company in hosting videos ~ above Facebook and its sibling business Instagram the glorify violence.

1H back
kid Tax Credit might spur some parents to prevent working: research

Democrats desire to extend the CTC, however that"s sparking a debate amongst some economists around its impact on work.

19M earlier
pair accused of do the efforts to sell nuclear secrets appears in court

Jonathan Toebbe allegedly dropped memory drives in a peanut butter sandwich and a pack of chewing gum.

16M ago
U.S. Ends mass immigration arrests at work-related sites

The Biden administration said legislation enforcement initiatives should emphasis on stop exploitative and unscrupulous employers accountable.

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just how to watch the Boston mayoral conflict

Michelle Wu and also Annissa Essaibi George will face off in the an initial debate top top October 13.

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residence to vote on temporarily increasing debt ceiling

If passed, the measure would certainly temporarily stave turn off a budget crisis.

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Matt Amodio"s historic run ~ above "Jeopardy!" ultimately over

It came to be known together the "Amodio Rodeo." the wound up with 38 wins and much more than $1.5 million in prize money. His consecutive win total was second only come Ken Jennings" 74.

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Nick Offerman"s ode come the an excellent outdoors

"Parks and also Recreation" star and bestselling writer Nick Offerman visits new York"s Thacher State Park with Anthony Mason, to chat about his brand-new book, "Where the Deer and also the Antelope Play." The publication details 3 journeys Offerman take it to explore our relationship with nature, and the background of our national parks and conservation.

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Netflix maintaining Dave Chappelle unique up despite dispute

A Netflix executive says his comments on the trans ar in "The Closer" don"t cross "the heat on hate." The firm denied suspending three employees over tweets about the comments.

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Jon Kent, the brand-new Superman, come out together bisexual in new comic

"Today, an ext people deserve to see themselves in the most powerful superhero in comics," the issue"s writer said.

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"Squid Game" costumes room hot. Gaining one may price you.

many of costumes are available on Amazon, Etsy and also other retailers — but getting one prior to October 31 may cost you.

Oct 11
colleges blame TikTok difficulty for inciting vandalism and theft

A TikTok challenge called "devious licks" incites youngsters to stealing or damage school property and also post that online.

16H earlier
Whistleblower Frances Haugen to satisfy with facebook Oversight board

"Facebook, over and also over again, made decision to optimize because that its very own interests, prefer making much more money," Haugen called "60 Minutes."

22H ago
facebook unveils devices to "nudge" young users off harmful content

The arrangement includes proposal for users to "take a break" from Instagram. Doubters say it"s as well little, as well vague.

22H back
will industrial-scale bitcoin mining influence the environment?

The opportunity to make huge money is attracting vast investments to industrial-scale bitcoin mining, with thousands of supercomputer mining machines and enormous power demand.

Oct 9
Facebook and also Instagram experience second outage in a week

The agency says problems for both apps have been resolved.

Oct 8
secret radio waves coming from the love of the Milky means

"We"ve never ever seen anything like it," one astronomer said.

41M back
Perseverance rover finds evidence of old flash floods ~ above Mars

The floodwaters dragged gigantic boulders dozens the miles, from the hills to the finish of an old river delta.

Oct 9
"Once-in-a-lifetime" tardigrade discovered in ancient amber

Tardigrades, likewise known together water bears, deserve to survive practically anything, indigenous the depth of the s to an are itself — yet finding your fossils is a rare event that has only happened twice before.

Oct 6
NASA preps to launch spacecraft come crash into asteroid"s moon

The spacecraft will certainly hit the moon almost head-on at a speed that"s faster than a bullet.

Oct 6
After massive California oil spill, response time under scrutiny

an offshore rig has actually leaked at the very least 144,000 gallons ​of oil in the Pacific Ocean.

Oct 5
wellness Arthritis and sleep: obtain a much better night"s rest

follow to the Arthritis Foundation, as countless as 80% of civilization living through arthritis have trouble resting at night, and sometimes that can produce a cycle of insomnia and also pain. Dr. George Cyril, a physiatrist at the Hospital because that Special surgery in new York, join "CBSN AM" to discuss how to regulate arthritis and sleep.

Aug 26 03:08
Kyrie Irving will certainly not beat or practice with Nets until he"s vaccinated

The team"s general manager said, "We will certainly not permit any member of our team to take part with part-time availability,"

1H ago
You"ve been vaccinated. So perform you need a vaccine card?

countless Americans are gaining CDC-issued "vaccination record" cards. Here"s what to carry out with them.

Apr 21
Advice move on aspirin use for staying clear of heart attacks

If finalized, the advice for older adults would backtrack on references the panel issued in 2016, yet it would certainly be in heat with more recent guidelines from other medical groups.

1H earlier
Texas governor Greg Abbott bans vaccine mandates by "any entity"

Those uncovered in violation of the order will be subject to a fine.

6H ago
Americans are quitting tasks at record rates, while openings loss

together Delta different surged, quits climbed in public-facing jobs consisting of restaurants, hotels, retail and education.

