As a roller coaster fanatic, optimal Thrill Dragster is my favourite roller coaster (and for good reason…read all the method down come #15). Here are 15 facts around this amazing roller coaster in ~ Cedar point in Sandusky, Ohio the you more than likely didn’t know.

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8. Height Thrill Dragster to be Cedar Point’s 13th Roller Coaster

The an initial roller coaster in Cedar suggest was Blue Streak in 1964. Peak Thrill Dragster to be the thirteenth roller coaster built at the park. At the time of this writing, Cedar point boasts 17 roller coasters.

Cedar allude is tied with Canada’s Wonderland for the second most roller coasters in the world. Six Flags Magic hill in California has actually the record for the many roller coasters—19 coasters in total.

9. “Race for the Sky” is height Thrill Dragster’s Tagline

The tagline for optimal Thrill Dragster is “Race for the Sky” i beg your pardon is fitting considering the climbs 42 stories before falling 90° back down come ground level.

10. Peak Thrill Dragster is based upon Top Fuel Dragsters

Top Thrill Dragster is based on the Top Fuel traction racing motor sport. The fastest accelerating race cars in the world are Top Fuel dragsters.

Cedar allude removed decorative spoilers and engines native the trains quickly after opening which enabled an extra heat of seat to it is in added.

11. Optimal Thrill Dragster is 2,800 Feet Long

2,800 feet of stole track is the size of height Thrill Dragster. In the metric system, this is 850 meters of track from start to finish.

This pales in comparison to the world’s longest roller coaster—Steel Dragon 2000 in ~ Nagashima Spa floor in Japan through a total length of 8,133 ft (2,479 m).

12. The Roller Coaster’s Theme tune is “Ready to Go” through Republica

Top Thrill Dragster’s theme song is “Ready come Go” by Republica. Riders will hear this track played while wait in the station before boarding the train.

The track is a good fit because that the ride thanks to its rapid tempo consist of of a mix the rock and techno beats which is sure to leaving its listeners every the more pumped up.

13. The metal Launch Cable has Been Faulty in the Past

On many occasions, height Thrill Dragster’s metal launch cable has actually proven to be faulty. The beginning cable initially came loosened just 22 work after optimal Thrill Dragster opened up and caused the ride come close for number of days.

In another incident, four riders to be struck by flying shards of metal on July 14, 2004. Injuries consisted of arm abrasions and cuts to the face.

Additionally, on august 7, 2016, the beginning cable snapped and also two world experienced minor injuries.

14. The Train Doesn’t constantly Make it to the Top

Sometimes, the train doesn’t have enough speed to do it over the crest of the hill. When this have the right to be attributed to a variety of factors, the combined weight that the riders and also weather pat a large role.

Top Thrill Dragster uses a hydraulic launching system to gain the train as much as a height speed the 120 mph. Once the train leaves the beginning area and also begins to climb the hill, gravity takes over.

The linked weight of the passengers follow me with details wind and/or temperature conditions can interfere v the train’s speed. In instances where the train doesn’t have sufficient speed to make it over, the train will certainly roll ago down the hill. Magnetic brakes will slow the train under to a stop.

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15. I Was On peak Thrill Dragster as soon as It gained Stuck in ~ the Top

No joke! My parents still have actually the newspaper trimming from the following day. Here’s the digital version. Video footage from that day below.