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Saturday, Dec. 8

Rudolph the Red-Nosed ReindeerCBS, 8pmThe longest-running holiday one-of-a-kind in television history returns together Rudolph and his friends — Hermey the elf, Yukon Cornelius and also others — conserve Christmas in this standard Rankin/Bass special featuring the voice of legend performer Burl Ives.

College Football: navy vs. ArmyCBS, 3pm LiveThe great football tradition continues today at Lincoln Financial ar in Philadelphia together the army Black Knights watch to success a third straight game in their collection against the marine Midshipmen.

2018 Heisman Trophy PresentationESPN, 8pm LiveCollege football’s many outstanding player the the year is vested the Heisman Trophy in this ceremony in brand-new York City. 3 quarterbacks to be announced as finalists for the honor: Alabama’s Tua Tagovailoa, Oklahoma’s Kyler Murray and Ohio State’s Dwayne Haskins.

Disney’s Fairy tale Weddings: holiday MagicFreeform, 8pmStephen “tWitch” Boss and Allison Holker host an additional installment that stunning and romantic weddings at Walt Disney civilization Resort consisting of one through a Mary Poppins Returns theme and also a special performance by nation music superstar Martina McBride.

Homegrown ChristmasHallmark Channel, 8pmOriginal Film!After stepping down from she dream task as a CEO, Maddie (Lori Loughlin) heads residence for the holidays to obtain perspective. As soon as she runs into her high college sweetheart Carter (Victor Webster), old emphasize arise. Yet when the pair is compelled to put together a Christmas dance for the regional high school, they collection aside your differences and also rediscover what make them fall in love all those year ago.

Santa’s BootsLifetime, 8pmOriginal Film!When Holly (Megan Hilty) returns house for Christmas, she learns she family’s department keep is on the brink that foreclosure. She filling in together Santa’s helper and discovers undeniable chemistry v Nick (Noah Mills), the store’s young and also handsome Santa. Your charisma color etc in big crowds until Nick all of sudden disappears, and Holly need to scramble to discover her Cinderfella with only one reservation ­— his misplaced black color boot. June Squibb additionally stars.

Frosty the SnowmanCBS, 9pmThe classic animated musical unique returns, narrated by Jimmy Durante. Jackie Vernon offers the voice that the “jolly, happy soul” whose old silk hat full of magic brings him come life. The unique is complied with by the 1992 sequel, Frosty Returns.

Memories the ChristmasHallmark movie & Mysteries, 9pmOriginal Film!Singer/actress Christina Milian stars as Noelle, that was increased by the queen that Christmas. After she mother’s death, Noelle return to she hometown to offer her mom home and also begins to understand what a deep and unending impact her mother has had actually on the community. Milian muses, “I think the truth that for this reason many world had so many great memories that her mother is a an excellent peace for her, and her heart sort of warms up again.”

The Alec Baldwin Show: “Sarah Jessica Parker”ABC, 10pmIn this new time slot, Alec Baldwin sit down with actress buy it Jessica Parker to talk about her roles from the cult favourite Sex and also the City come her current series, Divorce. She chats about how she transitioned her passion to publishing, and the exciting choices she is able to make at this point in her career. She likewise delves right into her marriage to actor Matthew Broderick, their assistance of every other and her excitement over your future together.

Sunday, Dec. 9

ISU cool Prix of number Skating FinalsNBC, 4pm LiveThe ISU cool Prix of figure Skating circuit concludes this particular day on NBC as the height six in every of the four techniques (men’s, ladies’, pairs and also ice dancing) contend in the finals in Vancouver.

A an extremely Merry MeTV: standard Christmas EpisodesMeTV, start at 5pmEnjoy some ALF and also M*A*S*H, v a little of The Love Boat thrown in. Invest time through “ALF’s distinct Christmas,” i m sorry aired in 1987, adhered to by The Love Boat’s “The Christmas Presence” (1982) and also finally two classic M*A*S*H episodes, 1978’s “Dear Sis” and 1981’s “’Twas the work After Christmas.”

Dancing through the Stars: JuniorsABC, 8pmSeason Finale!All four dancing bag from the semifinal complete in the holiday-themed finale.

Q85: A musical Celebration because that Quincy JonesBET, 8pmIn this special tape-recorded in September in ~ Los Angeles’ Microsoft Theater, assorted luminaries honor music legend Quincy Jones, who is celebrate his 85th date of birth this year. Performers such together Stevie Wonder, john Legend, Jennifer Hudson, Brian McKnight, Meghan Trainor, Patti Austin, Gloria Estefan, Gladys Knight and Charlie Wilson salary tribute to the life and legacy of the influential Grammy winner because that the event, i m sorry is held by Oprah Winfrey.

God Friended Me: “Coney Island Cyclone”CBS, 8pmIn the brand-new episode “Coney Island Cyclone,” the God Account sends Miles (Brandon Micheal Hall) the name of among Arthur’s (Joe Morton) parishioners, a solitary father that recently shed his wife.

The Flash: “Elseworlds, part 1”The CW, 8pmSpecial Night!The Flash airs on a distinct night to kick off a three-night DC Comics series crossover occasion that continues Monday top top Arrow (airing in its normal time slot) and also concludes Tuesday with Supergirl (airing ~ above a unique night). Featuring The speed (Grant Gustin), Green arrow (Stephen Amell) and also Supergirl (Melissa Benoist), this crossover — billed as Elseworlds — expands The CW’s “Arrowverse” by presenting Batwoman (Ruby Rose), Lois roadway (Elizabeth Tulloch) and the city of Gotham, while likewise featuring Tyler Hoechlin in his recurring Supergirl role as Superman.

