Celebrity weight loss surgical procedure is on the rise, v actors choose Roseanne Barr, Randy Jackson, Al Roker, and also Mariah Carey a couple of of the numerous inspiring success stories. They have actually undergone bariatric surgeries prefer gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, and even lap-band to transform your lives. These personalities are ecstatic around their decision to gain the surgery, and without it, they can not have actually lost the extra pounds quickly and also effectively.

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Some celebrities have actually been candid around their load loss surgery and honestly shared their journeys through the public. MBC editors put together the top 21 celebrity gastric surgery success stories as well as their before-and-after photos to inspire you to produce healthy brand-new beginnings!

21 Celebrity load Loss surgical procedure Stories


Mariah Carey

Gastric Sleeve Surgery

One the the best female singers of all time, Mariah Carey’s beauty goes far past her voice. She is a best-selling musical artist who marketed over 200 million records throughout the globe. Mariah experienced from gestational diabetes when pregnant and also struggled v her load for years. She knew that she required to execute something to shed weight. Mariah Carey underwent the gastric sleeve procedure, additionally known as vertical sleeve gastrectomy, in October that 2017. Today she mirrors off her figure and her slim curves.

“I think I have to remain eternally oblivious to age. Honestly, once you put a number on the yourself, it’s simply like, Why? Why carry out that?” – Mariah Carey


Rosie O’Donnell

Gastric Bypass SurgeryStarting weight: 240 lbs.Current Weight: 176 lbs.Total load Loss: 64 lbs.

Rosie O’Donnell is one American comedian, actress, producer, and also television host. O’Donnell underwent gastric sleeve surgical treatment in July 2013 after suffering a life-threatening heart assault in 2012. Doctors educated O’Donnell she must lose weight to prevent one more severe love complication. After ~ the surgery, O’Donnell shed an astounding quantity of load in 6 months: she went from 230 to 190 lbs.

“You space worth it, take treatment of yourself, and also know the symptoms of America’s top killer that women and men,” – Rosie O’Donnell


Randy Jackson

Gastric Bypass SurgeryStarting weight: 350 lbs.Current Weight: 235 lbs.Total load Loss: 115 lbs.

Randy Jackson is famous as a singer/songwriter and also one that the former judges top top American Idol. When on the show, Jackson sweet in in ~ 350 pounds. After gift diagnosed with form 2 Diabetes, the performer establish he required to make a change. Jackson chose the best method to adjust his life because that the better was to undergo gastric bypass surgery. The surgery has actually helped Jackson maintain a 115-pound weight loss while helping him regulate his diabetes.

“It’s a curse to it is in saddled with a disease that’s life-threatening and that girlfriend can’t completely get escape of. However it’s a blessing to gain that huge wake-up call,” – Randy Jackson


Roseanne Barr

Gastric Bypass SurgeryStarting weight: 350 lbs.Current Weight: 250 lbs.Total load Loss: 100 lbs.

Once considered one of the funniest females on television, the American actress Roseanne Barr decided to experience gastric bypass surgery in 1998. When the sitcom ended, Barr had actually an epiphany; she necessary to do a crucial lifestyle adjust to much better her health. Barr has since been adhering to a plant-based diet and also incorporates exercise into her day-to-day life to maintain her 100lb load loss. Her companion John Goodman in the hit TV show, Roseanne, has also had a drastic transformation that is tough to achieve with section control. The only feasible explanation is that he underwent a load loss procedure choose Roseanne Barr.

“…a sustainable weight loss is a journey that needs self-reflection, perseverance, and adjust of habits and also lifestyle.” – Roseanne Barr


June Shannon

Gastric Sleeve SurgeryStarting weight: 460 lbs.Current Weight: 137 lbs.Total load Loss: 323 lbs.

Widely well-known as “Mama June,” June Shannon has actually one of the most shocking weight loss changes in Hollywood. Shannon go from 460 lbs. Come 137 lbs. After ~ her surgical procedure in 2016. Shannon was figured out to it is in the finest version of it s her after struggling to watch her own weight obtain on the fact television show. The fact star maintains her 300lb load loss by working out regularly v her an individual trainer and portion control.

