“CBS This Morning” is happen some large names to fill in at its studio roundtable if cohost Tony Dokoupil is out on parental leave.

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In a memo obtained by The Times, executive, management producer Shawna Thomas said the routine will be “trying miscellaneous new” by utilizing celebrities from exterior of the news division to substitute because that Dokoupil, who wife, MSNBC anchor Katy Tur, is expecting their 2nd child this month.

Actress drew Barrymore, who hosts a syndicated daytime talk display for ViacomCBS, will certainly fill in during the second hour of the transfer on might 17 and 18, joining continuous hosts Gayle King and Anthony Mason.


“Good Morning America” co-anchors Robin Roberts and George Stephanopoulos and also Fox sportscaster Joe Buck will also fill in as “Jeopardy!” guest hosts.

Actor LeVar Burton, who shortly will have actually a stint together guest hold of “Jeopardy!” many thanks to a pan petition, take away a hold chair on may 19 and also 20.

Guest hosts for the following week space Jon Batiste, bandleader because that CBS’ “The Late present With Stephen Colbert” and winner of an Oscar because that co-writing the original score the the animated Disney movie “Soul,” and also model Ashley Graham.

Using non-journalists as morning master is likely to cause some pearl-clutching amongst the traditionalists in ~ CBS News, especially since “CBS This Morning” is often touted as being the most substantive that the network morning shows. But Thomas’ memo notes that every one of the guest hosts will certainly sit in during the 8 a.m. Hour of the program, as soon as it commonly carries softer stories and also conversations about pop society and society trends. Nate Burleson, one analyst because that CBS Sports and also the NFL Network, will also be showing up in the hour following week.


CBS This Morning Co-Host Gayle King with attracted Barrymore who will be pour it until it is full in for Tony Dokoupil while he is on Paternity leave.
The 7 a.m. Hour the the program, i m sorry is more focused on tough news, will have actually CBS News correspondents Vlad Duthiers and also Enrique Acevedo as fill-ins because that the very first two weeks.

Thomas, who took over together executive producer the “CBS This Morning” in February, is said to be an ext willing to experiment with the layout as every one of the network morning mirrors are seeing their audiences shrink. Streaming has actually led come a steady decrease in classic TV usage.

“CBS This Morning,” NBC’s “Today” and ABC’s “Good Morning America” likewise have to complete with a wide selection of rivals in the morning, from cable reflects to everyday podcasts.

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“CBS This Morning” has long been the perennial third-place display in the morning, back it has actually narrowed the ratings space with “Today” in current months.

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