The Simpsons: “’Tis the 30th Season”FOX, 8pmGuest Star Alert!Jane Lynch lends she voice come this illustration in which Homer and the children surprise Marge v a holidays to a Florida resort.

Welcome to ChristmasHallmark Channel, 8pmOriginal Film!A resort developer (Jennifer Finnigan) drops in love v the charming city of Christmas, Colo., and also must decision whether to defend its special spirit and develop the new ski will in a competitor town, or introduce the much-needed financial prosperity that a new resort to the strange hamlet. Eric Mabius additionally stars.

A Christmas in TennesseeLifetime, 8pmOriginal Film!Allison Bennet (Rachel Boston), she daughter and also her mother (Patricia Richardson) operation a bakery in the tiny mountain town of White Pines, Tenn. Once a charming genuine estate developer (Andrew Walker) tries come buy the city for a that company ski resort, Allison and the townspeople should work together to avoid that indigenous happening. And also just as soon as the Bennet women seem the end of luck, an unanticipated visitor — with a renowned sweet this — arrives at the bakery. Caroline Rhea also stars.

Homicide for the Holidays: “Christmas Rager”Oxygen, 8pmSeason Premiere!The minimal series delves into three horrific situations of holidays turned upside down. Together joyous together the season may be, it’s not exempt from the chilling crimes committed by the people closest come you. In tonight’s episode, a young mother’s body is discovered strangled inside a burning auto in a quiet suburb.

Casey Anthony: she Friends SpeakREELZ Channel, 8pmThis documentary special supplies unprecedented accessibility to the inner circle that Casey Anthony, the woman accused that murdering her young daughter yet found no guilty in a widely complied with 2011 psychological (though she was discovered guilty on other lesser charges). V intimate interviews and also an exclusive reunion, Anthony’s friend come together to reminisce about the great times, chronicle the downfall of among their closestly confidantes and face their worst fears together a group, providing viewers a front-row seat to what really happened behind the scenes.

Scandalous: Chappaquiddick: “A Tiger by the Tail”FOX News Channel, 8pmFOX News Channel’s docuseries Scandalous: Chappaquiddick proceeds with episode 2, “A Tiger through the Tail.” This week’s episode will certainly dive deep right into the aftermath of the summer night that brought about the discovery of senator Ted Kennedy’s car and also campaign strategist mar Jo Kopechne’s human body submerged in the water turn off a small one-lane bridge. With the Kopechne family members grieving the lose of mar Jo, Kennedy’s team that advisors occupational to devise a setup to save the Senator’s career and his presidential aspirations all while maintaining the media in the dark. With push mounting, Kennedy division his quiet by addressing the American public in a live decided on national television, however, the controversial speech brought about an official investigation into Mary Jo’s death. An extended director’s cut version containing extr footage and also longer guest interviews will be available on FOX Nation.

The genuine Housewives of Orange County: “Reunion component 3”Bravo, 9pmThe reunion concludes together the ladies discuss Kelly’s season the dating and also zingy one-liners. Emily, Shannon, Kelly and Gina have trouble see eye-to-eye on the events at Eddie’s date of birth party. The ladies relive your Jamaica trip, and also close out the season by revealing their list of regrets and taking tequila shots.

NCIS: Los Angeles: “Heist”CBS, 9pmIn the new episode “Heist,” the elaborate financial institution theft the a solitary safe deposit box hosted by a marine contractor (guest star Dina Meyer) leads NCIS to investigate she corrupt consulting firm.

Charmed: “Jingle Hell”The CW, 9pmMel (Melonie Diaz) transforms to harry (Rupert Evans) because that guidance after finding out information around the magical world that leaves her questioning whatever she knows. Galvin (Ser’Darius Blain) reflects up to check out Macy (Madeleine Mantock) and also she is figured out to no let fate obtain in the means of their potential relationship.

Keeping Up v the KardashiansE!, 9pmSeason Finale!It’s to be a tumultuous season that exposed part pretty far-reaching secrets and also lies (Tristan Thompson cheating on a pregnant Khloé!), however the Kardashian clan pole together and also wraps up Season 15 tonight.

Time because that Me come Come home for ChristmasHallmark movies & Mysteries, 9pmOriginal Film!It’s the critical Friday prior to Christmas in brand-new York City and also a enormous storm is brewing. Small-town business women Cara Hill (Megan Park) is meeting with her banker while country-western crooner pagan Sawyer (Josh Henderson) is playing Madison Square Garden. As soon as the flight they’re both booked on come Tulsa is canceled, this unlikely pair the strangers wind up travel together. This holiday film is based upon both the tune by Blake Shelton and also the publication by Dorothy Shackleford and Travis Thrasher.

CounterpartStarz, 9pmSeason Premiere!Season 2 finds Howard and his counterpart (J.K. Simmons in twin roles) every stranded in the rather world, having to adapt to survive. As a cold war escalates in between worlds and deepens a fickle divide, both men discover themselves farming increasingly like the other.

Rel: “Hate & i know well Hop”FOX, 9:30pmWhen one of his patients is prejudiced, Rel (Lil Rel Howery) is conflicted on how to behave as his attending nurse.

Madam Secretary: “Winter Garden”CBS, 10pmFollowing the exploration of a fixed grave in Serbia, Elizabeth (Téa Leoni) and also Jay (Sebastian Arcelus) job-related to keep an agreement between Serbia and also Kosovo from falling personally in the brand-new episode “Winter Garden.”

Nightflyers: “The sacred Gift”Syfy, 10pmD’Branin (Eoin Macken) and also his team check out a more permanent equipment to their problem.

Fear the WoodsTravel Channel, 10pmNew Series!This collection looks in ~ spooky real-life account of things that have emerged when world ventured into the forest. In the premiere episode, “Games gone Wrong,” a team of friends room joined by something inhuman throughout a game of tag; a ring of hide-and-seek is interrupted by the arrival of a whistling entity; and a boy’s excursion to his fort ends up in a confrontation v a fatal foe.

The Shivering TruthAdult Swim, 12am (late night)New Series!This brand-new stop-motion-animated 15-minute series featuring loosely linked emotional parables is defined as a “darkly surreal anthology comedy.” The voice cast includes Trey Parker, Jordan Peele and also Martha Plimpton.

Monday, Dec. 10

Battle of the NutcrackersOvation, 6amTchaikovsky-fest: A different staging of the ballet airs every weekday morning.

National geographic Explorer: “Space Race”National Geographic, 6pmSince NASA’s robotic lander InSight properly touched under on Mars Nov. 26, we’ve to be wondering: when will we have the technology for humans to stay healthy on the nine-month journey to the Red Planet? This space-themed episode spotlights one area of investigation — lemurs (!) — and whether we deserve to learn to hibernate favor the furry cuties.

CMA country ChristmasABC, 8pmThe ninth yearly CMA nation Christmas returns with iconic entertainment artist Reba McEntire hosting because that a second year and also performing throughout the vacation music special. Joining McEntire space legendary acts and country favorites including Tony Bennett, Brett Eldredge, Amy Grant, Diana Krall, Martina McBride, Old Dominion, Brad Paisley, lindsey Stirling and also Brett Young, taking the phase for a night filled v Christmas classics and festive, one-of-a-kind collaborations.

The Voice: “Live Semifinal, optimal 8 Performances”NBC, 8pm LiveThe height 8 artists do live in former of coaches Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson, Adam Levine and also Blake Shelton for America’s vote. Plus, the artist team up because that competitive mashup duets.

NFL Football: Minnesota in ~ SeattleESPN, 8:15pm LiveThe Minnesota Vikings head to CenturyLink field to challenge the Seattle Seahawks in this main 14 Monday Night Football matchup.

Happy Together: “Home Insecurity”CBS, 8:30pmWhen among Cooper’s (Felix Mallard) stalkers sneaks into Jake (Damon Wayans Jr.) and Claire’s (Amber Stevens West) house, castle reluctantly decide to download a residence security system in the brand-new episode “Home Insecurity.”

Magnum P.I.: “Bad job to it is in a Hero”CBS, 9pmGuest Star Alert!Corbin Bernsen guest-stars as a character known only as “Icepick” in the new episode “Bad job to be a Hero,” in which Magnum (Jay Hernandez) must help Toni (guest star Jamie-Lynn Sigler) once her illegal poker video game is plunder by masked gunmen.

DC’s Legends the Tomorrow: “Legends of To-Meow-Meow”The CW, 9pmAfter Constantine (Matt Ryan) division the cardinal Legend ascendancy — friend can’t change the past —he, Charlie (Maisie Richardson-Sellers) and Zari (Tala Ashe) shot to resolve the effects without informing the rest of the Legends. Even though Zari urges them to just fix the problem, Constantine and also Charlie are determined to find an additional way.

No Sleep ’Til ChristmasFreeform, 9pmOriginal Film!This whimsical holiday rom-com revolves approximately two insomniac strangers: Lizzie (Odette Annable), who lies awake planning she wedding, and also Billy (Dave Annable), a low-key and sleep-deprived bartender. Once they find that they deserve to only autumn asleep while beside each other, what seems favor an odd simultaneously — and also frankly a disruption to their lives — can be much more meaningful than they’d choose to admit.

MARS: “Power Play”National Geographic, 9pmLukrum strikes a resolve Russia for exclusive mining rights. Uneasiness spreads end Olympus town as Lt. Command Mike glen (Gunnar Cauthery) undermines Hana (Jihae) and also endangers the members that Lukrum colony as a result. And, a new baby — the first born on Mars — arrives two months early! In the Arctic circle in the existing day, countries attempt to work together come rein in corporate interests, defend fragile ecosystems and also preserve indigenous lifestyles if fossil-fuel service providers prioritize their very own profit over the public good.

The an excellent Christmas light Fight: “All Stars”ABC, 10pmAs component of “25 days of Christmas,” this special all-stars episode attributes the many magnificent and also over-the-top display screens in America.

Bull: “A higher Law”CBS, 10pmThe Seal that the Confessional complicates a deadly hit-and-run situation for Bull (Michael Weatherly) in the new episode “A greater Law.” Bull to represent a priest who cannot disclose the identification of the vehicle’s actual driver without breaking a spiritual oath.

Pentatonix: A not So quiet NightNBC, 10pmGrammy-winning supergroup Pentatonix is ago with their 3rd NBC vacation special, this time taking an unforgettable trip throughout las Vegas. Joining lock are height entertainment names choose Kelly Clarkson, the Backstreet Boys, Maren Morris and Penn & Teller.

