As news breaks of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie marketing their renowned French 4 minutes 1 mansion, it renders one wonder what other influential celebs call new Orleans home. V the nation’s top-ranked dining, world-class nightlife, and plenty the fun brand-new Orleans things to do for the entirety family, it’s straightforward to see why the rich and famous would certainly reside in the Crescent City.

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Actors, athletes, musicians, politicians, journalists, and celebrity chefs are among brand-new Orleans’ most notable homeowners. Read listed below to discover 5 the the most influential people who live in new Orleans, LA!

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Brad Pitt and Angelina JolieArchie ManningEmeril LagasseJohn GoodmanJames Carville

Brad Pitt and also Angelina Jolie (AKA Brangelina)


Not only do they call new Orleans home, however many have actually spotted Brad Pitt at nearby plantations which will certainly serve together the set for the next feature film! picture of Brad Pitt and also Angelina Jolie by Nils Sautter via Flickr

As pointed out before, the power couple of Angelina Jolie and also Brad Pitt at this time own a residence in the French Quarter. The pair that Hollywood elites fell in love with brand-new Orleans after visiting in 2007 to watch the devastation the Hurricane Katrina. Upon moving to brand-new Orleans, LA, “Brangelina” set up the make it appropriate Foundation, raising millions over the year to placed towards brand-new housing in the flood-ravished lower 9th Ward.

According to TMZ, after selling their 6.5-million-dollar mansion, they setup on moving somewhere “off the win path.” whether the new residence will certainly be in the Crescent City is yet to be seen, however with all the great they have actually done so much for brand-new Orleans, let’s hope they stick about a tiny longer!

Archie Manning (and the Manning Family)


According to a recent Traveler Story, seeing celebrity dwellings like the among Archie Manning, pictured above, landmarks, and also so much more is much easier than ever before on a new Orleans bus tour! picture of Archie and also Peyton Manning by Gage Skidmore via Flickr

America’s favourite football household has an unabashed tradition in new Orleans, LA. The family members patriarch, Archie Manning, is a decorated athlete. Two-time pro-bowler, and also both college football and pro-football room of Famer, Archie Manning spent many of his agree career with the brand-new Orleans Saints, having actually his number “unofficially” retirement after leave the team in 1982.

Archie and also wife Olivia elevated two of contemporary football’s many cherished superstars, Payton and also Eli Manning, in ~ the couples’ Garden ar home, making the stunning mansion a museum of soccer greatness. If the kids have because moved out, the is not unusual to check out Manning family members members about the city, with the elder Mannings still holding residence in the city.

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Emeril Lagasse


New orleans is the perfect place to channel her inner Emeril Lagasse by tasting the neighborhood cuisine, dance on a food tour, or finding out the ropes for you yourself with a cooking class through brand-new Orleans institution of Cooking! picture of Emeril Lagasse with Ty Pennington through L.A. Foodie via Flickr

What better place come live for a world-renowned cook than brand-new Orleans, LA, the City that Chefs?! The new England born Emeril Lagasse specializes in new Orleans’ cajun and creole cooking styles, with his famous catchphrase, “BAM!” introduce to adding a kick of Cajun-influenced spice come his gourmet goods! chef Emeril Lagasse has called his format of food preparation “New brand-new Orleans,” and frequently uses neighborhood Louisiana ingredient in ready meals.

Lagasse an initial gained fame in new Orleans, LA, as Executive chief of regional restaurant Commander’s Palace, relocating from executive, management Chef to TV personality, cookbook author, and also successful restaurant owner! You can uncover one the Emeril’s popular new Orleans restaurants transparent the city, including:

Emeril’s new OrleansNOLA RestaurantEmeril’s Delmonico

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John Goodman


Image of man Goodman from Wikipedia

One of brand-new Orleans’ many proud and also passionate celebrity citizens is actor john Goodman. The achieved thespian obtained his begin as a comedian in such movies as “Revenge the the Nerds” and “True Stories,” yet eventually moved to much more dramatic roles and Broadway phase shows later in his career.

John Goodman has supported many brand-new Orleans-based reasons including Hurricane Katrina relief, Deepwater Horizon Oil pour out relief, and lending his acting skills when filming TV shows and movies in new Orleans to movies the portray the city in a confident light consisting of Disney’s “The Princess and also the Frog.” Goodman even met his wife, Annabeth Hartzog, if filming a movie in brand-new Orleans, LA, forever cementing his affection because that the Crescent City.

James Carville


The Garden ar is house to James Carville, pictured above. Picture of James Carville by JD Lasica via Flickr

The male they contact the “Ragin Cajun” is a life time Louisiana resident, gift born in Carville, LA, and also spending much of his early on life in the state. James Carville has taken on numerous roles in his life, all holding a an excellent amount that respect including U.S. Marine Veteran, litigator, advertising consultant, and at the elevation of his political career, served as bill Clinton’s project manager.

Since his political days, Carville has held tiny roles in many major Hollywood films, contributed to significant news networks, and also currently teaches Political scientific research at Tulane college in brand-new Orleans, LA. James Carville and his wife, mar Matalin, both reside in new Orleans, LA with their two kids Matty and also Emma.

College Football hall of Fame. Might 19, 1949.

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