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Lil Wayne do the comments during an Instagram Live through Fat Joe. Matt Sayles/Invision/AP

The rapper challenged backlash after speak that human being should reference themselves because that police brutality rather than police or various other races.

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"I think we additionally have to understand that we have to get an extremely specific. We have actually to obtain so specific. What I median by that — we have to stop viewing it v such a large view, an interpretation we need to stop put the blame on the totality force and also everybody that a certain race, everybody through a badge," he said throughout an Instagram Live v Fat Joe on might 28.

Wayne continued, "We have to actually get into that that person is, and also if we want to location the blame on anybody, it should be ourselves for no doing much more than what we think we"re doing."

The "Lollipop" rapper proclaimed that while some human being "think they did something" through tweeting or attract a shirt around the black Lives matter movement, it"s much more important to "learn about it more."

"What we must do is learn about it more. If we want to scream around something, know what we screaming about. We desire to protest something, understand what we protesting about," the said, adding, "There"s a bunch of truth that us think we recognize that we don"t know."

While some human being supported Wayne"s desire to learn an ext about the issues, many criticized him for insinuating the black world were at fault because that police brutality rather of looking much more deeply in ~ systemic racism.


Virgil Abloh common a picture of his donation ~ above his Instagram story. Edward Berthelot/GC pictures

Abloh was ridiculed for making a $50 donation to bail funds in Miami, Florida, on might 31.

"i"m stunner inspired. For kids in the highways that require bail funds for George Floyd protests," he created on the receipt ~ above his Instagram story, expose the donation amount.

After city hall his contribution, civilization pointed out that $50 doesn"t cover the price of one pair that socks do by Abloh"s brand Off-White. One person provided that several of the socks cost $100 and also tweeted, "He invested a half a sock on protestors."

The first lines the his Wikipedia page were readjusted to include "Mr. 50$"and "Cheap A--." Someone also edited the "Personal Life" ar of his page. Castle wrote, "He donated a whooping amount of 50$ to urge on protesters that protested the unlawful killing of George Floyd."

Abloh responded to the backlash with a declare on Instagram addressing the criticism about his donation.

He wrote, "I have the right to understand your frustration if you think my contribute were restricted to $50. Purely false as soon as it pertains to the total. I have donated $20,500 come bail funds and also other causes related to this movement."

Abloh also faced backlash for criticizing looting, for which he likewise apologized, saying, "I apologize that it seemed like my concern for those shop outweighed my worry for our right to protest injustice and express our anger and also rage in this moment."


David Guetta remixed martin Luther King's "I have actually a Dream" speech. man Parra/Getty images for The Media Nanny

After Guetta released a tribute to George Floyd utilizing a remixed variation of young name Luther King Jr."s "I have a Dream" speech on may 30, viewers were left confused and also shocked.

Guetta carry out the mash-up atop a Manhattan rooftop during a livestream concert for coronavirus relief.

"The civilization is walk through complicated times and also America too, actually. Critical night, i knew us were walking to carry out this and also I do a special record in respect of George Floyd. Ns really hope we can see more unity and an ext peace when already things room so difficult," he said, adding, "Shout out to his family."

The song then picked up volume, and samples that King"s "I have a Dream" speech played.

In response, human being called the video clip "the whitest means to react to racism" and mocked the DJ for trying to "oontz oontz racism away." Others to be at a loss because that words, speak they were left "speechless."


Marina Diamandis formerly went through the stage name Marina and also the Diamonds. KGC-189/STAR MAX/IPx

The singer, who goes by the mononym Marina, upset numerous of her pendant after saying that people had to it is in "mentally ill" to be a police market in a tweet she shared on may 31.

People easily took worry with Diamandis" message, stating that she was trying to connect two topics the aren"t related.

"I understand what you"re trying to say but please don"t conflate mental health worries with police brutality. Over there is no link and also this is tone deaf," one person wrote.

Others pointed out that people with mental health worries are regularly subject come discrimination and also asked her not to villainize them.

Madonna was commonly criticized for the video she posted of her son. kris Pizzello/Invision/AP

Madonna to be mocked after ~ posting a video of her son dancing to "honor" Floyd on may 28.

"Brutal murder travels roughly the people my kid David Dances come honor and also pay tribute to George and also His Family and also all acts of Racism and Discrimination that happen on a everyday basis in America. #davidbanda #JusticeforGeorgeFloyd #MichaelJackson," she tweeted.

In the video, David Banda Mwale Ciccone Ritchie, that Madonna embraced from Malawi in 2006, dances come Michael Jackson"s tune "They Don"t really Care around Us."

Comparing the video clip to kendal Jenner"s 2017 Pepsi commercial, in i beg your pardon the white supermodel resolves a protest by handing a police officer a can of soda, many civilization said that the popular music star"s an answer wasn"t appropriate.

"I really evaluate you for permitting your boy to dance far the racism because that us," one person wrote in solution to the video.

kendall Jenner and also Cara Delevingne to be criticized because that reposting threads on Instagram. Samir Hussein/Contributor/Getty Images; Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP

Celebrities together as kendall Jenner, Cara Delevigne, and Kylie zener reposted a black Lives matter chain on their Instagram stories following Floyd"s death.

