Contrary to popular belief, contact lenses aren"t simply for correcting vision. They’re additionally a way to do a fashion statement. Many human being wear coloured contacts to readjust how they look ~ above a daily basis. They can use the lenses to produce a dramatic flair or even to match a particular outfit!

No have to settle for the eye colour you were born with. A pair of contact lenses can adjust your eyes to nearly any shade you like. This tendency is especially popular among stars. Therefore we’ve made decision to take it a look at the sexy celebrities who wear coloured contacts.

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Jennifer Aniston


Although she also wears glasses, Jennifer Aniston commonly opts because that blue call lenses. Her artificial azure eyes comparison nicely v her blonde-brown hair. This offers her a to mark appearance. While there is some conflict on she true eye colour, most fans think her eyes are actually brown.

Kylie and Kendall Jenner


Not everything about the Kardashian-Jenners is fake, yet both Kylie and Kendall Jenner"s eye colours usually are. Kylie"s natural tint is a light shade of brown. Yet she prefers a pair that blue coloured contact to make her eyes stand out against her complexion.

Kendall also enjoys the blue-eyed trend. Her herbal deep brown eyes are a sharp comparison to her eye colour once wearing blue contacts.

Amber Rose

With this celebrity, she eye colour changes as frequently as her personal style does. Amber never stays through one colour for as well long. She enjoys rotating shades that hazel, blue, and also gray.

Paris Hilton


One the the most well-known call wearers is Paris Hilton. Although she put on blue lenses almost all the time, many people think her true eye colour is brown. Yet blonde hair and blue eyes offer her a trademark photo that sells.

Hilton has never been shy about using coloured contacts. Paris Hilton’s call lenses are apparently custom made for her. We’ve heard they expense $400! She regularly opts for big contact lenses to cover her herbal brown hue because that a an ext dramatic effect.

Lady Gaga

Gaga not only offers contacts to change the colour of her eyes, but also for enlarging them. She developed a cartoon-like figure in “Bad Romance” by attract coloured circle lenses. The colour and size of her eyes helped produce a memorable music video.

Nicki Minaj

Yet one more celebrity fan of dramatic eye color change, Nicki Minaj often changes her dark brown eye to a bright blue. Regardless of eye colour, there is no much less sass from Nicki Minaj as one of countless celebrities who wear coloured call lenses.

Ivanka Trump


Politics aside, Ivanka trump card knows just how to absent an amazing eye colour, whatever the occasion. She to make reservation her organic deep brown eyes for less official occasions. However when it concerns official events and appearances, Ivanka has actually been watched to readjust to a lighter green/blue tint v her lenses.

Orlando Bloom

Yes, even guys join the list of celebrities that wear call lenses to switch the color of their eyes. Orlando"s most well known eye colour readjust was for his duty as Legolas in “The lord of the Rings” movies. His deep brown eyes transformed to a light blue-gray v the aid of coloured call lenses. He likewise wears prescription contacts to correct his vision.

Kanye West


Always one to make a statement, Kanye landed on the 2016 Met Gala through steely irradiate blue eyes. He absolutely turned heads v those lenses. Come some, it was on-trend. To others, the was too intense come enjoy. Either way, Kanye"s fashion selection of coloured contacts was a interlocutor one.

Robert Pattinson

This celebrity reverses the dark-to-light tendency that is for this reason popular. Pattinson wore dark brown lenses to cover his lighter herbal colour for his function in the “Twilight” movies. He"s likewise known as a pan of coloured contacts external of film roles.

As you can see, using eye colour as a fashion accessory isn"t just for women!

Why Contacts?

Many celebrities discover it daunting to book acting work when wearing glasses. Regardless of the explosion of "nerd glasses" as a trend, glasses may be a obstacle to to win television and also movie parts. Rumor has actually it, this worry is one reason why Jennifer Aniston started wearing blue coloured contacts.

Aside from securing roles, coloured lenses can likewise temporarily do a noticeable change to a celebrity"s appearance.

More 보다 Colour

Like we"ve seen v Lady Gaga"s big circle lenses, celebrities wear contact for an ext than simply a adjust in eye colour. Decorative call lenses are perfect for movie roles and also costumes. One celebrity well known for dramatic costumes is Heidi Klum.


Every year because that Halloween, she has actually a team put together fancy costume because that her. Several of her best costumes consisted of contacts that adjusted her eye colour or shape.

Health pertains to for Colour call Lens Wearers


Is the healthy and also safe for you to wear contacts if girlfriend don"t require them come correct your vision? wellness Canada notes some threats when wearing either prescription or coloured contact lenses. Any type of time you placed a international object in your eye, you danger injuring it. It is in gentle when inserting or remove lenses to avoid scratches to your eye’s surface.

Before you jump right into the decorative contacts trend, first check v your eye doctor. Gain an exam and also prescription for the appropriate lens that’ll fit her eyes.

All eyes on Celebrities that Wear Coloured Contacts

Because there is a growing variety of celebrities who wear coloured contacts, we can never recognize their true eye colours. However we deserve to all agree the these lenses make your eyes pop and include an interesting dynamic come your original eye colour.

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Whether you desire to accentuate your eyes, or simply want to try a different eye colour because that fun, there are plenty of options for coloured contacts. So contact your eye physician if you want to monitor in Hollywood’s footsteps and explore the possibilities obtainable to you.