Selena Gomez - The singer/actress didn"t official endorsed either Donald trumped or Joe Biden, however she has actually been vocal about the prestige of voting.

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Dolly Parton - “If I’ve gained something to say, I’ll speak it, however I don’t want to be dragged into it... I don’t really like obtaining up on TV and saying political things. I don’t even want to do a transaction out that it, however I want people to recognize I’m my very own individual self,” the nation star said The Guardian.

Dolly Parton - She added: “I’ve gained as numerous Republican friends as I’ve acquired Democrat friends and I simply don’t favor voicing mine opinion on things. I have seen points before, prefer the Dixie Chicks. Friend can ruin a career for speaking out.”

Khloé Kardashian - Khloé hasn"t followed the footsteps of her siblings when it comes to discussing politics. Though she did take to Twitter to report on her sleepless and also anxious night end the poll count of her brother-in-law, Kanye West.

Khloé Kardashian - "With politics I’ve learned to keep my opinions come myself, for when in my life. It’s no that ns would never talk around it, yet it’s that nobody cares about what I have to say about that," she told The reduced in 2016.

Mark Wahlberg - "A most celebrities did, do, and also shouldn"t ... A the majority of Hollywood is life in a bubble."

Mark Wahlberg - "They"re pretty the end of touch v the usual person, the day-to-day guy the end there giving for your family. Me, I"m an extremely aware of the real world. Ns come indigenous the genuine world and also I exist in the genuine world," the gibbs told task & purpose magazine.

Carrie Underwood - "I favor to stay away from politics <...> ns feel like we"ll have lots to talk about, however I think it will be more geared to just us and also what we do."

Carrie Underwood - "I don"t want civilization to vote for somebody due to the fact that I told them to. I desire them to uncover out about things that they space passionate about and what"s crucial to them and also look at different candidates and also policies. And shot to make their own decisions on that," the singer called Rolling Stone.

Carrie Underwood - though the singer hasn"t told human being who to poll for, at the 2017 CMAs Underwood performed a parody song around Donald Trump.

Channing Tatum - The actor once told Politico that the political world is way too polarizing because that him.

Gillian Anderson - "I normally have a tendency to steer away from outright political discussion in interviews, since I am an actor, and also there"s so lot that i don"t understand, and also I don"t for a 2nd feel favor I have a ideal to that platform."

Gillian Anderson - "I don"t want to get into a discussion around Trump or about Brexit or any kind of of the ... Ns don"t really recognize what that is that I"m talking about," she called The Guardian.

Kevin Hart - In 2017, the comedian and actor told Variety: "When friend jump into that political realm you"re alienating few of your audience ... The people today, it"s really no a laughing matter. It"s serious. Ns don"t want to attract attention to points I don"t have actually nice points to to speak about."

Kevin Hart - "Everybody"s no going to see things the way I desire to view them. And also they shouldn"t ... That"s what provides us individuals. In that certain realm, I store my opinions come myself," Hart called the day-to-day Beast.

Kevin Hart - despite in 2017 on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," he said that that would support his "Jumanji" co-star Dwayne Johnson if that ran for president.

Bruno Mars - In 2016, The cut wrote that "Mr. Mars has actually never when implied any kind of political allegiance."

Bruno Mars - though we can tell you the Bruno Mars did share a video of Former an initial Lady Michelle Obama to dance on his facebook page. Whether the has any type of political connotation is up for debate.

Blake Shelton - after ~ making some comments around Donald Trump no being afraid of speaking his mind, the musician took to Twitter to clarify his position and avoid any speculations and potential backlash.

Blake Shelton - that tweeted: "Hey prior to this gets going choose it constantly does... I haven"t ANYBODY for president. And also I no going to. I don"t execute that s**t."

Billy Joel - as soon as asked about Donald Trump"s presidency, Joel said Rolling Stone: "Look, man, trumped is president, so all kinds of weird s**t can occur ... I try to continue to be out that politics."

Billy Joel - "I am a personal citizen and also I have actually a ideal to think in my own political point of view, yet I shot not to obtain up top top a soapbox and also tell human being how to think," the added.

Josh Duhamel - "I don’t necessarily think it’s crucial to tell civilization how come vote. That’s one point I nothing do. I don’t favor to get associated politically in ~ all. Nobody cares what i think politically."

Josh Duhamel - “Anybody in entertainment that thinks people treatment what castle think politically room really misinformed. That’s one point I stay away from. I remain away from politics due to the fact that nobody care what i think,” the gibbs told Fox News in 2017.

Reba McEntire - In 2017, the nation star claimed that her "fans would certainly be shocked" if she ever got politics on stage. “I take it this way: they have paid their hard-earned money come come in there and fill a chair <...> So ns am no going to offer them my politics views. It"s not my place."

Reba McEntire - "That’s not as crucial as this is my task to entertain. It do not do it be my communication to be up top top stage offering my politics views,” she added.

Nikki Bella - The "Total Bellas" star acquired some politics backlash from Donald trump supporters, after ~ she supported Dwayne Johnson’s publication on Instagram (who"s a Joe Biden supporter).

Nikki Bella - She then said: "There"s no winning talking around politics, unfortunately... I embrace everyone"s beliefs... That"s what renders the civilization go "round. We"re all never going to think the same."

Danica Patrick - The former racing driver said Fox Business: "I feel choose religion and also politics room the two things that you just stay far from. I"m not going to comment about what I like or don’t prefer or what civilization say. But we live in America and it"s a free country and also you have the right to say every little thing you want."






Many celebrities, who had previously continued to be politically neutral, publicly endorsed specific candidates in the 2020 united state elections. We"ve listed both the celebrities who support Donald Trump and those endorsing Joe Biden because that president, yet how about those celebs who choose to continue to be out that politics? numerous stars favor to save their political see private; some think they perform not have actually the expertise to discuss politics, and also others think it"s not for them come tell human being who they have to vote for.

In this gallery, us list a number of celebs who prefer to continue to be out that politics. Click through and also discover who they are.

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