Justice Smith and Niecy Nash are among the numerous celebrities that now identify with the LGBTQ community



DJ Qualls • The comedic actor, finest known because that "Road Trip," "The new Guy" and "Z Nation," come out in a January 2020 tweet. "Yep, i’m gay. Been happy this entirety time," the wrote. "Tired that worrying around what world would think of me. Worn down of worrying around what it would execute to my career."


Witold Sadowy • It"s never ever too so late to speak your truth. Acclaimed Polish phase actor Witold Sadowy provided the chance of his 100th birthday in January 2020 in one interview with TVP Kultura. "For me, the most essential thing is the survive of the truth," the said. "I am proud that i am an moral man. Ns didn’t acquire married, and also I didn’t have children, something ns really regret. Yet I was born different. I’m gay."

Jameela Jamil • The star of "The an excellent Place" came out as "queer" in February 2020 after receiving part pushback for her function as MC of a brand-new HBO Max collection about ballroom voguing. "Twitter is brutal. This is why I never officially came out together queer," she tweeted. "I included a rainbow to my name as soon as I felt all set a few years ago, together it’s not simple within the south oriental community to be accepted, and I constantly answered honestly if ever before straight-up asked around it on Twitter. Yet I retained it low because I to be scared of the ache of being accused of performative bandwagon-jumping end something that led to me a lot of confusion, fear, and also turmoil once I to be a kid."

Rosario Dawson • The star the "Sin City" and "Briarpatch" came out as a member the the LGBT ar in a February 2020 Bustle interview clarifying a 2018 "Happy proud Month" Instagram post. “I mean, it’s not inaccurate, however I never ever did come the end come out. Ns mean, ns guess ns am now,” said the actress, who recently dated Sen. Cory Booker. “I’ve never had actually a partnership in that space, for this reason it’s never ever felt choose an really calling to me.”

Rick Cosnett • The star the "The Vampire Diaries," "Quantico" and "The Flash" came out together gay in a quick Instagram video in February 2020. "I’ve made a promise come myself come live my truth every day and sometimes the is a really tough thing come do once you have all these subconscious points that you don’t also know around from childhood and culture and from just life," he said.

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Da Brat • Rapper Da Brat surprised fans in in march 2020 by sharing a birthday gift from her girlfriend, Kaleidoscope Hair CEO Jesseca Dupart. "I’ve constantly been a type of private human being until ns met my heart’s match who handles some things differently than i do,” she wrote on Instagram. "It’s so overwhelming that often I uncover myself in a daze hope to never obtain pinched to watch if it’s genuine so I have the right to live in this dream forever.”

Dominique Provost-Chalkley • In a in march 2020 personal essay ~ above StartTheWave.org, British-Canadian actress come out together "queer" -- just like the title character she played on SyFy"s "Wynonna Earp." "As soon as I came to be sexually aware, i was attracted to every shapes and genders," she wrote. "Playing a queer character and meeting the fans the are attracted to her, i guess i’ve reevaluated just how I to be to face this component of me."

J. Respectable Richards • The actor, best known because that his work-related on "Angel" and also "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D," come out together gay in one April 2020 Instagram post. Playing a gay physician on ABC"s "Council the Dads," Richards said, "required me to show up totally in a method that ns don"t constantly when I"m working. I knew that I might not portray this gay male honestly without letting you all know that ns am a gay guy myself.”

Rebecca black • The YouTube sensation, ideal known because that the 2011 viral hit "Friday," come out together "queer" in one April 2020 podcast interview. "I make a mindful decision come not, like, "come out,"" she explained. "People started asking and also I quit not responding."

Auli"i Cravalho • The actress and singer, who voiced the location character in Disney"s 2016 animated hit "Moana" and then starred as Ariel in 2019"s "The small Mermaid Live!" came out as bisexual in an April 2020 tiktok video. (She actually lip-syncs to the "No, I"m bi" lyrics to Eminem"s "Those Kinda Nights.")

Lili Reinhart • The "Riverdale" actress publicly came out together bisexual in one Instagram Story in June. "Although I’ve never ever announced the publicly before, ns am a proud bisexual woman," she wrote.

Justice blacksmith • The actor, who starred in "Jurassic World: Dominion" and also "Pokemon Detective Pikachu," came out in a June Instagram video while attending a black color Lives matter protest through his boyfriend. "I desire to reiterate this sentiment: if your revolution does not include Black Queer voices, the is anti-Black," that said. "If your change is okay with letting black trans civilization like #TonyMcDade slip through the crack in bespeak to solely liberate black cishet men, the is anti-Black."

Madison Bailey • During a June Instagram video, the star that the Netflix teen series "Outer Banks" come out as pansexual. "I feeling zero shame," she said. "I feel lighter, ns feel happier that I can just be so open and honest."

