The "NFL Today" analyst will join Gayle King and also Tony Dokoupil top top the CBS morning show, as part of an all at once deal that will also include a role with Nickelodeon.

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CBS This Morning is getting one more shakeup, the an initial under brand-new CBS News co-presidents Neeraj Khemlani and also Wendy McMahon andnew executive producer Shawna Thomas.

The latest tweak to the morning show will watch co-anchor Anthony Mason depart to end up being a culture correspondent because that CBS News, with his seat at the table taken by previous NFL player and also Good Morning Football and also NFL Today analyst Nate Burleson. Burleson to be a guest anchor ~ above the routine in May, while Tony Dokoupil to be on paternity leave.

Burleson also signed one overall deal with ViacomCBS, i beg your pardon will see him continue as an analyst on NFL Today and NFL Network, and “select yearly appearances top top Nickelodeon in a selection of capacities,” per the company. Burleson was a part of the on-air team for the NFL Wild Card game that Nickelodeon aired early this year.

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“He is a gifted broadcaster, interviewer, storyteller, writer, poet and an exceptionally kind voice in conversations about the social issues of our time i m sorry transcend news, sports and also entertainment genres,” Khemlani created in a memo to staff Wednesday morning. “There is no doubt the Nate’s experience and more comprehensive interests in news, sports and also entertainment will be an exciting addition to the table v Gayle and Tony as we proceed to evolve the style of the broadcast to dual down on news, initial reporting, great storytelling and also a broad variety of attribute pieces the appeal to viewers across the country.”

As because that Mason, Khemlani wrote that he “is committed to covering culture — both in state of how it defines the atmosphere of the country and how society changes it. He believes fiercely that art and music room integral come our culture, not simply odd indulgences. They commonly define our time in very real ways. We want to enable him to perform more society reporting ~ above a consistent basis across our morning programs and also develop concepts for our digital platforms wherein he can do the kinds of story that the says, ‘will be together daring as the art and also music that us cover.’”

The morning show last shook increase its anchor workdesk in 2019, when Mason and Dokoupil joined Gayle King as co-anchors on the program. They replaced John Dickerson, who went on come 60 Minutes, and Norah O’Donnell, that took overCBS night News. Because the program was rebooted in 2012, the has additionally counted Erica Hill and also Bianna Golodryga together anchors, as well as Charlie Rose, that was fired in 2017 over sexual misconduct claims.

CBS This Morning‘s next chapter will also see it leave the CBS Broadcast facility on the west next of Manhattan to move to times Square, wherein it will occupy a studio in ViacomCBS’ this firm headquarters. It is, in fact, the very same studio that CBS News provided to cover the choice in 2020 and which formerly housed MTV’s TRL.

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Burleson, meanwhile, i do not care the second NFL player come segue into a career on a network morning show. ABC’s Good Morning America has uncovered ratings success v Michael Strahan on its anchor team, alongside Robin Roberts and George Stephanopoulos.