Aside from the an excellent weather and scenic views, Los Angelesis probably finest known transparent the civilization as a hotspot because that celebrities. Even if it is they’re the end grocery purchase or attending a high-profile event, running into a celebrity is in reality quite common for locals life in the city.

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For the most part, Hollywoodstars are notorious for jumping with hoops to safeguard their privacy. However, there are details the regularly lure celebrities as result of their upscale dining, to exclude, nightclubs, and also overall exclusive settings. Here’s a list of LA’s most star-studded areas for homebuyers looking come live next door to a celeb, or at least capture a glimpse the them.

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West Hollywood

Out of all the locations to possibly run into a celebrity, West Hollywoodshould be one of your first destinations to consider. This highly desirable urban ar is located within a prime location in the city due to the fact that it"s adjacent to popular areas like Beverly Hills, Hollywood Hills West, Fairfax, and Hollywood.

There room several factors why movie stars and socialites seem to flock towards the infinite trendy WeHo, together locals speak to it. Not only is the area low-key, it’s likewise near a number of local amenities such as Runyon Canyon,The Ivy ~ above Robertson, and many top-notch entertainment studios. Known for having actually the latest lively nightclubs, award-winning dining establishments, high-end boutiques, and luxury homes, West Hollywood is just a magnet for the rich and famous.

Star-studded neighborhood staples encompass the shopping and also dining scene along Santa Monica Boulevard and also hotspots prefer Chateau Marmont on the Sunset Strip, Nobuon La Cienega, and the vibrant Pacific design Centeron Melrose.

Which celebrities live in West Hollywood?

Johnny DeppKaty PerryJennifer Anniston

Bel Air


Another hotspot for celebrity sightings is in the swanky residential ar of Bel Air, i m sorry is a lavish, gated community lined with superior mansions, frequently hosting picture shoots and film sets. This community was lugged to the spotlight many thanks to the famous television shows, “The Beverly Hillbillies” and “The fresh Prince of Bel Air,” i beg your pardon were likewise filmed here.

Even if you don’t finish up see anyone famous, you may still catch a glimpse of their lavish manors while driving v this ritzy neighborhood. Over there is additionally long perform of notable citizens who have either own a home or still live in Bel Air, including Jennifer Aniston, Beyoncé, Elon Musk, and also Michael Bay.

Celebrities additionally frequent numerous attractions within the gated community as well, such as Hotel Bel-Airon rock Canyon Road and also the Bel-Air nation Clubon Bellagio Road.

Which celebrities live in Bel Air?

Jennifer LopezJay ZBeyonce



Many stars favor to invest time farther away from the hectic city of Los Angeles, opting come live in beachfront properties close to the s in Malibu. This oceanside neighborhood is well-known for that beautiful beaches, scenic views, and impressive estates.

Celebs flock to the beaches of Malibu because they offer more privacy. The closer you room to Venice, the an ext crowded the beaches get, for this reason it renders sense the celebrities gravitate towards much more secluded beaches such as Carbon beach (aka Billionaires’ Beach) ~ above Carbon Canyon Road. This beach is located a mile away from Malibu Pier, and it has several extravagant dwellings overlooking the waves.

Another popular destination that is frequently visited by celebrities is the renowned Malibu country Mart, i m sorry is known as a casual to buy outlet that attributes over 65 boutique shops, art galleries, and eateries.

Which celebrities live in Malibu?

Jack NicholsonEllen DegeneresHalle BerryCharlie SheenRobert Downey Jr.

Silver Lake


With so numerous high-quality restaurants, thrift stores, and also hip cafes scattered transparent the neighborhood, celebrities space naturally attracted to silver- Lake. A huge number of renowned folks live in the neighborhood, consisting of Rachel McAdams, Ryan Gosling, kris Pine, and Fred Armisen, follow to Ranker. While numerous attention-seeking socialites head toward West Hollywood because that a night out, many attention-avoiding celebrities head toward the low-key silver- Lake.

While silver Lake doesn’t offer lot when it concerns a thriving nightlife, that offers much more when it come to great food. Some popular choices in the ar include in your ar sourced coffee and also brunch at Sqirlor develop shopping at the neighborhood farmers market.

Which celebrities live in silver- Lake?

Rachel McAdamsChris PineJoseph Gordon-LevittZachary Quinto



Surprisingly, not plenty of stars live in Hollywood, but the opportunities of running into someone famed near a studio or theatre is high if her timing is right. Hollywood is whereby all the major award reflects take place, and it’s additionally where actors, musicians, and models go to either film, record, or shoot for your work.

Many actors to visit screening events for their recent movie premiere at the famous TCL Chinese Theatre. Another celebrity collection spot isThe Hollywood Roosevelt, a deluxe boutique hotel and bar.

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Every year, Hollywood’s room of Commerceannounces its list of celebrities to gain a star top top the historic Walk of Fame. The awareness is not only complimentary but it’s likewise open to the public, for this reason remember come pay attention to the recent announcements.

Which celebrities live in Hollywood?

Not numerous celebs call Hollywood home. However, just west in Hollywood Hills, countless celebrities have put under roots, including: