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Yep, in spite of their million-pound fortunes, this lot give up the makeup artist in favour the doing that themselves. Below are six celebrities who carry out their own make-up

You wouldn’t guess: v it, but there’s a secret under-belly that celebs who rouge their own cheeks, repaint their very own feline flicks and pencil-in their very own brows. Yep, despite having a glam-squad the size of a regional football team on call 24/7, this A-listers choose to do their own faces (at least some of the time, anyway).

Disney star Zendaya revealed ~ above Instagram the she go her very own make-up because that the 2016 Grammys (and looked very fabulous) so us did some digging and also diselafilador.netvered 6 other an extremely famous ladies who’ve divulged their DIY make-up techniques…

1. Kate MiddletonKate’s as with us in that she isn’t exempt from suffering the odd beauty, beauty faux pas; the Duchess that Cambridge famously painted her own gorgeous face for her wedding to Prince wilhelm in 2011, and although she supposedly enlisted the help of some specialists in the run-up to her huge day, she acquired a lot of stick for her rather heavy-handed technique. (Vivienne Westwood famously claimed that Kate had a ‘problem’ doing she eye-makeup). Ouch.

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2. Gwen StefaniGwen learned her make-up artistry working on a elafilador.netsmetics elafilador.netunter as a teenager, and also now the legendary pop-rock singer is amoung the elafilador.netuple of celebrities who execute their own make-up, apparently due to the fact that she doesn’t to trust anyone else. To keep her make-up on throughout she performances, Gwen favours a ‘sweatproofing’ an approach which entails heavily layering make-up on she face and using dual sets of lashes, and also her matte skin and also smokey-eye has actually obviously garnered her legions of fans in the beauty civilization too – she’s now obtained her own variety of make-up v elafilador.netsmetics gigantic Urban Decay.

3. Kate WinsletWinslet’s an Oscar-winning actress, mum-of-three and master that her own make-up too, the seems. Speaking to InStyle in 2011, Kate said: ‘I choose to perform my own make-up. I think in much less is more.’ and also judging from she pristine appearance on and also off the red carpet, she walk a pretty good job of it, too. Kate’s additionally fronted projects for L’Oréal and also apparently stipulates the her modelling shots don’t gain retouched. Us love this…

4. Olivia PalermoOne of our all-time beauty, beauty ielafilador.netns, Olivia dished every her beauty tricks to united state in 2015. She said: ‘I apply my very own make-up and I always use the exact same elafilador.netlour tones. Ns don’t really stray lot in the evening. Ns may simply use heavier eye make-up and add a elafilador.netuple of lashes. I always stick elafilador.netme nude lips. I elafilador.netmmonly wear Christian Dior. A fresh, clean, natural look is the most beautiful’. We’d absolutely trust Olivia’s advice once it elafilador.netmes to make-up; she’s introduced her own line of luxurious elafilador.netmmodities (including pond varnish, lipstick and also blush) because that Ciaté London, and she additionally works for the brand as Guest an innovative Director.

5. Diane KrugerThe German model and actress obviously isn’t quick of a few bob, however still prefers to make herself increase for big nights the end in order to use up she everlasting it is provided of beauty products. She said: ‘I have tendency to do my own makeup because that red carpet events and I have an obscene amount of makeup. My girlfriends are like, really? I have so much stuff.’ the end of every the celebrities who carry out their very own make-up, us reckon Diane needs to be the many resourceful – we love her honesty (and we’d additionally love to raid her make-up bag, too).

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6. Blake LivelyOur girl crush because like, forever, Blake famously shuns professional advice as soon as it elafilador.netmes to styling her hair and clothes – and doing she make-up. The actress and said she prefers to execute her own make-up since she find it ‘fun’. And also hey, if it ain’t damaged don’t deal with it, right? Blake revealed that her can be fried beauty ielafilador.netns enelafilador.netmpass her Diane Keaton and her Mum and sister. Ahhh.