There will be a surprising brand-new face wait to greet viewers at “CBS This Morning.”

Nate Burleson, the previous NFL broad receiver and current CBS sporting activities football analyst, is authorized the program, according to three civilization familiar with the matter. These world said Burleson is viewed as a potential follower to few of the existing anchors in ~ the show, and also the relocate will rest up the current group the co-anchors: Gayle King, Anthony Mason and also Tony Dokoupil. Mason, a veteran CBS News correspondent who has actually filled countless roles, including as interim anchor the “CBS night News,” is meant to depart and take on a brand-new role together a social correspondent. King, who has been through “CBS This Morning” since 2012 and also has stood in ~ the facility of the show due to the fact that it to be revamped adhering to the exit of Charlie Rose, has actually a contract that ends following year.

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CBS News declined to do executives easily accessible for comment. CBS said Wednesday morning that the company had signed Burleson come a long-term deal the would have him co-anchor “CBS This Morning,” while proceeding in his duty as an analyst at CBS Sports’ “The NFL Today” if making regular appearances on the company’s sibling youngsters network, Nickelodeon. Burleson’s duty at NFL Network, wherein he additionally works, will additionally expand.


The anchor switch is another large move through CBS News under the monitoring of brand-new senior executives,Neeraj Khemlani, a former Hearst papers executive, and also Wendy McMahon, the former head of ABC’s TV stations. People familiar through the news department say Khemlani has actually been specifically focused ~ above viewership data and also the financial details of every news program. Jay Shaylor, who had actually been the executive, management producer of “CBS evening News,” left the company in July as part of the duo’s work-related to recalibrate the news division.

The addition of Burleson would certainly take the sober-minded morning program further from that roots. As originally conceived, “CBS This Morning” is an alleged to administer a hard-news alternative to its key rivals, ABC’s “Good Morning America” and also NBC’s “Today,” which depend as heavily on summer concerts, cooking segments and also social media round-ups together they perform on providing viewers a morning upgrade on all breaking news that import. “CBS This Morning” is expected in the autumn to relocate to a brand-new studio in time Square that once housed MTV’s “TRL” and can be viewed from the home windows of the new York set that houses “GMA” just a few blocks away.

Aficionados of the display may currently be familiar with Burleson. He aided fill in when co-anchor Tony Dokoupil was on paternity leave, part of a test that had actually celebrities and others who perform not hail from classic journalism hanging out throughout the program’s 8 a.m. Hour. He has also gained notification in the sporting activities world, where he recently assisted lead a distinctive sports broadcast of one NFL Wild Card game aimed in ~ the young viewers of Nickelodeon, also part of CBS News’ corporate parent.

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CBS appears to be borrowing a web page from a an ext successful rival. Michael Strahan, the former brand-new York Giant and current Fox sports football analyst, is an integral part of ABC’s “Good Morning America.” The CBS program has consistently lagged the broadcast rivals in the ratings, however gets plaudits for many of King’s interviews and for emphasizing stories about international affairs and also business.

Shawna Thomas, that joined “CBS This Morning” together executive producer in January, told in a might interview the “CBS This Morning” wasn’t obtaining soft. “We have actually longer, much more in-depth pieces” than others, she said. “I to be unwilling come sacrifice that sort of storytelling,” because “it is quiet our differentiator. This isn’t a knock on cooking segments by any kind of means. They have actually their place. It’s simply not have to us.”