SacredPBS, 10pmBecome immersed in the everyday use of faith and spiritual exercise in an ext than 25 countries. At a time when religious hatreds overcome headlines, explore faith as a primary person experience, and also how world turn come ritual and prayer come navigate life.

Nightflyers: “Transmission”Syfy, 10pmD’Branin (Eoin Macken) has actually a breakthrough, Rowan (Angus Sampson) prepares for large changes and also Lommie (Maya Eshet) looks for comfort in she past.

Who execute You Think girlfriend Are?: “Josh Duhamel”TLC, 10pmActor mockery Duhamel travels to England to investigate the extraordinary life of his 12-times-great-grandfather and also uncovers one astonishing, dark twisted of interrogation and also torture the rocks his belief system to the core.

Real Country: “Heartbreak and also Revenge”USA Network, 11pmSpecial guest Sara Evans join the display tonight.

Tuesday, Dec. 11

The Conners: “O Sister, where Art Thou?”ABC, 8pmWhen Becky (Lecy Goranson) help Harris (Emma Kenney) save a mystery from Darlene (Sara Gilbert), it opens up a deserve to of worms that causes a rift between the 2 sisters. Jackie (Laurie Metcalf) support Peter (Matthew Broderick) with his Nordic history project, and also Dan (John Goodman) reunites through an old friend.

NCIS: “What child Is This?”CBS, 8pmIn the new Christmas-themed episode “What son Is This?,” the NCIS team’s vacation plans are placed on host when a killing investigation contains the discovery of a newborn infant who has no identification and no obvious ties come a family.

SupergirlThe CW, 8pmReminder: Supergirl airs top top a distinct day together the final component of the “Elseworlds” crossover.

The Voice: “Live Semifinal, top 8 Eliminations”NBC, 8pm LiveThree artists will certainly be revealed as safe by America’s votes. After these finalists space revealed, the bottom two artists will be sent home immediately, if the center three artists will complete in the instant Save because that the critical spot in the finale.

The kids Are Alright: “Christmas 1972”ABC, 8:30pmWhen Peggy’s (Mary McCormack) effective brother, Tom (guest star Nat Faxon), fall in for Christmas, Mike (Michael Cudlitz) automatically oozes through jealousy. After Tom offers the Clearys an extravagant Christmas gift, pride avoids Mike from acquisition it — putting him at odds with the rest of the family.

black-ish: “Christmas in theatre Eight”ABC, 9pmThe Johnsons have actually a tradition of going come the movies on Christmas however can never agree ~ above what come see. Dre (Anthony Anderson) wants to see crucial film around Rosa Parks, yet the remainder want to see the latest action-packed superhero blockbuster. Meanwhile, junior (Marcus Scribner) becomes embarrassed about taking a void year after the runs right into his ex-girlfriend at the theater.

FBI: “A new Dawn”CBS, 9pmIn the new episode “A brand-new Dawn,” Maggie (Missy Peregrym) and also OA (Zeeko Zaki) inspection the murder of one alt-right provocateur who was killed just after providing a decided on a university campus.

30 for 30: “42 to 1”ESPN, 9pmESPN’s 30 for 30 documentary collection looks back on one of the most famous upsets in sports background with “42 to 1,” a retreat on Buster Douglas’ shocking KO win over Mike Tyson in your 1990 boxing complement in Tokyo.

Darci Lynne: mine Hometown ChristmasNBC, 9pmAmerica’s acquired Talent Season 12 winner Darci Lynne Farmer celebrates the holidays Oklahoma-style in her an initial original TV special. The one-hour transfer is because that viewers of all ages and features music performances and also sketches native the young singer-ventriloquist, in addition to her lively puppets. Joining Darci will be celebrity guests like Kristin Chenoweth, Toby Keith, Hunter Hayes, Pentatonix and also Lindsey Stirling.

Letters from BaghdadPBS, 9pmHear the story of a true original, Gertrude Bell, sometimes called the woman Lawrence that Arabia. Bell was an explorer, spy, archaeologist and diplomat who helped shape the Middle eastern after civilization War I, then offered as an torture to Winston Churchill.

Splitting up Together: “Messy”ABC, 9:30pmAfter Lena (Jenna Fischer) and Vlad’s (Costa Ronin) unexpected kiss, things obtain more complex as they start their brand-new work cooperation while working with a new client. Elsewhere, boy name (Oliver Hudson) is uneasy when he goes come Paige’s (Ali Larter) home for an ext privacy and gets a glimpse right into what a more typical divorced home life is like.

The Rookie: “Time that Death”ABC, 10pmA seemingly regimen arrest turns deadly in tonight’s midseason finale because that the LAPD’s oldest recruit, decent, established 40-year-old john Nolan (Nathan Fillion), who so far relied ~ above his lifetime of endure to protect against using lethal force. “This to be an emotional illustration to film,” executive producer Alexi Hawley says of the student in the first year drama’s midseason finale. “Nolan’s biggest challenge is dealing with the fact of taking a life in the heat of duty, both the emotional influence it has on him and the fallout that happens top top the job.”

Hustle in BrooklynBET, 10pmSeason Finale!The an initial season of the reality series following a group of Brooklyn millennials pursuing personal and professional success comes to a nearby tonight.

NCIS: brand-new Orleans: “Tick Tock”CBS, 10pmStacy Keach returns in his guest function as Pride’s (Scott Bakula) father, Cassius, in the brand-new episode “Tick Tock.” pride is given a collection of tasks to complete by unknown assailants who space holding wade (CCH Pounder) and also Cassius hostage.