1H back
facilities risk: Floods could wipe out 25% the U.S. Roads

Roads, hospitals, water therapy plants additionally in hazard of ending up being inoperable. "It"s just bonkers," one researcher said.

20H back
$21 is ending up being the new $15 in minimum incomes

USAA follows BofA in long hourly pay to virtually three time what the federal government says workers should be paid.

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"Squid Game" costumes are hot. Gaining one may price you.

many of costumes are obtainable on Amazon, Etsy and other retailers — however getting one prior to October 31 may cost you.

Oct 11
son Tax Credit could spur some parents to protect against working: examine

Democrats desire to prolong the CTC, but that"s sparking a debate amongst some economists about its influence on work.

19M ago
Dad of journalist killed throughout live TV report takes on facebook

Andy Parker says the firm is violating its very own terms of company in hosting videos on Facebook and its sibling business Instagram that glorify violence.

1H earlier
case of missing California teen re-opened 36 years later

There to be speculation Susan Bender, of Modesto, was a victim of the serial killer duo known as "the speed freak killers." and her belongings and diary were found in who else"s home.

5H earlier
Suspect taken to prison wearing slain trooper"s handcuffs

throughout the manhunt for Matthew Mire, understand Trooper Adam Gaubert"s human body went undiscovered for hours.

6H earlier
Kevin Strickland "losing belief" in justice device as the awaits hearing

Strickland, convicted in a triple homicide, states he is innocent. The prosecutor agrees v him.

20H back
total violence has actually killed 1,165 U.S. Teens and also kids so far this year

One Philadelphia detective states the shootings space as brutal as they are brazen: "They will certainly empty an entire magazine into someone"s torso or their head."

Oct 11
secret radio tide coming native the heart of the Milky means

"We"ve never ever seen anything like it," one astronomer said.

41M ago
Blue beginning readies for room launch through William Shatner plank

The "Star Trek" actor and also three crewmates space launching top top a short flight aboard Jeff Bezos" new Shepard spacecraft.

19H ago
Perseverance rover finds evidence of old flash floods on Mars

The floodwaters dragged large boulders dozens that miles, native the mountains to the finish of an old river delta.

Oct 9
NASA preps to launch spacecraft to crash into asteroid"s moon

The spacecraft will certainly hit the moon nearly head-on in ~ a speed that"s much faster than a bullet.

Oct 6
Russian actress rockets into orbit for movie shoot in an are

Actress Yulia Pereshild and her director-cameraman will spend 12 work aboard the International an are Station.

Oct 5
TV mirrors canceled or finished in 2021

This list has everything from long-running favorites come short-lived Netflix sitcoms

Oct 6 45 image
Jasmine Hartin case: What taken place on the pier?

A rich socialite and also a senior police official finish up top top a moonlit pier in paradise. Climate a solitary fatal shot ring out. Locals referred to as it the crime the the young decade, but what happened?

Oct 1 15 photos
wealthiest women in the world, ranked by net worth

your fortunes begin at $7 billion and go up — method up — from over there

Sep 24 45 photos
The Kristin Smart loss

The prime doubt in the Kristin Smart disappearance is arrested nearly 25 year after the college college student went absent and authorities say a podcaster helped make it happen.

Sep 22 21 picture
recent Videos Tuesday Morning Quarterback: Jon Gruden resigns

The NFL is reeling after ~ Jon Gruden resigned together head coach that the las Vegas Raiders last night. A brand-new York time report revealed racist, homophobic and misogynistic comments he allegedly made in emails years before the Raiders rental him in 2018. James Brown, hold of "The NFL Today" and "Inside the NFL" top top Paramount+, join CBSN to talk around Gruden"s resignation and other headlines indigenous the human being of sports.

2H back 12:08
Child slavery in plain sight

Poverty has actually forced children in numerous parts that the civilization to work, but in the West African nation of Ghana, the fishing sector is using son trafficking to find cheap labor. CBS News foreign correspondent Debora Patta reports and also joins CBSN to discuss instances of contemporary slavery hiding in level sight.

2H ago 13:56
Conspirituality: how Wellness became a Gateway because that Misinformation

A brand-new CBSN Originals documentary explores how, for some, the yoga and also wellness worlds came to be a gateway for misinformation and also conspiracy theories between the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sep 23 26:11

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Families arrangement for holidays amid COVID concerns

The FDA will shortly decide top top COVID-19 vaccine accessibility for younger period groups, however many parents remain uncertain around vaccinating kids. This comes as the holiday season approaches and also families look to gather. Dr. Dyan Hes, founder that Gramercy Pediatrics, joined CBSN to comment on the recent coronavirus news.

3H ago 04:46
liven days ahead because that Congress

home lawmakers room expected to pass a bill approved by the Senate critical week to temporarily progressive the nation"s debt ceiling v December 3. CBS News conference correspondent Nikole Killion join CBSN with a look in ~ what comes next.