“I’ve functioned my ass off, functioning out, acquiring healthy… and now ns feel like becoming the human on the exterior that I always felt favor on the inside.” – June Shannon


Graham Elliot

Gastric Sleeve SurgeryStarting weight: 400 lbs.Current Weight: 250 lbs.Total load Loss: 150 lbs.

Professional chef Graham Elliot was named one of the Ten Best brand-new Chefs in 2004. Elliot underwent weight-loss surgical procedure after establish his weight was likely to dilute his high quality of life, and his lifespan; Elliot was already suffering native hypertension, sleep apnea, and consistent aches and pains. The Chef started at 400 lbs. And also lost a chuck 56 lbs. In one month. After ~ the an initial six months, Elliot’s blood press was practically normal, and also he experienced better cholesterol levels. Elliot plan on furthering his load loss by continuing to eat clean, little meals and also exercising regularly.

“I to be physically unable to carry out things a father, husband, and parent should be able to do. Ns was top for catastrophe if i didn’t make hard decisions, take it drastic measures.” – Graham Elliot


Abby Lee Miller

Gastric Bypass SurgeryTotal weight Loss: 127 lbs.

Reality television star and also choreographer Abby Lee miller was identified to burned weight ~ despising exactly how she observed herself on television. The star was also diagnosed with form 2 diabetes, which added to the decision to undergo gastric bypass surgery. Müller went through chemotherapy after being diagnosed with cancer; fearbut announced she was cancer-free ~ one year. The dance teacher has actually lost 127 lbs. Because the gastric bypass surgery in 2017 and also is continuing on her weight-loss diet by eating tiny portions that consist the nutritious foods.

“I think this is the appropriate time” due to the fact that “there’s no ideal time.” – Abby Lee Miller


Rex Ryan

Gastric BandStarting weight: 348 lbs.Current Weight: 245 lbs.Total load Loss: 103 lbs.

Head coach the the new York Jets, Rex Ryan, who underwent gastric tape surgery ago in 2010, has actually wowed the sports media v his shocking load reduction that 100 lbs. Ryan knew this surgery was the optimal selection for that after trying out with many diets the he couldn’t seem come maintain. Just going increase the stairs would certainly leave Ryan the end of breath. After his comprehensive weight loss, Ryan feels far better than ever and also is prepared to take on the football season.

“I tried a million diets, and I prospered with a bunch of them. But I would certainly just get the weight ideal back.” – Rex Ryan


Paul Wall

Gastric Sleeve SurgeryStarting weight: 320 lbs.Current Weight: 220 lbs.Total weight Loss: 100 lbs.

Rapper Paul wall surface is among the countless stars that have experienced a successful weight lose surgery. Wall realized he essential to shed weight somehow when he got a phone call to it is in on a truth television present featuring celebrities that are taken into consideration obese. Heart worries were additionally a major concern of Wall’s. Considering the rapper to be morbidly obese, that figured the best thing for him would certainly be to get the surgery. Wall claims he feels favor a brand new person and also is very satisfied with exactly how he feels; wall believes that the surgery might have included years ~ above his life.

“I’d it is in on stage feeling favor I was around to collapse. I’d obtain dizzy spells. I’d be on the airplane and need to ask because that seatbelt extensions.” – Paul Wall


Gabourey Sidibe

Laparoscopic Bariatric SurgeryStarting weight: 300 lbs.Current Weight: 150 lbs.Total load Loss: 150 lbs.

After being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in ~ 33 year old, actress Gabourey Sidibe knew she required to make a change in she life. Sidibe chose to acquire the surgery after realizing that dieting years were not functioning for her; she essential something that would work finest for she body. The actress maintains her 150lb weight-loss by working through a trainer and also a nutritionist to continue to be on track. In addition to proper nutrition, she additionally swims and rides she bike regularly; she insists that she stays as energetic as feasible throughout the day.

“So i’m glad that I lastly realized that the surgery wasn’t the easy way out. Ns wasn’t cheating by gaining it done. Ns wouldn’t have been may be to lose as much as I’ve shed without . I spent years make the efforts to lose this much weight, and also I didn’t do it. I wish I’d excellent it sooner.” – Gabourey Sidibe


Star Jones

Gastric Bypass SurgeryStarting weight: 307 lbs.Current Weight: 147 lbs.Total weight Loss: 160 lbs.