Momentum GenerationHBO, 10pmThis sporting activities documentary explores how a group of 1990s teens — including Kelly Slater, rob Machado, Shane Dorian, Taylor Knox, Benji Weatherley, Kalani Robb, Ross Williams, Taylor Steele and also Pat O’Connell — evolved the sports of surfing and its culture.

Hollywood video game Night: “Ho Ho Holiday video game Night”NBC, 10pmHost mrs Lynch invites viewers house for the holidays in this one-of-a-kind edition the the video game show. Lynch’s home is fully transformed as celebrity guest tackle range of holiday-themed games, consisting of “Hold mine Balls,” “Song Sung Wrong” and “Where Ya Goin’.” two contestants lead teams of 3 as castle all complete for a $25,000 cool prize. Guests encompass Yvette Nicole Brown, Ron Funches, Ana Gasteyer, Lauren Ash, Tony Hale and also Jameela Jamil.

Nightflyers: “Rebirth”Syfy, 10pmA new threat obstacles ship protocol, Mel (Jodie Turner-Smith) notices transforms in the crew and Lommie (Maya Eshet) returns to Greywing.

Real Country: “Finale”USA Network, 11pmSeason Finale!The seven winning artists walk head-to-head for a shot in ~ the grand prize in a special 90-minute episode. An encore airing that this episode instantly follows.

Wednesday, Dec. 12

SAG NominationsTNT & TBS, 10am LiveNominations for the 25th annual Screen gibbs Guild Awards take place today. The yes, really ceremony will air Sunday, Jan. 27, on both networks.

The Goldbergs: “Yippie Ki Yay Melon Farmer”ABC, 8pmMuch come Beverly’s (Wendi McLendon-Covey) chagrin, Barry (Troy Gentile) is thrilled that he it s okay to celebrate Christmas currently that he is engaged to Lainey (A.J. Michalka). Meanwhile, Murray’s (Jeff Garlin) brothers Marvin (Dan Fogler) makes a promise to Adam (Sean Giambrone) with a how amazing outcome.

Riverdale: “Chapter Forty-Three: Outbreak”The CW, 8pmOn the road and running the end of areas to stay, Jughead (Cole Sprouse) and also Archie (KJ Apa) head to Toledo to visit Jughead’s family. Earlier in Riverdale, Veronica (Camila Mendes) and Cheryl (Madelaine Petsch) take on Hiram (Mark Consuelos), Hermione (Marisol Nichols) and also Penelope (Nathalie Boltt) after much more students autumn victim come seizures.

Empire: “Pay for their Presumptions”FOX, 8pmCookie (Taraji P. Henson) and also Lucious (Terrence Howard) learn the challenges of launching an artist without empire Entertainment’s resources.

Ellen’s video game of GamesNBC, 8pmEllen DeGeneres is all set for the holidays with a unique edition the Ellen’s game of Games special festive vacation segments the “It’s a exorbitant Wife,” “Danger Word,” “Blindfolded musical Packages,” “Dizzy Dasher” and “Hot Hands.”

America’s Mississippi: “The Heartland”Smithsonian Channel, 8pmThe 2nd episode of the series, “The Heartland,” follows the Mississippi River v its central stretch as it pulses with America’s heartland and cuts right into the hilly plateau that the Driftless Area.

American Housewife: “Saving Christmas”ABC, 8:30pmGuest Star Alert!Katie (Katy Mixon) strives to keep her long-separated parental apart when her father, Marty (guest star Patrick Duffy), arrives gradually to surprised the Otto household for Christmas. Meanwhile, Oliver (Daniel DiMaggio) thinks no one will certainly remember him together the mask-wearing rogue in the school’s production of The Nutcracker, but quickly takes facility stage when a collection of crashes damages his costume.

Modern Family: “Stuck in a Moment”ABC, 9pmHaley (Sarah Hyland) wants to give the family members a Christmas gift castle will never forget — if she can just figure out the perfect time. Meanwhile, Claire (Julie Bowen) is mad the Phil (Ty Burrell) has actually once again borrowed the family Christmas tree because that a house-showing. Jay (Ed O’Neill), Gloria (Sofia Vergara) and also Joe (Jeremy Maguire) have actually to resolve some unwelcome visitors over the holidays.

SEAL Team: “Prisoner’s Dilemma”CBS, 9pmThe mission in Mexico pertains to a head in the new episode “Prisoner’s Dilemma,” as the SEALs do one last initiative to find and also capture the leader of among the most an effective and lethal drug cartels.

All American: “Homecoming”The CW, 9pmBeverly has actually their large homecoming game and also the pressure is on. Post-dance, Spencer (Daniel Ezra) is feeling the weight of the impacts of his arrival at Beverly, and his departure from Crenshaw, and also tries to collection things right. Meanwhile, Billy (Taye Diggs) make the efforts to carry together his team for a victory that will certainly send them to the ar playoffs for the very first time due to the fact that he came to be head coach.

Susan Powell: one ID killing MysteryInvestigation Discovery, 9pmThis two-hour unique looks right into the loss of 28-year-old Susan Powell. Her sister-in-law Jennifer starts a an individual mission to uncover what happened, however when suspicion drops close come home, the truth destroys a family.

Paris come PittsburghNational Geographic, 9pmThis documentary examines climate change, herbal disasters and also what put in order people around the country are doing to help. Rachel Brosnahan, star that Amazon’s The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, narrates.

