Four year ago, in 2016 mental when fifty percent of Hollywood A-listers claimed that if Donald trump will get re-elected together America"s next president, climate they’d it is in leaving America or even the planet. 

Scroll down to examine the present status the stars in united state election 2020. 


Miley Cyrus

ago in 2016, Miley Cyrus pledged the she will certainly leave her nation if Donald Trump will certainly vote, ""Honestly f--- this s--- i am moving if this is mine president!"" thesinger composed on her Instagram post.

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Snoop Dogg

Like many stars, Snoop Dogg was amongst many A-listers who said they will certainly their country if trumped won, and also after the election, the rapper shared a photo on hisInstargramof Toronto"sCNTower,and askedCanadian Drake because that some actual estate advice: "My brand-new home.
champagnepapi I require the hookup on part property... I"m going to the.6ix."


Amber increased

In 2016, model Amber climbed told in an interview the she is walking the end if trumped is chosen as a president, "I can"t even think about it! I"m moving, I"m out! ns can"t. And I am taking my kid with me!"".


Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Handler was planning to relocate to Spain and additionally bought a housein 2016 if trumped wins.Chelsea previously said in one interview, "I go buy a house in one more country simply in case, so all of these human being that threaten to leave the country and also then don"t;I will leave the country," she said.

Although after the election, Chelseaand said, "It"s so simple to say litter in the towel and that we"re walk to leave or I"m walking to move to Spain since I desire to relocate to Spain.”



While everyone was planning to leave the country, Cher pledged to not only leave the country, yet to leaving the planet. By taking to the twitter,She wrote, ""If he were elected , I"m moving to Jupitar". Because that those that don"t know, Cher is curruntly living in USA.

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Samuel L. Jackson

Samuel L. Jackson discovered his safe location inSouth Africa, ""If that mom f---er i do not care president, I"m relocating my black a-- to southern Africa, ""he said.


Jon Stewart

after Cher, Jon Stewart also was planing to leave the planet after Donald trumped win: "I would consider getting in a rocket and going to an additional planet, because plainly this planet"s unable to do bonkers.""



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