When: Entries should be it is registered to Cedar Crest ice cream Cream no later than November 12, 2021, via the online entrance form or email.

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How: Submit entries utilizing the online form. Or friend can click here to download the entry form. Creates can it is in emailed to kaitlyn.mazza

Cedar Crest ice Cream and also the Wisconsin 4-H foundation have teamed increase again to present the “Cedar Crest ice Cream 4-H flavor Contest” for Wisconsin 4-H clubs. The challenge is open to every Wisconsin 4-H members to create and also submit a odor recipe. Entries are due no later on than November 12, 2021.

Some past attribute flavors include:

Superior Shores – Vanilla ice Cream with chocolate Rocks and a tide of Blueberry and Raspberry Fruit Swirls

Big Muddy – Dark chocolate flavored ice Cream through a Caramel Swirl and also Brownie pieces

Udder Delight – Vanilla ice cream cream v chocolate-covered waffle cone pieces, fudge ribbon and peanut butter cups

Jumping Jersey Cow – Peanut butter flavored ice cream blended with chocolate-coated caramel mini cows and also swirled with chocolate fudge

When creating your entry, remember that previous win entries made usage of ingredients that were conveniently available.

We encourage friend to encompass high-resolution image (cell phone call or digital camera), drawings or stories around the advancement of her flavor with your entry; however; it is no required. Cedar Crest and also 4-H foundation may use these items because that promotional purposes. Please email to: kaitlyn.mazza
elafilador.net or use the document Upload option on the virtual form.

We will pick five height finalists with one finalist liked as the cool prize winner.

The grand prize winner will obtain a Cedar Crest ice Cream Party and a $500 prize. The winning odor will likewise be developed in 2022 as a function Flavor because that the month the July.

The 4 extr top finalists will obtain a Cedar Crest ice Cream Party.

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All entries right into the Cedar Crest ice Cream flavor contest end up being the sole home of Cedar Crest ice Cream. Any images, descriptions, photos or other material submitted as part of the contest may be supplied at the discretion of Cedar Crest ice cream Cream and the 4-H foundation for promotional purposes.

Drop top top in!

We can not wait to have you taste those next! and also while you’re in ~ it, take and post a selfie with Bernice, Manitowoc’s largest dairy cow!


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