With each repost, they every tagged 10 of their friends that "will not break the black color lives issue chain."

Although they to be attempting to spread awareness about the black color Lives issue movement and also have mutual other educational content to their social media accounts, human being called them the end for "playing a game" and being "self-serving."

"unemployed university students space literally ~ above a donating main actor while celebrities are wiping the sweat off your forehead after just posting "BLM" on your IG story," one person tweeted.

Karol G post a photograph of she dog to promote the Black stays Matters movement. Eric Jamison/Getty images

The Colombian singer faced backlash after tweeting a photo of her black-and-white dog to do a point around racial inequality.

She composed in a since-deleted tweet, "El ejemplo perfecto de que el Blanco y el black JUNTOS se ven hermosos," which converts to, "The perfect example of white and also black together they look at beautiful." She included the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter.

After receiving criticism for utilizing an pet to promote racial equality, the singer authorize an apology ~ above Twitter.

"I to be wrong and also I apologize. I want to do clear the my intentions were ideal in the photo I posted earlier. I meant to say that racism is terrible and I cannot start to recognize it," she wrote.

Karol G added, "I to be still learning and taking energetic steps to help, assist and evoke readjust and I continue educating myself to recognize the experience."

Doja Cat has actually come under fire in recent months for allegedly participating in controversial online chatrooms. Scott Dudelson/Getty photos

"Can among you males photoshop together a dog and also a fish to produce a fish-dog hybrid because that me due to the fact that I need this don"t ask me why. I"d appreciate it a many thanks," the "Say So" singer tweeted on may 27.

Fans easily criticized Doja Cat for ignoring present events, especially the protests occurring across the nation as a result of George Floyd"s death.

"Hi racist, post about #BlackLivesMatters," one user commented, while another said, "Ain"t discussed George Floyd once however asking because that a imagine hybrid animal." One tweet just asked, "How around you speak the end on what"s keep going right now instead?"

The singer at some point asked fans to send over a "petition" (ostensibly one supposed to combat police brutality) in an answer to the backlash.

A couple of days earlier, Doja come under fire after ~ users discovered her "racist past," accusing she of utilizing racial slurs and also making fun of black color speech patterns. She consequently denied the allegations.

Shameik Moore at Nickelodeon's Kids' an option Awards on march 23, 2019. Jon Kopaloff/Getty images

"Look... All I"m saying is.. In the MOMENT.. When we space experiencing racism.. Can We the black community find methods to protect against being killed? Or hunted," Moore tweeted on may 28.

The actor mutual a "very solid opinion" through his followers in a subsequent tweet, writing, "See I have a very strong opinion that the black ar hates come hear.. But needs to hear... We must learn exactly how to address police... And or racism... Because THIS is the component of the script we have failed come fix."

Unsurprisingly, world on Twitter didn"t evaluate Moore"s tone-deaf comments about the situation, informing him,"bro. Read the room. Your hot take is unnecessary rn" and "We aren"t going out there ~ above a mission to be killed."

Moore later apologized because that his comment on throughout an Instagram livestream, speak his comments "were taken out of context."

"Again, I"ll simply say because that the world watching: ns did not mean to offend any kind of of the black community," he told viewers. "It to be wrong timing."

Lana Del Rey came under fire previously in may for seemingly placing down artist of color. Steve Granitz/WireImage

After the "Young and Beautiful" singer common videos the Los Angeles protesters looting stores to she Instagram (and disabled comment on the clips), Kehlani and also Tinashe both referred to as out Del Rey for she "dangerous" posts, according to web page Six.

"Please eliminate your instagram write-up it"s dangerous as f--- and also a very poor an option of moments to post," Kehlani reportedly tweeted. "By all means protest, but DO not endanger civilization with your very massive platform. Oh and also turn your f---ing comment on man."

"Why the f--- room you posting people looting shop on your page literally WHAT IS her PROBLEM," Tinashe reportedly said in her tweet.

Del Rey apparently deleted among the 2 videos, and also both Kehlani and also Tinashe show up to have actually deleted your tweets calling her out. Tinashe also thanked the "National Anthem" singer on Twitter because that removing one of the posts.

Earlier in the month, fans likewise called out Del Rey because that "tearing down" female artists (most the whom room not white) in an effort to safeguard herself against critics. The singer consequently denied the accusations.

LL Cool J is a rapper and actor. Jason Merritt/Getty

The rapper"s tweet ("Imagine how people raising bi racial kids feel appropriate now!!!!!! This is crazy!!!!!!") didn"t walk over fine with few of his Twitter followers, that accused the of minimizing the trouble of violence versus black people.

"What does this need to do through George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery or Breonna Taylor? They"re not biracial," one user responded, while one more simply told the rapper, "Delete this."

And others focused on the fact that LL Cool J"s daughter Samaria is apparently in a partnership with gibbs Shameik Moore, who himself was called out because that tone-deaf comments around the black color community.