Corey Fogelmanis • The young actor, who starred in Disney Channel"s "Girl Meets World" and also the 2019 horror movie "Ma," come out as queer in a June Instagram post. "I walked together my LGBTQ+ siblings because that my first LA pride today," the wrote. "While not my an initial year identifying with this ar (my letter is Q.), I have yet to execute anything in the past to additional elevate the freedoms and acceptance of queer human being in America."

Nikki Blonsky • The actress, that starred the opposite Zac Efron in the 2007 big-screen music "Hairspray," uncovered a really Broadway method to announce her sexuality in June: posting a TikTok video lip-syncing come Diana Ross" "I"m coming Out."

Taylor Schilling • The star the "Orange Is the new Black" supplied a pride Month Instagram post to recognize herself together a lesbian and introduce her girlfriend, Emily Ritz.

Ben Aldridge • The brother actor, who plays Bruce Wayne"s father on Epix"s "Pennyworth" and also the memorable Arsehole male on Phoebe Waller-Bridge"s "Fleabag," come out via Instagram. "I love the LGBTQ+ community and am extremely proud and also thankful to it is in a component of it," he wrote. "So lot won. For this reason much an ext to fight for."

Pearl Mackie • The "Doctor Who" actress required to Instagram in June come declare: "Proud to it is in bisexual. Proud to it is in Black. Proud of every my LGBTQ+ brothers and sisters and also everyone in between."

Chyler Leigh • In a blog write-up on the Create readjust website in June, the former "Grey"s Anatomy" actress opened up up around how play a lesbian personality on "Supergirl" influenced her to discover her very own truth. "What ns didn"t establish was exactly how the scene where she lastly confessed her reality would leap off the pages the the script and also genuinely come to be a sports of my own," she wrote, adding, "It"s to be a long and lonely roadway for both my husband and myself." 

Tegan Nox • The WWE NXT wrestler came out together lesbian in a July Instagram post. "My life has always been a "don"t ask, don"t tell" situation, but I felt like it was the best time," she later on told Newsweek, including that "99 percent of the reactions have actually been positive."

Nicholas Petricca • The to walk the Moon frontman and also "Shut Up and also Dance" singer waited until the last day of proud Month come come out as bisexual. "i have feelings for, am attractive to both men and also women, and also i have had actually experiences through both men and women, and also i’m proud that it," he claimed via Instagram.

Sara Ramirez • The "Grey"s Anatomy" actor started identifying as nonbinary on their social accounts: 

"In me is the volume to be Girlish boy Boyish girl Boyish young Girlish girl all Neither #nonbinary"

Tinashe • In an august interview in the U.K."s happy Times, the singer and star the TV"s "Rent" opened up about her bisexuality. “It’s not prefer all bisexual civilization like men and women equally – or like all bisexual human being are a certain form of person,” she said. “Human beings are so versatile. I don’t understand why we’re therefore obsessed with categorizing each other.”

Francois Arnaud • In a collection of respectable Instagram posts, Canadian gibbs Francois Arnaud ("Blindspot") opened up around his bisexuality -- and his long reluctance to comment on it. "Silence has actually the perverse impact of perpetuating those stereotypes, do bi guys invisible, and also leading civilization to doubt that we even exist," he wrote. "I’ve constantly considered myself bisexual. Not confused or trying to look edgy. Not disloyal. Not ashamed."

Niecy Nash • The Emmy-nominated actress and star of "Reno 911!" "Claws" and also "When They see Us" came out in august -- if announcing she wedding to musician Jessica Betts: "#LoveWins"

Franchesca Ramsey • The comedian and actress that hosts MTV"s "Decoded" publicly figured out as bisexual in a collection of tweets time to October"s nationwide Coming the end Day: "i didn"t feel any real push to come out, my personal life is my personal business but i don"t take my visibility for granted & i know just how important and also affirming the is to view someone favor you out in the world being and loving that they are."

Hugh Sheridan • In October, the Australian actor and "Packed come the Rafters" star released a personal essay in stellar magazine coming out together gay -- and also shared exactly how "older happy mentors" motivated him to store closeted to defend his career. "I to be told that if ns was anything but straight I’d never uncover work," that recalled. "By share my story now, and also becoming an ext transparent, probably I can aid to provide others who are private a break."

Braunwyn Windham-Burke • In a December GLAAD interview and also Instagram post, the "Real Housewives the Orange County" star came out together lesbian. "It feel so great to lastly be living my truth," she said. "At 43 year old, I’ve lastly been able to expropriate this part of myself and I’ve establish there space no rules around when someone must come out."

Elliot Page • The actor, who earned one Oscar nomination for the title role in the 2007 movie "Juno," publicly came out together transgender in a December 1 Instagram post. The 33-year-old detailed that while he goes by he/him/his pronouns, the is additionally comfortable utilizing nonbinary gender-neutral pronouns, including they/them. “I can’t begin to express just how remarkable that feels to lastly love who I am enough to pursue my really self," web page wrote.

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