For many icons, indigenous Madonna come Naomi Campbell, a Playboy cover is a rite the passage. The photos space visceral, tantalizing, and also for countless celebrities, exceptionally empowering. Marilyn Monroe kicked turn off the tendency in 1953 as the first-ever Playboy cover star, and dozens that icons since have adorned the cover of the magazine, currently a byword because that unapologetic sexiness. If friend forgot around the symbol covers indigenous Kim Kardashian, Anna Faris, Brooke Shields, and more, well—we"re right here to remind you. Let"s take it a pilgrimage down storage lane, candlestick we?



Issue: February 1983

Bassinger extended the February 1983 issue with flow curls and also sultry bedroom eyes that epitomized she sex appeal.

Issue: September 1985

Madonna"s Playboy cover line? "Unlike a virgin..." We view what friend did there, Hef.

Issue: December 1986

Brooke Shields confirmed off she babydoll face and also perfect pout top top the December 1986 covering of Playboy.

Issue: July 1990

Sharon stone will execute down in history as one of the best sex symbols in Hollywood history. Her 1990 Playboy covering illustrates why.

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Issue: March 1994

Shannen Doherty has actually never excellent anything the wasn"t unique and also her doves-on-knees Playboy cover to be no different.

Issue: May 1994

Elle Macpherson extended the might 1994 worry in nothing but a pair of black color pantyhose. The cover, naturally, went under in Playboy history.

Issue: November 1994

Pamela Anderson"s brand that sex appeal to be tailor-made because that Playboy, as confirmed by she November 1994 cover.

Issue: January 1995

Drew Barrymore walk meta for she cover shoot, donning a Playboy bunny shirt, a coy smile, and a lacy pair that pink panties.

Issue: December 1995

Farrah Fawcett confirmed she to be most definitely ready for she close up with her December 1995 cover.

Issue: May 1998

Geri Halliwell was there to aid Playboy reader spice increase their lives in the may 1998 issue.

Issue: May 1999

Even Oscar winners have covered Playboy. Situation in point: Charlize Theron"s might 1999 cover.

Issue: December 1999

Naomi Campbell was a barely-wrapped gift come the human being on the December 1999 covering of Playboy.

Issue: November 2002

The OG Buffy the Vampire Slayer lit the November 2002 covering on fire through a fully-naked pose.

Kayleigh RobertsKayleigh Roberts is the weekend editor in ~ Cosmo, focused on celebrity news and royals.

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