The Hollywood Reporter suggests 10 Canadian destinations to 10 famous civilization who have pledged to relocate north should Donald Trump success the election.


Colorful plastic money, maple syrup, beavers, a hunky prime minister — who wouldn’t want to move to Canada need to the Republicans win the Nov. 8 election?

Certainly no these 10 celebrities, who have actually all unable to do on the record to notice they’ll it is in heading come the land of Drake and also Celine Dion if Donald trumped wins the presidency.

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But Canada is a pretty substantial place. So The Hollywood Reporter has analyzed each individual case and also produced this comfortable Post-Election Canadian Relocation overview for Celebrities.

1. Bryan Cranston

Age: 60

Hometown: Hollywood, California

Occupation: actor (Breaking Bad, Kung Fu Panda 3)

Au Revoir, America!:“Absolutely. I would definitely move. It’s not genuine to me that that would happen. Ns hope come God the won’t. It wouldn’t be a vacation. I’d be an expatriate.”

Suggested Canadian Destination: SASKATOON, SASKATCHEWAN

The biggest city in Saskatchewan (pop. 305,000) is specifically 1,400 miles directly north of Albuquerque, brand-new Mexico — nose-bleed-friendly terrain Cranston is all however certainly familiar with. Added Breaking Bad irony: the was established in the so late 1800s as a swarm for the Temperance Movement!

2. Barbra Streisand

Age: 74

Hometown: Brooklyn, brand-new York

Occupation: Singer, actress, director (The means We Were, The Guilt Trip)

AuRevoir, America!:“He has no facts. Ns don’t know, ns can’t think it. I’m one of two people coming come your country , if you’ll allow me in, or Canada.”

Suggested Canadian Destination:MONTREAL, QUEBEC

Just an hour trip from the an excellent White Way, Montreal is famed for its innovative dining and fashion, and its underground shopping malls — just like the subterranean shopping facility Streisand had installed in her Malibu home. (Lady Gaga and Ryan Murphy as soon as stopped by because that a treat at Streisand’s personal frozen yogurt shop.)

3. Neve Campbell

Age: 43

Hometown: Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Occupation: Actress (Party the Five, Wild Things)

AuRevoir, America!:The House of Cards star said she will certainly “move ago to Canada. … His honesty is terrifying.”

Suggested Canadian Destination: GUELPH, ONTARIO

The expression “there’s no location like home” is not one typically associated with a location like Guelph. But Guelph is OK! A Toronto suburb of around 150,000 residents, it has low unemployment and crime, and boasts neighborhood events and attractions favor Guelph Lake, Downtown Guelph and the yearly Guelph pride Week. And also it created one large star in the form of Neve Campbell; probably it’s time for Guelph’s prodigal daughter come return and Make Guelph good Again!

4. Keegan-Michael Key

Age: 45

Hometown: Detroit, Michigan.

Occupation: Actor, comedian (Key andPeele, The upset Birds Movie)

AuRevoir, America!: easy. It’s favor 10 minute from Detroit and also that’s whereby I’m from.”

Suggested Canadian Destination: WINDSOR, ONTARIO

He is for sure correct: favor Tijuana to mountain Diego, Windsor is simply one mile from engine City, right across the Detroit flow and obtainable by tunnel. Which is why it has actually long to be a beacon because that thirsty American youths looking come take benefit of Canada’s 19-and-over drink laws, casinos, lap-dance parlors and, uh, hospitable Canadian culture. It’s additionally the most southern city in Canada, making it slightly less like Ice world Hoththan several of its counterparts!

5. Chloe Sevigny

Age: 41

Hometown: Springfield, Massachusetts.

Occupation: Actress (American fear Story: Hotel, Bloodline), fashion designer, style inspiration

AuRevoir, America!:Answered “Nova Scotia” to a concern of where she would relocate if Trump to be elected.

Suggested Canadian Destination: QUEBEC CITY, QUEBEC

We understand she asked because that Nova Scotia, but we think Sevigny will be an ext comfortable nesting in a spot where French is spoken exclusively. And where far better than the earliest European negotiation in phibìc America? just pack her furs, Chloe — we recognize you love them. (Failing that, she could constantly move to medicine Hat, Alberta,since she probably has actually several medicine hats sit in her closet dating earlier to JohnGalliano’s Fall-Winter 2004 collection.)

6. Raven-Symone

Age: 30

Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia

Occupation:Actress, comedian, model, singer, songwriter, dancer, tv producer and also talk present host (That’s for this reason Raven, The View).

AuRevoir, America!:“My confession for this election is if any kind of Republican it s okay nominated, I’m walk to relocate to Canada through my whole family. I already have mine ticket.”

Suggested Canadian Destination: HAMILTON, ONTARIO

Before the hit Broadway musical, there to be the sleepy steel town just waiting come getgentrified with some show-business sizzle. And you have the right to order her breakfast there by saying, “That’s therefore Canadian bacon!”

7. Lena Dunham

Age: 30

Hometown: brand-new York, new York

Occupation: Actress, writer, producer and also director (Girls).

AuRevoir, America!:“I recognize a lovely ar in Vancouver, and also I can acquire my work-related done from there.”

Suggested Canadian Destination: NELSON, B.C.

This charming town nestled top top KootenayLake in the province’s southern inner was a famous settling spot for draft dodgers during the Vietnam battle — college-educated, pacifist ex-hippies who made a lasting affect on the area. Lena will certainly feel appropriate at home!

8. Stephen King

Age: 69

Hometown: Portland, Maine

Occupation: author (Carrie, Christine, The Shining, It)

AuRevoir, America!:Said he’d move to Canada indigenous his home state of Maine since “a trump presidency scares much more than noþeles else.”

Suggested Canadian Destination: ANTIGONISH, NOVA SCOTIA

A coastal community that need to effectively carry out the fog-enshrouded mornings come which King is accustomed, it has the included feature of a haunted university: student have declared to check out The Blue Nun wandering their halls — the ghost the a woman who jumped off a balcony due to the fact that of one affair v a priest.

9. Ne-Yo

Age: 37

Hometown: Camden, Arkansas

Occupation: Singer-songwriter, record producer, dancer and actor (“Miss Independent,” Sharknado 3: oh Hell No!)

AuRevoir, America!:Told TMZ he’ll “move to Canada directly away” if trumped wins. “Me and Drake gonna be neighbors if Donald Trump becomes president.”

Suggested Canadian Destination: DEGRASSI STREET, TORONTO, ONTARIO

So probably DegrassiStreet doesn’t actually exist. (A De Grassi Street does, however that’s neither here nor there.) Anyway, who cares? Degrassi is a state of mind. The street that homes the fictional high institution that Drake to visit for 5 memorable seasons, play basketball star-turned-paraplegic Jimmy Brooks ~ above Degrassi: The following Generation, is a symbol for all that is diverse and also welcoming about Canada (notwithstanding the episodes devoted to day rape, institution shootings, medicine abuse, suicide, abortion, residential violence and racism).

10. Larry Flynt

Age: 74

Hometown: Lakeville, Kentucky

Occupation: Publisher (Hustler) and also free-speech advocate.

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AuRevoir, America!:“I don’t know, maybe relocate to Canada. The thought of Donald Trump becoming president nauseates me in a huge way.”

Suggested Canadian Destination: REGINA, SASKATCHEWAN

For apparent reasons. But he might additionally choose Dildo, Newfoundland or Balls Creek, Nova Scotia — both actual places.