MANY stars have actually made realms out of healthy and balanced living v diet and also exercise, and also regularly present off their toned figures.

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But it might surprise friend to understand that numerous well-known stars enjoy a exhilaration - despite knowing simply how negative it is for them. These are the celebrities who have been fans of light up...


Prince Harry supplied to smoke, yet is claimed to have offered up thanks to Meghan MarkleCredit: Rex Features

Which celebrities smoked?

Kate Winslet

The Titanic actress, who famously rolling her own cigarettes, choose up the habit ~ above the collection of Sense and Sensibility once she to be 19.

Speaking come Vanity fair in 2008, the star said: “I don’t smoke approximately my kids.

“Like that renders it any much better that ns smoke at all, since obviously the doesn’t. However I don’t smoke in the house.

“I mean, I had a tobacco this morning, i m sorry is due to the fact that I hadn’t been. Coffee and a cigarette: bingo!”


Kate Winslet was pictured having a cig if shopping through baby Mia in Santa MonicaCredit: Rex Features

Zayn Malik


Zayn regularly write-ups smoking self onlineCredit: describe Caption

Former 1D-er, Zayn Malik, is additionally a pan of lighting up.

The pop star has actually been spotted puffing away on numerous occasions transparent his career, and even has a tattoo ~ above his hand of a woman’s lips through smoke curling out.

He regularly short articles smoking selfies to Instagram, prompting pan to beg him to quit.

Who knows if he has actually kicked the habit with the come of his new baby daughter with design girlfriend Gigi Hadid.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow has one tobacco per weekCredit: every Action/EMPICS

She famously enjoys a healthy and balanced lifestyle and dedicated workout regime, but it seems also Gwynnie has a vice.

The mum-of-two, who newly wrote a healthy and balanced eating cookbook, admits she allows herself one tobacco per week.

Speaking come Harper’s Bazaar around her guilty pleasures in April, she said: “My one light American spirit that ns smoke once a week, ~ above Saturday night.”

In December 2017, us revealed she took lessons on how to exhilaration dope making use of a vaping device.

The clean-living actress enlisted the aid of celebrity cannabis guru Maya Cooper in California, where the drug is legal.

Holly Willoughby


TV darling Holly Willoughby has been spotted with a cigarette in the pastCredit: large Pictures

Holly exhilaration – she at that too!

The This Morning presenter was snapped acquisition a drag at a sun-kissed V Festival in 2009.

The mum-of-three was likewise pictured light up through Made in Chelsea star Francis Boulle.

She may have actually left the habit in the past now though.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus has actually been pictured in the past enjoying a dragCredit: Rex Features

There have been plenty of shots of Wrecking ball star Miley Cyrus walking roughly with cigarettes.

Miley Cyrus revealed she has actually ditched drugs and also plumped because that clean living after suffering a harrowing nightmare in which she witnessed herself die live ~ above TV.

Here are simply a couple of ways to aid you quit smoking for great and safeguard yourself from the respiratory tract disease...

1. Make a list of reasons

As a smoker, you probably have actually plenty of reasons to quit, but have you ever before written them under physically?

2. Set a date

Set a 'quit date' - and also then stick come it, claims celebrity hypnotherapist Max Kirsten.

He said: "If you room quitting by yourself, ns recommend the just before you stop smoking fully on your quit day you shot smoking an additional brand for at least a couple of days as they just won’t seem as enjoyable."

3. Change your diet

Researchers in the US discovered that part foods, including meat, have the right to make cigarettes much more satisfying.

While things like cheese, fruit and vegetables have the right to make them taste disgusting.

4. Readjust your drink

The same researchers who lugged out the study mentioned over also found that details drinks make ciggies taste better.

They discovered that fizzy pop, alcohol, cola, tea and coffee every made fags much more appealing.

5. Obtain friends involved

As the saying goes; stamin in numbers.

6. Don't walk cold turkey

Only 4 per cent of civilization who battered cold turkey are successful research study suggests.

But using nicotine instead of therapies choose patches and lozenges increases your chance of quitting through 1.5 times, according to the BBC.

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7. Obtain active

Scientists say that also five minutes of wade or stretching is enough to cut cravings.