COVER STORY: ours fascination with T. RexWhy space we captivated with a creature that hasn’t exist on earth for about 66 million years? Martha Teichner visits the Museum of Natural background in new York’s T-Rex exhibit, and also accompanies a college of Kansas paleontology team together they dig for Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton in Jordan, Mont.

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ALMANAC: TBDA gargoyle in ~ Washington’s nationwide Cathedral. CBS News

ART: GargoylesGrimacing, gaping, grinning, mischievous creatures perched close to Heaven, lock invite us, dare us, to raise our gaze. Faith Salie gets an up-close look in ~ the gargoyles and also grotesques the decorate the upper reaches the the national Cathedral in Washington, D.C., native the menacing (Medusa, Darth Vader) come the cheeky (a crooked politician – perfect because that the nation’s capital!). Salie additionally talks through the Cathedral’s head mason, Joe Alonso; with rock carvers Walter S. Arnold and also Jay hall Carpenter; and with gargoyle professional Janetta Rebold Benton around the history of these church denizens.

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Mother assaults Marion Crane in Alfred Hitchcock’s 1960 horror classic, “Psycho,” a step made immortal by boy name Herrmann’s slashing music. Universal Pictures/Alfred Hitchcock Wiki

MUSIC: Scary musicWhy does certain music make scary movies even scarier? David Pogue talks v horror movie composers Michael Abels (“Get Out,” “Us”) and Michelle DiBucci (“Wendigo”), and also with neuroscientist Anthony Lacagnina, who studies the impact of music top top the brain, to find out exactly how the scores that such standards as “Psycho” and also “The Shining” work-related their magic.

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POSTCARD indigenous JAPAN: Ghost townAs the Japanese populace shrinks and also ages, and young civilization leave the suburbs and rural areas for cities, an ext and an ext communities are coming to be “ghost towns,” v abandoned houses and also declining populations. The municipality the Okutama, top top the suburbs of Tokyo, has come up v a novel solution: offer away dwellings to young families for free. Ben Tracy talks v the guy in charge of giving away homes, that isn’t averse to play Cupid to get human being to move right into his shrinking town.



Singer and musician Prince (born Prince Rogers Nelson) performs on stage at the Stade de France in Saint-Denis, outside Paris, ~ above June 30, 2011. Getty

MUSIC: Prince’s critical bookBegun simply months prior to his death, in 2016, a memoir by the legendary singer-songwriter Prince is now being published. Jamie Yuccas reports on how the manuscript through Prince Rogers Nelson concerned light, and talks through editor Dan Piepenberg, who assisted Prince call his story, including how the human being in Prince’s life made that the artist the was. Yuccas likewise talks with representatives that Prince’s estate about the vault of previously-unreleased music the is now being do public.

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Like a son in a liquid store: Correspondent Luke Burbank at the Mars liquid bar manufacturing facility in Oak Park, Ill. CBS News

HALLOWEEN: CandyFor the past century, the Mars-Wrigley company, among the largest privately-held service providers in the world, has been making candy treats that have filled kids’ Halloween stashes. Luke Burbank went to the company’s Oak Park, Ill., manufacturing facility where numerous fun-sized liquid bars space made each day.

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Historian Doris Kearns Goodwin and also correspondent Mo Rocca with the Emancipation Proclamation, in ~ the national Archives in Washington, D.C. CBS News

HISTORY: The historiansMo Rocca speak with historians Doris Kearns Goodwin and David McCullough, and with David Rubenstein, author of “The American Story: Conversations with understand Historians,” about judgements do of presidents of the past (and the present).