Little large Shots: “Little big Holiday Special”NBC, 9pmThe Steve Harvey-hosted collection returns to ring in the vacation season through fan-favorite acts consisting of Angelica Hale, mile Caton and also more.

Single Parents: “The Magic Box”ABC, 9:30pmWhen Owen (guest star Andy Favreau) shows up all of sudden on Christmas Eve through a gift for Angie (Leighton Meester), she desperately seeks out help from will (Taran Killam) to discover a last-minute current for Owen. When Graham (Tyler Wladis) begins to doubt the presence of Santa Claus altogether, the group problems Miggy (Jake Choi) may still believe in him.

A Million tiny Things: “christmas wishlist”ABC, 10pmWith the holidays easily approaching, Delilah (Stephanie Szostak) struggles with telling Sophie (Lizzy Greene) and Danny (Chance Hurstfield) around her pregnancy; and also although Jon’s (Ron Livingston) lack makes this time the year specifically difficult, the corridor comes with each other to aid the Dixons embrace the Christmas spirit.

The actual Housewives that Dallas: “Reunion component 2”Bravo, 10pmThe two-part reunion concludes as Mama Dee Simmons join the females in an effort to aid D’Andra and also LeeAnne mend their friendship. Brandi accuses Kameron of being a liar, Kameron accuses D’Andra that being she mother’s puppet and also D’Andra reveals a previous insignificant in rehab.

Criminal Minds: “Flesh and Blood”CBS, 10pmThe BAU investigates the murders of accurate heartless businessmen in the brand-new episode “Flesh and Blood.”

Nightflyers: “Icarus”Syfy, 10pmD’Branin (Eoin Macken) pushes ahead v his plan. Rowan (Angus Sampson) processes his grief. Agatha (Gretchen Mol) find a method to help.

Thursday, Dec. 13

Late Night Eats: “Philadelphia”Cooking Channel, 6pmThe City that Brotherly Love welcomes organize Jordan Andino for a tourism of Philadelphia’s top fare, including killer wings at Taproom ~ above 19th and a meatloaf in the up-and-coming Fishtown district that has actually visitors forget all about cheesesteaks.

Supernatural: “The Spear”The CW, 8pmSam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) enlist the assist of their pal Garth (guest star DJ Qualls) to acquire inside information on what Michael might be planning. The brothers separation up to each go after weapons the can assist in their fight versus the Archangel, however this might be a fight our heroes cannot win.

Superstore: “Shadowing Glenn”NBC, 8pmGlenn (Mark McKinney) cd driver Amy (America Ferrera) crazy through a new, over-the-top cultivate system. Cheyenne (Nichole Bloom) and Mateo (Nico Santos) brainstorm a new business, when Dina (Lauren Ash) recruits Jonah (Ben Feldman) to assist her once she beginning second-guessing her own future.

NFL Football: L.A. Chargers at Kansas CityFOX & NFL Network, 8:20pm LiveThis main 15 Thursday Night Football contest in between the L.A. Chargers and also the Chiefs in ~ Kansas City’s Arrowhead Stadium might have an affect on the AFC playoff picture.

I feel Bad: “We’re Not funny Anymore”NBC, 8:30pmWhen Emet (Sarayu Blue) grows tired of her and David’s (Paul Adelstein) life gift overrun by kid-centric events, she contrives a weekend without the youngsters to rekindle the funny in their partnership — just to uncover out his idea of funny isn’t the very same as hair anymore. Chewey (James Buckley) and also Norman (Zach Cherry) are stuck caring because that Griff (Johnny Pemberton) after that injures himself.

The good American Baking Show: vacation EditionABC, 9pmOn her marks, acquire set, bake! This week, the bakers return to the time to check their an abilities at making decadent and delicious cookies and also breads.

Mom: “Foot Powder and Five Feet that Vodka”CBS, 9pmMidseason Finale!As Christy (Anna Faris) looks for the ultimate secret Santa gift because that AA buddy Wendy (Beth Hall) in the comedy’sfall finale “Foot Powder and also Five Feet the Vodka,” she uncovers one more covert operation: she mom, Bonnie (Allison Janney), is being preserved in the dark around something by fiancé Adam (William Fichtner).

Legacies: “Death Keeps Knocking on my Door”The CW, 9pmAs expect (Danielle rose Russell) hits the books to learn much more about the latest creature to come to the school, things take a dark and also twisted turn leaving her to challenge one of she darkest fears. Meanwhile, Alaric (Matthew Davis) do the efforts to aid Rafael (Peyton Alex Smith) deal with after his previous comes earlier to haunt him.

Saturday Night Live: best of ChristmasNBC, 9pmWe’d it is in fine if 1998’s “Schweddy Balls” map out — through confectioner Pete Schweddy (Alec Baldwin) touting his bite-size treats — simply aired top top a loop, but the comedy institution has loads more holiday high jinks from four-plus decades on the air.

Dr. Pimple Popper: The 12 mr of ChristmasTLC, 9pmDeck the halls and also spread the vacation cheer, together TLC is gifting fans v this one-hour pop-a-ganza special Dr. Sandra Lee, a.k.a. Dr. Pimple Popper, together she readies her patients because that the holidays.

Murphy Brown: “AWOL”CBS, 9:30pmA disillusioned Avery (Jake McDorman) looks for career catalyst from his prolonged family at Murphy in the Morning in the brand-new episode “AWOL.”

