The people continues to it is in upended through the coronavirus pandemic, with an ext people contracting COVID-19 together the work pass. While many have recovered, some have died from complications of the illness. These space the surname of part notable numbers from Hollywood and the media the we have actually lost.

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Terrence McNally, a four-time Tony Award-winning playwright, died on march 24 at the age of 81 of complications from the coronavirus. His works included "Master Class," "Love! Valour! Compassion!" and "Frankie and also Johnny in the Clair de Lune," which later became a film through Michelle Pfeiffer and Al Pacino.


Italian actress Lucia Bosè, that starred in such films as Michelangelo Antonioni’s "Story that a Love Affair" (1950) and also Juan Antonio Bardem’s "Death the a Cyclist" (1955), died on march 23 the pneumonia after ~ contracting COVID-19, according to the Guardian. She to be 89.


Chef Floyd Cardoz, winner the "Top cook Masters" Season 3, died at the age of 59 that coronavirus complications on in march 25.


Mark Blum, who starred in "Desperately search Susan," "Crocodile Dundee" and also the Lifetime/Netflix collection "You," died on march 26 that coronavirus complications. The veteran personality actor and regular on brand-new York City stages was 69.


Maria Mercader, a CBS News veteran who operated for over 30 years as a reporter and also talent director, passed away March 29 after experimentation positive for coronavirus. She was 54.

Grammy-winning nation music singer Joe Diffie passed away March 29 due to complications native the coronavirus. That announced his diagnosis just two work prior.

American absent musician Alan Merrill, best known because that co-writing and also recording the initial version the "I Love absent "n" Roll," passed away March 29 of symptom from the coronavirus. He to be 69.

Popular Japanese comedian Ken Shimura, who career spanned decades, passed away March 29 due to complications native the coronavirus. He to be 70.

Andrew Jack, a language coach who many recently to be hired to work-related with Robert Pattinson ~ above the new Batman movie, passed away March 31 of symptom from coronavirus, TMZ reports. He likewise appeared in "Star Wars: illustration VII" together a member of Leia"s resistance. Jack to be 76.

Adam Schlesinger, Fountains that Wayne singer and also "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" contribute, passed away at the period of 52 from coronavirus complications on April 1.

Ellis Marsalis Jr., new Orleans jazz legend and father the Wynton and also Branford Marsalis, died at 85 native COVID-19 complications, Branford said. "Ellis Marsalis was a legend. He was the prototype that what we median when we speak about new Orleans jazz... He was a teacher, a father, and an icon — and words aren’t adequate to define the art, the joy and also the wonder he proved the world," new Orleans market LaToya Cantrell stated also.

Eddie Large, one-half the the comedy duo small and Large, passed away April 2 after ~ contracting coronavirus when hospitalized because that heart failure. He was 78.

Sergio Rossi, the Italian shoe designer, died at age 84 after gift hospitalized through the virus, the brand evidenced in one Instagram write-up Friday.

Patricia Bosworth, a stage and also screen actress rotate journalist that penned celebrity biographies, died April 2 from symptom of the coronavirus. She was 86.

Tom Dempsey, new Orleans Saints legend kicker that was born without toes top top his best foot and wore a level shoe that he kicked with, died on April 4 from complications of COVID-19.

John Prine, among the many influential and revered folk and also country songwriters that the critical 50 years, died on April 6 in ~ the age of 73 after gift infected with the COVID-19 virus.

Allen Garfield, who appeared in such films as “The Conversation,” “Nashville” and also “Irreconcilable Differences,” passed away April 7 because of coronavirus complications, follow to his sister. He to be 80.

Charles Gregory, an Emmy-nominated hairstylist who frequently collaborated v Tyler Perry ~ above his films and TV shows, died of symptom from COVID-19 ~ above April 8.

Hilary Heath, an actress and producer that starred opposite Vincent Price in horror movies in the late 1960s and early "70s, passed away in April the COVID-19 complications. She to be 74.

Rick May, a voice actor best known come gamers as the husky-throated Soldier in Team Fortress 2, died in swedish nursing residence on April 13 after contracting COVID-19. He was 79.

Allen Daviau, a 5-time Oscar-nominated cinematographer, passed away April 15 at age 77. He generally collaborated through Steven Spielberg, and also worked top top such movies as "E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial" and also "The shade Purple"

Henry Grimes, commemorated jazz bassist, died on April 15 at period 84, according to WGBO. He functioned with together legends as Thelonius Monk, Charles Mingus and Sonny Rollins.

"Knight Rider" and "Magnum P.I." producer Joel Rogosin died of coronavirus in ~ the MPTF nursing home. He came to be the fifth person to die from COVID-19 complications at the facility.

Rapper Fred the Godson died after contracting coronavirus, a representative shown to Complex. He created on social media that his diagnosis ~ above April 6, but he did no recover.

Art director Matteo De Cosmo, who worked on films including "Emergence," "The Punisher" and "Luke Cage," passed away of coronavirus complications. He to be 52.

Roy Horn, best known as half of the legend Siegfried & Roy magic and also animal act in las Vegas, passed away on might 8 native complications as result of coronavirus.

Legendary Auburn football coach pat Dye passed away on June 1 after ~ combating COVID-19 and other clinical conditions. He was 80.

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Chris Trousdale, a member the the young band Dream Street, died of coronavirus symptom on June 2. He was 34.