Star Jones’ career took off once she came to be a co-host on the talk present “The View.” Jones could not stand watching it s her on television any type of longer and also was ashamed that she had let herself get to 300 lbs. After a girlfriend admitted she was worried about Jones’ weight, the talk-show hold realized she essential to lose weight for she health and also sanity. Jones has lost a full of 160 lbs. With strict diet and section control.

“I’m not certain I believed I would certainly be effective at it, to be moral with you,” she said Lauer. “I thought I’d gain the load back. I had actually never been successful at shedding weight before.” – Star Jones


Khaliah Ali

Gastric BandStarting weight: 325 lbs.Current Weight: 158 lbs.Total load Loss: 167 lbs.

Khaliah Ali, daughter of the famed boxer Muhammad Ali, ended up being worried around her health in 2004. Ali felt ashamed of being obese while in the spotlight because of her dad being famous for his fitness. Wishing to inspire others through her weight-loss journey while also keeping motivated herself, Ali composed a book that delves right into the specifics of she post-surgery life.


Carnie Wilson

Lap-BandStarting weight: 296 lbs.Current Weight: 166 lbs.Total load Loss: 130 lbs.

Carnie Wilson, recognized as an American pop singer and also television host, has had actually a daunting weight lose journey. The singer underwent gastric bypass surgical procedure in 1999 and also lost a incredible amount the weight. However, Wilson’s nutrition options spiraled out of control, and she acquired the excess weight back. After year of being unable to lose weight, Wilson determined the ideal thing to perform was to walk in for a lap-band. The singer establish she required a huge change when she couldn’t relocate the way she provided to. Since her second surgery, the star has actually lost weight and also plans to continue to do so.

“I didn’t feel good. It’s no all about looks. When I would walk under the street, ns was out of breath; mine feet were hurting … Morbid excessive weight is a clinical disease.” – Carnie Wilson


Al Roker

Gastric Bypass SurgeryStarting weight: 340 lbs.Current Weight: 190 lbs.Total weight Loss: 150 lbs.

After see the range hit 340 lbs., tv news anchor Al Roker decided it to be time for a change. Roker has actually been extremely open about his decision come undergo weight loss surgery and believes that was one of the best decisions he’s made. The news anchor lost a whopping 150 lbs. With a high protein diet together with strength training. Roker insists the he will never ever go earlier to his ahead lifestyle and has preserved his weight loss for number of years.

“I’m thrilled about where i am. Life is terrific; i wouldn’t trade it for a moment. But you always wonder where you would be if ‘x’ hadn’t happened.” – Al Roker


Patti Austin

Gastric Bypass SurgeryStarting weight: 285 lbs.Current Weight: 140 lbs.Total load Loss: 145 lbs.

Grammy Award-winning singer, Patti Austin, underwent gastric bypass surgery in 2004. Austin’s doctor said that she go v with the weight loss surgery because of her obesity-related diabetes and also asthma. The singer has since then shed 140 lbs. And feels much better than ever at 70 years old! with a balanced diet, this star was able to maintain her load loss.

“Learning need to never protect against for all period groups. We have the right to empower millions to realize the opportunity to help shape a brand-new society of an innovative ‘mentorologists’ in all areas of life.” – Patti Austin.


Jennifer Holliday

Gastric Bypass SurgeryStarting weight: 400 lbs.Current Weight: 270 lbs.Total weight Loss: 130 lbs.

Singer Jennifer Holliday began her weight loss journey v gastric bypass surgical procedure after gift diagnosed with depression, shed her vision, and also was can not to walk. The singer confronted backlash in Hollywood for being “too big.” after ~ the surgery, Holliday was able to walk again and also has due to the fact that regained she vision, every while keeping a steady weight loss.

“I am, friend know, really fighting because that myself and also my life. And also I think the post that I can give come anybody is that it’s never ever too late to start your life again and dream new dreams.” – Jennifer Holliday


Fern Britton

Lap-BandStarting size: 22Current Size: 12

Originally indigenous London, TV presenter Fern Britton underwent the lap-band procedure. Britton endured from high cholesterol and also knee pains. ~ an unsuccessful attempt in ~ dieting, Fern decided the surgical procedure was the ideal option for her. A healthy diet that contains high amounts of protein, fruits, and veggies helps preserve Fern’s weight loss.