"Sir your daughters friend was top top live saying Rosa Parks should"ve taken a cab. Walk worry about that," a user said.

T.I. Has come under fire plenty of times for his comments around his eldest daughter's sexuality. stack Diamond/Getty pictures

The rapper appeared on television, in addition to Killer Mike and Atlanta mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, to condemn the violence and looting emerging in the city.

"We can"t execute this here, this is Wakanda. It have to be protected," T.I. Told press and viewers.

But nearly immediately, the rapper to be lambasted on Twitter, mostly for to compare a real-life city come a fictional utopia. People likewise took problem with the truth that T.I. Is seemingly supporting chosen officials and police, rather of black color protesters on the former lines.

Ellen DeGeneres has come under fire in recent months for allegedly crude oil behavior. Steve Granitz/WireImage

Screenshots of the tweet, i beg your pardon was apparently posted on may 30, appear to show DeGeneres advocating because that racial equality and denouncing "injustice" after protests broke out in an answer to the fatality of George Floyd.

"Like so countless of you, i am angry and I to be sad," DeGeneres wrote, according to screenshots. "People of shade in this country have confronted injustice for much too long. For things to change, things need to change."

"We must commit ourselves to this adjust with conviction and also love," the blog post read.

Even though DeGeneres" blog post seemed choose it was meant to inspire unity, the actually had the opposite effect. Some civilization called the end the organize for her friendship with previous president George W. Bush, who"s been called a "war criminal" by some due to his armed forces actions while president.

Others took concern with the reality that DeGeneres generally referred come the injustices faced by "people the color" in the US, even though the current movement is primarily focused on violence knowledgeable by the black color community.

Stephanie Pratt starred top top "The Hills." Amy Sussman/Getty images

After tweeting the she was getting emotional when watching civilization "burn down" Santa Monica, Pratt took points a action further and also called for the so-called "looters" to be shot.

"Shoot the looters - utilizing this tragedy together their excuse to rob and burn every one of our towns down," she created in the since-deleted tweet.

Immediately after ~ Pratt tweeted the controversial statement, Twitter users criticized the actress for she "racist" and also tone-deaf language. The bulk of users concentrated on Pratt"s hypocrisy since she to be arrested on fees of second-degree theft after shoplifting $1,300 precious of clothing from a Neiman Marcus in Hawaii in 2006.

Pratt watch tried come clarify her comments in a subsequent tweet (that"s likewise been deleted) on June 1, informing followers, "There"s some confusion between the native looter & protester top top the news."

"The protesters space trying to make changes & end years long police violence which us ALL WANT," she continued in the now-deleted tweet watched by "Looters, however are a--holes."

Melissa Joan Hart got backlash because that a picture she common on Instagram. Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

The actress swiftly deleted an Instagram photo she post of Shirley Temple and Bill Robinson after human being described the picture as "racist."

Hart shared a tho from the 1935 film "The little Colonel," showing the stars hold hands and smiling.

"The post of Mr. Rogers by Danica McKellar reminded me of one of my favorite Shirley temple movies, The little Colonel due to the fact that of the history of the stair run she did through the remarkable Billy "Bojangles" Robinson," she wrote.

Hart continued, "When studying the life of Shirley, i learned the it was the first time one interracial pair danced on display screen together. Bojangles wasn"t allowed to organize her hand but Shirley grabbed his anyhow throughout the dance and it do history."

Her followers mentioned that the film took ar on a plantation and contained multiple instances of racial insensitivity. Hart responded to numerous of the comments to protect her decision to share the photo, however she at some point deleted it and replaced the article with a bible verse.

Emma Watson was criticized for posting 3 squares v no extr information. Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

Like numerous other celebrities, Watson participated in Blackout Tuesday and posted three black squares in solidarity with the black Lives issue movement.

However, pan took problem with the reality that she appeared to include a white border to them to complement her ahead posts, which to be white squares.Watson additionally didn"t connect to any additional resources or appear to donate money, leading civilization to label her posts as "performative" and criticize her for not more leveraging her platform.

Others stand up because that her, noting the she"s a United countries Women Goodwill Ambassador and also has spoken up about racial inequality in the past.

Hours later, the "Harry Potter" actress wrote that she "was holding turn off posting until#blackouttuesday ended in the UK" and also shared a poem referred to as "White Lies, Subtleties, Micro-Aggressions, and also Other choke Hazards"⁣ along withart by Dr. Fahamu Pecou.

Evan Peters retweeted a video of a police officer tackling a protester. Mike Coppola/Getty images

The "American fear Story" gibbs issued an apology after civilization criticized him for retweeting a video of a physical altercation between a police officer and a protester.

The tweet said, "I can watch these item of s--- looters obtain tackled all day!!"

Seeing Evans retweet the violent video led plenty of of his pendant to speak to him "racist" and also express their disappointment.

In response, the gibbs apologized and said he "unknowingly retweeted" the video.

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"I don"t condone the male watching the news at all in the video clip which I have deleted. I unknowingly retweeted it. I"m deeply upset it acquired on my newsfeed. I sincerely apples if anyone was offended. I support black lives issue wholeheartedly," he said.