The Church the Scientology: Celebrities who have talked around the religion

Members, ex-members and critics


Whether they're members, ex-members or doubters of The Church the Scientology, these space the stars who have talked publicly around the controversial religion. 


Matt Willis has actually opened up around secretly turning to Scientology once he to be recovering from addiction.

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The Busted musician recalled his suffer with the religion throughout a pains time in his life.

"I to be fresh out of rehab, a little bit lost in the world. Ns was walking under Tottenham Court Road and I gained approached through a man who asked me a couple of simple questions," the told The Sun.

"Before i knew it, the next week I came down on the doors to the Scientology building. Every single day i went there. I bought different books and did different courses. I was in."

He additionally detailed how at one point they tried to separate him native his wife.

"They to be like, 'There's someone in her life who's in reality draining you, who's a negative force, and also it's normally the human closest come you'. And it's like, 'I think they're do the efforts to separation my f---ing marriage up now'."

He added, "I simply never go back, quit picking up mine phone come them. Yet they rang me every day because that a month and also they drop right into my texts every 6 months, eight months, out the blue."


Backstreet Boys' AJ McLean has recalled an incident where Scientologists allegedly tried a "brainwashing" an approach on him.

In an illustration on the Pretty Messed Up podcast, McLean opened up about attending a "megacentre that Scientology" in 2002.

"They lugged us to this media room and they sat united state down and also they said would you mind watching this brief film?" that claimed. "And us watched this short film, the was about 15 minute long, and then I said OK, well, that was interesting and also we visited leave and the door was locked. Castle wouldn't let us out and they replayed the same film again … they play it three times till someone heard me knocking."

He stated it seemed "like a brainwashing technique" and remembered it not seeming remotely typical to him.


The That 70s Show alum was born right into Scientology with his brother, Malcolm in the Middle star Christopher Masterson.

In august 2019, 4 women filed suit versus Masterson and the Church that Scientology, alleging they were harassed and stalked in retaliation for going come the police. The Church that Scientology approve a declare denying the claims.

"The insurance claims are ludicrous and also a sham. It's a dishonest and hallucinatory public stunt," component of the declare read.

Masterson was charged with three counts of rape in June, yet has strenuously refuse the allegations.


Leah Remini, that is one ex-member of the Church and also an outspoken critic of Scientology reaction to the news the Masterston's charges.

"Finally, victims are being heard when it involves Scientology! praise the lord! This is just the beginning Scientology, her days of gaining away v it is comes to an end," the 50-year-old actress created alongside a connect to a news story around Masterson's charges, including the hashtags #justice #scientologytheaftermath.

Remini has previously explained that that was her 'job' come recruit various other stars come Scientology as soon as she was a member that the Church.

"Regardless that what to be being gift to you, native me as a friend, you to be seeing a next of me that wasn't 100 per cent authentic because my job was to constantly be a perfect human in front of you, or any type of, to exclusively get you right into Scientology, totally indoctrinated, totally on board and deserting any other ideas or equipment of learning," Remini explained in a Red Table Talk episode. "You can not dabble in Scientology."

Having dated she That '70s Show costar and fellow church member Danny Masterson's brother, Christopher, Prepon was raised into Scientology and is a true believer.

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"When I very first got right into Scientology, i did personal Values and also Integrity and also then Overcoming Ups and also Downs in Life," she said. "These courses touched top top the monitorings I was aware of when I to be younger. The was ideal there in black and also white. It to be amazing, and also I feeling that finally something to be speaking mine language. It totally connected with me."

"Anyone that knows me is just like, 'Wow, if Laura is a Scientologist, climate there needs to be something come this,'" she called Women's Health.