“I had actually the gastric tape for wellness reasons. Mine cholesterol was high. Mine knee joints were starting to hurt. I wasn’t able to run. I was approaching 50 and I thought: ‘Do you know what? i’m going come be different when ns 50.’ because that me it’s worked. I’ve got an excellent cholesterol now. I’m very fit.” – Fern Britton


Lauren Manzo

Lap-BandTotal weight Loss: 35 lbs.

Lauren Manzo, daughter of fact TV display star Caroline Manzo, behavior to have lap-band surgical procedure after constantly failing to lose weight. Manzo is delighted v her decision and also works tough to lose weight. She diet consists of protein and also veggies, and also Manzo incorporates two hrs of exercise right into her daily routine.

“Getting the lap tape was the ideal thing I’ve ever done in my life,” she declared. “I bought leather shorts in ~ Betsey Johnson the other day. A dimension ten was too big. The next size they had was a six, so ns was like, ‘Forget it. They’re not gonna fit me’. But they fit!” – Lauren Manzo


Corey Harrison “Big Hoss”

Gastric Bypass SurgeryStarting weight: 400 lbs.Current Weight: 210 lbs.Total weight Loss: 190 lbs.

After gift told that he was pre-diabetic, Pawn Stars co-star Corey Harrison ended up being determined to lose weight. The truth star researched the surgery and realized that it was vital for his weight loss journey. Harrison dropped almost 200 lbs. Since his surgery and also admitted the eating nutritious foods and sticking to an exercise regime is the crucial to his success.

“…it was something I had actually to do – ns was no going to get diabetes!” – Corey Harrison


Lisa Lampanelli

Gastric SleeveStarting weight: 248 lbs.Current Weight: 210 lbs.Total weight Loss: 138 lbs.

Comedian Lisa Lampanelli has lost 80 lbs. After experience bariatric surgery. Lampanelli has struggled with her weight since a young age and concluded that the surgical procedure would be the many logical solution. Sustaining a diet consists of tiny portions and also high quantities of protein is a staple in Lampanelli’s load loss.

“…the doctor who did my procedure explained that obesity dangers are much better than the dangers for this surgery. Ns was such an overeater. Now, I get full conveniently – at three, 4 bites, I have to stop.” – Lisa Lampanelli

Austin Russell “Chumlee”

Gastric Sleeve SurgeryStarting weight: 320 lbs.Current Weight: 225 lbs.Total load Loss: 195 lbs.

Austin Russell, the co-star the the reality show Pawn Stars, was convinced that the surgical treatment would help in his weight loss after his friend and also co-star Correy Harrison had actually an exceptional weight loss native the surgery. Russell continues to be fit by load lifting and eating tiny portions; a trusted competition through Harrison likewise helps them keep their load loss.

“I began at 320 pounds, and also now I’m down to 225. As soon as I first began, I eliminated all handle foods other than mustard. Now, ‘everything in moderation’ is mine motto. I’m going to the gym 6 days a week. I’m eating right. Well-balanced diet. I drink a juice smoothie every morning.” – Austin Russell

Trending load Loss surgery Procedures

Bariatric operation procedures result in load loss by restricting the lot of food the stomach can hold, which causes malabsorption that nutrients. Load loss surgeries, such as gastric sleeve, have acquired popularity to cure obesity and also its related conditions worldwide. Measures include:


Some patient revisit the surgeon for added surgery if the an initial operation does not yield their goal weight. This is recognized as bariatric review surgery.


The American obsession with well known personalities is fascinating. Us make particular people “stars” and idolize them. Us follow lock on social media and watch every move they make. Celebrities have a tremendous influence on us; their health-related lifestyle and also decisions deserve to have a positive impact on us, and a an unfavorable effect.

There is constant scrutiny native Hollywood because that celebrities come be dimension zero skinny. Stars try to remain thin and look their finest to save their jobs. The pressure has caused so countless to have eating disorders, medicine issues, and other wellness problems.

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Celebrities are motivated to lose weight either because that health-related reasons like diabetes or upcoming movie roles. An ext and an ext stars space opting for bariatrics to gain thin. However, some share their weight loss methods, and also others store it a secret, favor Rebel Wilson, Adele, Oprah Winfrey, Melissa McCarthy, and also John Goodman.

If you are interested in complying with these role models come renew her life, schedule an appointment today!