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Chelsea Handler, Snoop Dogg, Miley Cyus and an ext are amongst the celebs that vowed to flee the nation in 2016 if chairman Trump won over democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

Some A-listers said they would certainly go come Canada, various areas in Europe, southern Africa, and even Jupiter.

Despite their bold statements, most celebrities continued to be in the U.S. Article 2016 election.

Handler, 45, claimed she to be going to relocate to Spain in an interview v “Live with Kelly and also Michael" must Trump, 74, acquire elected.

Chelsea Handler claimed in 2016 that she plan to relocate to Spain if chairman Trump to be elected. (Gary Gershoff/Getty Images)

"I did buy a home in another country simply in case, so every one of these people that threaten to leaving the country and also then don"t;I will certainly leave the country," she said.

After the election, she satellite down through Sen. Barbara Boxer for an illustration of “Chelsea” and also said, "It"s so basic to say litter in the towel and that we"re going to leave or I"m going to relocate to Spain, due to the fact that I want to move to Spain.”

Handler then said she made decision to stay in America together a much better way to do political advocacy. "Everyone in mine office is like "You have actually a responsibility, you have a voice and you should use it, and you need to be here,"" she said.


Model Amber rose told us Weeklyin 2016, "I can"t even think around it! I"m moving, I"m out! ns can"t. And also I am acquisition my kid with me!"

Whoopi Golberg actors doubt top top “The View” the Trump would win. "I don"t think that"s America. Ns don"t desire it to it is in America. Probably it"s time for me to move, friend know,” she said.

Raven-Symone also said top top “The View” that she would move to Canada. "My confession for this choice is if any type of Republican gets nominated, I"m walking to relocate to Canada with my whole family. I already have my ticket,” she said.

She later on did a comedic lay out for the talk display of her discovering to play hockey and also doing other Canadian activities.

STARS WHO have actually ENDORSED TRUMP because that PRESIDENT

Snoop Dogg to be one of numerous other stars who had their sights set on Canada if trumped won.

After the election, the rapper, 49, posted a photo of Toronto captioned, “My new home.

Ne-Yo an in similar way told TMZ, “I"m moving to Canada directly away. Me and Drake gonna be next-door neighbors if Donald Trump i do not care president."

Keegan-Michael crucial also told TMZ he"d relocate to Canada. "It"s easy. It"s favor 10 minutes from Detroit and that"s where I"m from,” that said.


Cher, ~ above the other hand, stated she would move off of this galaxy. "IF HE were TO be ELECTED, IM moving TO JUPITER,” she tweeted.

Jon Stewart similarly told human being magazine, "I would take into consideration getting in a rocket and also going to one more planet, because clearly this planet"s unable to do bonkers.”

“If the motherf---er i do not care president, I’m relocating my black color a-- to southern Africa,” he stated on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” every CBS.

Eddie Griffin said VladTV, "If trumped wins, I"m moving to Africa.”

Barbra Streisand vowed to relocate to Canada or Australia if Hillary Clinton didn"t victory in the 2016 presidential election. (Getty)

"He has no facts. Ns don"t know, ns can"t think it. I"m one of two people coming come your nation , if you"ll allow me in, or Canada," she told the Australian variation of "60 Minutes."

Comedian George Lopez joked that he’dgo ago to Mexico. "If wins, he won"t have to worry around immigration, we"ll all walk back,” he told TMZ, according to The Wrap.

Amy Schumer joked on BBC’s “Newsnight,” “My act will change because i will require to discover to speak Spanish because I will relocate to Spain or somewhere. It’s past my comprehension if trump won. It’s just too crazy.”

Bryan Cranston likewise doubted Trump would win when he declared he would move if that was the result.

“Absolutely, ns would certainly move,” he claimed on “The Bestseller Experiment” podcast.“It’s not actual to me that that would certainly happen. Ns hope to God the won’t.”

Cyrus, 27, take it a much an ext emotional stance.

In a now-deleted video clip posted to Instagram, she said, “My love is broken into a 100000 pieces...I am moving if this is mine president! ns don"t say things I don"t mean!"

"I know a lot of of world have to be threatening to do this, but I yes, really will. I understand a lovely place in Vancouver,” Lena Dundham declared at the procession Awards in 2016.

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After the election the comedian took to Instagram and also wrote, "For those demanding I relocate to Canada based on something i said when this man seemed like a steak salesman v a lengthy shot in ~ the presidency: continue to be busy reveling in your new regime. I will certainly go numerous places throughout my lifetime, surrounding by kindreds ~ above a mission to spread out justice and also light."

With the election looming, the unclear if any kind of of the celebrities who once threatened come flee if trump card won would follow through if that wins a second term.

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