Nightflyers: “All that We have Found”Syfy, 10pmSeason Finale!Syfy’s event series based on George R.R. Martin’s 1980 novella pertains to a nearby tonight.

Friday, Dec. 14

LOL: critical One LaughingAmazon element VideoThis 6-part reality game show from Mexico is hosted by Eugenio Derbez and puts 10 comedians in a room for a no-holds-barred fight of wits, jokes, improv and also physical comedy. The human who have the right to keep a straight face the longest wins the cool prize.

Fuller HouseNetflixSeason Premiere!Season 4 the the standard ’80s sitcom’s reboot is obtainable today.

RomaNetflixOriginal Film!In the most personal project to day from Oscar-winning director and also writer Alfonso Cuarón (Gravity), explained as a love letter to the females who increased him, the movie housing draws indigenous his own childhood for this drama collection in a middle-class Mexico City neighborhood. It follows Cleo (Yalitza Aparicio), a young domestic worker, and offers a vivid and emotional portrait of domestic strife and social power structure amid the political turmoil of the 1970s. The movie will likewise be easily accessible in choose theaters.

Sunderland ’Til i DieNetflixNew Series!With its main markets of shipbuilding and also mining having actually fallen by the wayside, the north English city of Sunderland has actually relied even more upon its football team — Sunderland combination Football Club, or SAFC — as its lifeblood. However what happens as soon as the passionate fans begin to lose their team, too? This docuseries takes viewers with the highs and lows that SAFC’s 2017-18 season, as they cope through relegation native the esteemed Premier League.

TidelandsNetflixNew Series!Netflix’s very first Australian original collection follows Cal McTeer (Charlotte Best), a young woman that returns house to the tiny fishing village of Orphelin just after 10 years in juvenile detention and also jail. But Orphelin just is shrouded in mysteries, and also Cal have to uncover the town’s well-hidden secrets while investigating a commune that outcasts that live in a surprise pocket that the only — a team of beautiful and also dangerous half-Siren/half-human beings well-known as Tidelanders.

Voltron: legendary DefenderNetflixSeason Premiere!Everything the team has been through and also fought for involves a head in the animated series’ eighth and final season.

Fresh turn off the Boat: “Cousin Eddie”ABC, 8pmThe fight begins between mother and also son as soon as Eddie (Hudson Yang) notifies Jessica (Constance Wu) the he desires to invest Christmas with a friend in new York. Yet Jessica insists that heritage prevails, so Eddie does everything within his power to shot and get her come crack. Meanwhile, louis (Randall Park) and Evan (Ian Chen) do their finest to aid an overwhelmed Emery (Forrest Wheeler) decision on which girlfriend to invite come the family’s Christmas eve dinner.

“I Love Lucy” Christmas SpecialCBS, 8pmTwo colorized illustration of I Love Lucy space featured in this holiday special. In the 1956 Christmas episode, Lucy (Lucille Ball) and also Ricky (Desi Arnaz) decorate the Christmas tree and reminisce around how their lives have adjusted since the birth of your son, small Ricky. Then in “Pioneer Women” (1952), Lucy and also Ethel (Vivian Vance) hope to sign up with the posh culture Matrons’ League.

The 87th annual Hollywood Christmas ParadeThe CW, 8pmMusical performances include Ashanti, Donny and Marie Osmond, the Beach guys singing Mike Love’s brand-new single “(You’ll never Be) Alone top top Christmas Day,” and also an assortment the American Idol stars consisting of David Archuleta, Ruben Studdard and Elliott Yamin.

Christmas about the CornerLifetime, 8pmOriginal Film!Claire (Alexandra Breckenridge) escapes from new York to a quaint Vermont city for the holidays. When she discovers the town’s Christmas celebrations have actually been canceled after a devastating flood and also finds the town’s treasured bookstore in a state the disrepair, she take away on the challenge of revitalizing the store. Jamie Spilchuk and Jane Alexander likewise star.

Midnight, Texas: “Resting Witch Face”NBC, 8pmIn the wake of tragedy, Manfred (François Arnaud) vow revenge. Joe (Jason Lewis) squares off against a former ally to save his husband. Fiji (Parisa Fitz-Henley) safety a night on the town. Kai (Nestor Carbonell) gives Patience (Jaime beam Newman) an ultimatum.

RuPaul’s traction Race: every StarsVH1, 8pmSeason Premiere!The groundbreaking competition return with more stunning fashions, killer lip-syncs and jaw-dropping twisted than ever before. “The 4th season that RuPaul’s drag Race: every Stars is going to blow. Your. Mother. Tucking. Mind,” guarantees host and executive producer RuPaul. “Satisfaction guarantee or your henny back.”

Speechless: “J-I– solder T-H– THON”ABC, 8:30pmGuest Star Alert!It’s a white-lie Christmas as soon as a teeny fib about a tree fire results in major blowback because that supermom Maya (Minnie Driver). Plus, deserve to gentle aide Kenneth (Cedric Yarbrough) stand approximately his sisters (guest stars Niecy Nash and also Lisa Leslie)?

Child SupportABC, 9pmSeason Finale!Tammy the Anaheim, Calif., and Trisha of Edgewood, N.M., will each try to price 10 questions properly in order to victory the ultimate prize the $200,000. If lock answer incorrectly, the contestants will have a possibility to be conserved by a group of children being request the same concern by comedic mastermind Ricky Gervais.

The prick Van Dyke show now in living Color!CBS, 9pmSeries creator Carl Reiner selected two of his favourite episodes the The dick Van Dyke Show to it is in colorized because that this one-hour special. In “Where Did ns Come From?” (1962), Laura (Mary Tyler Moore) and also Rob (Dick van Dyke) Petrie remind the days prior to the bear of kid Ritchie (Larry Mathews). Then in “Never Bathe top top Saturday” (1965), the Petries’ romantic 2nd honeymoon i do not care a disaster once Laura’s toe gets recorded in a bath spout.

Into the OkavangoNat Geo Wild, 9pmInto the Okavango is a gorgeous and gripping documentary about National Geographic fellow Dr. Steve Boyes’ scientific expedition through Africa’s wildlife-rich Okavango Delta. “Our journey started out as an exploration, however we realized we had actually to safeguard this area,” claims Boyes, whose team make 32,000 wildlife sightings on their four-month, 1,500-mile trek with Angola, Namibia and Botswana. Along the way, cameras record the joyous exploration in Angola of elephants — believed to have actually disappeared ~ the country’s brutal civil war — and a near-fatal animal encounter for Boyes.

k.d. Lang Landmarks Live in Concert: A good Performances SpecialPBS, 9pmCelebrate the 25th anniversary that Ingénue, the critically acclaimed album through singer-songwriter k.d. Lang, v a one-night-only power from the splendid Majestic theatre in downtown mountain Antonio, Texas.

Z Nation: “Hackerville”Syfy, 9pmWith some help from an outpost of renegade hackers, Warren (Kellita Smith) and also George (Katy M. O’Brian) hack Altura’s defenses and discover Estes’ (Jack Plotnick) an enig plan.

Van Helsing: “Been Away”Syfy, 10pmIn his hometown, Axel (Jonathan Scarfe) fights both his tragic past and a vicious fill of Daywalkers. Sam (Christopher Heyerdahl) can’t discover Mohamad (Trezzo Mahoro) and takes his anger the end on Chad (Donny Lucas) and also Mike (Phil Burke).

Room 104: “Josie & Me”HBO, 12am (late night)Season Finale!In the Season 2 finale of the motel room-set anthology collection from Jay and also Mark Duplass, a woman (Mary Wiseman) asks she slightly younger me to re-create the occasions of one night at a college frat party.

Saturday, Dec. 15

Best places to Pig OutTravel Channel, 9amNew Series!Food fantasies end up being reality as the country’s many over-the-top restaurants are revealed. These legend joints sell up a smorgasbord the mouthwatering indulgences, and one epos dish will certainly be inducted right into the Pig the end Hall of Fame.

NFL FootballNFL Network, start at 4:30pm LiveThe Houston Texans room at the N.Y. Jets and also the Cleveland Browns visit the Denver Broncos in a pair of week 15 Saturday games on NFL Network.

Entertaining ChristmasHallmark Channel, 8pmOriginal Film!Claire Livingston’s name is identified with perfection in all areas of cuisine, décor and also entertaining, and her daughter Kara (Jodie Sweetin) is the heir evident to take end the family empire. Unfortunately, Kara lacks any of she mother’s talent, and her mystery threatens to reveal itself as soon as a reporter (Brendan Fehr) smells his following story cooking.

Christmas Pen PalsLifetime, 8pmOriginal Film!After an unanticipated pre-Christmas breakup, Hannah (Sarah Drew) heads home for the holidays, whereby she awkwardly encounters she high college boyfriend (Niall Matter) and reluctantly provides a resolve her dad (Michael Gross) to sign up because that the town’s anonymous holiday pen pal service. Hannah is smitten by each letter she receives and also thinks the her Christmas Cupid could be she soulmate. However when she pen pal’s identification is revealed ~ above Christmas Eve, it might be the last person Hannah ever before expected.

Northern lamp of ChristmasHallmark movies & Mysteries, 9pmOriginal Film!When pilot Zoey Hathaway (Ashley Williams) inherits her uncle’s ranch in Alaska, her plans to offer the place and also buy she own plane go the end the home window after she meets the ranch’s attractive ranch hand, Alec win (Corey Sevier), and the place’s resident reindeer, Holly and Palmer.

The Alec Baldwin ShowABC, 10pmKerry Washington sits under to talk about her life-changing seven-year run as Olivia Pope top top ABC’s Scandal, farming up in new York, her mother’s determination for she to have actually a good education, and also who she desires to job-related with next. Afterwards, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Join Baldwin for a conversation about the topic of his new book: his iconic family. They talk about Kennedy visiting the male accused of shoot his father, to run for public office, and his wife, actress Cheryl Hines.

Pete Holmes: Dirty CleanHBO, 10pmPete Holmes gift his second HBO standup special, i beg your pardon was tape-recorded at the Aladdin theater in Portland, Ore. The hourlong set finds Holmes confronting an individual truths roughly the mechanisms of consciousness, Michael Jackson, the immortality and Elon Musk, and also sharing a few thoughts on being a new dad.

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Saturday Night Live: “Matt Damon/Miley Cyrus & mark Ronson”NBC, 11:30pm LiveSNL heads into its winter hiatus with this new episode special Oscar winner Matt Damon do his second appearance as host (Damon guest-starred earlier in the season through a well-received portrayal that then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh). Additionally tonight, music guests mark Ronson and also Miley Cyrus will premiere your latest song from Ronson’s upcoming album.