Ahead that the united state election top top November 3, a host of celebrities, from Taylor Swift, Beyonce and Brad Pitt to Kirstie Alley and Kid Rock, have spoken out about who they will certainly be poll for.

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Here, us round up the celebrities that will certainly be voting for President Donald Trump and Vice chairman Mike Pence, and the stars who space backing autonomous nominees Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Celebrities who support Donald Trump:

Kirstie Alley

Cheers actress Kirstie Alley is among Trump"s most vocal supporters.

I desire to speak something to every Trump supporters. You space tenacious courageous and also fun. Girlfriend don’t offer up.

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You have actually done your best to assistance your candidate and you have operated so tough to aid
realDonaldTrump ns proud come stand alongside you. Success or lose, I’m grateful for U