No one likes to check out flea bite point out on your dogs or any type of sign that a flea infestation in your home.

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So what can you perform to control the situation?

Sure you deserve to go the classic route of utilizing commercial products like flea collars, flea medication, flea combs, flea shampoos, and also oral supplements.

The border to many commercial options, though, is the they frequently contain toxic chemicals the aren’t just harmful come dogs yet to all household members.

Commercial products likewise often check on animals, and also when supplied for a lengthy time have the right to lead come fleas arising immunity.

At a minimum, these alternatives can come to be costly top top a monthly basis.

If your dog no exhibit a flea allergy or if the infestation isn’t too far gone you can want to think about other organic remedies such as vital oils for flea prevention.

Best vital Oils as Flea Remedy


Amrita Lemongrass essential Oil


Aromafloria Geranium necessary Oil


Mountain climbed Herbs Rosemary essential Oil


Vibrant Blue oil Lavender vital Oil

MC Score95%93%99%99%
Therapeutic grade?YesYesYesYes
Organic or Wild-Crafted?Yes (Certified)Yes (Certified)Yes (Certified)Yes (Non-Certified)
Chemical FreeYesYesYesYes
Testing available?Yes (On Site)Yes (On Site)Yes (Contact Company)Yes (Contact Company)

Why world are turning to essential oils for flea control

Essential oil (EOs) room highly concentrated plant extracts that come from tree bark, resin, roots, stem, leaves, nuts, seeds, flowers, and also even fruit.

They’re full of active compounds the are recognized to connect with the body in useful ways like raising immunity, calm anxiety, improving sleep, treating infections, to reduce allergy symptoms, and managing headaches.

Their therapeutic and medicinal application is referred to as aromatherapy.

But the active compounds in EOs no just reliable at improving health and well-being, they’re likewise known to be valuable in killing and repelling bugs choose fleas, mosquitos, and also ticks.

When offered correctly and safely, over there are particular EOs that can help kill fleas while transforming your house into a flea-free zone.

But it’s necessary to note that before you apply any essential oil on her dog girlfriend should an initial consult v your vet.

Dogs are incredibly sensitive come EOs and using the wrong persons or not correct applications deserve to have dangerously toxic effects on their health.

The ideal essential oils to kill fleas

Cedarwood oil (aka cedar oil) kills fleas and also can also be provided as a preventative measure up for future infestations.

It’s contained in the DIY flea treatments listed below so you’ll get comprehensive instructions on just how to best apply it.

Always remember that EOs space potent and also a small goes a long way.

Be sure to dilute EOs with a carrier oil prefer coconut oil before any type of sort of object application.

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You have the right to also include them to her diffuser come treat your home too.

The best essential oil to repel fleas

The adhering to EOs are excellent (and doggy-safe) selections for organic flea repellent: