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Shonda Rhimes. Beck Starr & Robin together Marshall / Getty

Rhimes, who is behind successful series like "Grey"s Anatomy," "Scandal," and also "How To obtain Away v Murder," made decision to placed her drive right into load loss by only eating when she was hungry, drinking a lot of water, and hiring a an individual trainer. In the end, she lost 150 pounds, yet she admits that she didn"t love the process.

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"Losing weight is not a object I choose discussing," she wrote in a news in 2017. "Why? since there is nothing fun or amazing or an excellent about it. Ns hated losing weight. Ns hated every single second of it. And I hate every single second of maintainingmy weight, too."


action Bronson. Cindy Ord/Getty images for past THE STREETS/bambambaklava/Instagram

Bronson is famous for his music career, but he likewise hosted a show on Vice dubbed "F---, That"s Delicious," which motivated him to develop unhealthy eating habits.

"If ns made something that was a big, ring dish, I would eat the big, ring dish. Ns wouldn"t just have one piece," the rapper called Men"s wellness in 2020. That went on come say, "There to be a the majority of s--- like pre- diabetes , eczema, asthma , every kinds the f---ing dumb stuff that ns had offered myself."

In 2019, Bronson"s partner gave birth come his son, prompting the rapper to take his health much more seriously. In March, Bronson started a exercise routine, which contained boxing, medicine balls, and also burpees. He additionally described his diet as "boring" these days.

"This journey started way long ago," Bronson said Men"s Health. "I was born heavy. Ns was a heavy child. This revolution was long overdue."


Jessica Simpson. Jon Kopaloff & Amy Sussman / Getty

After having actually three children, Jessica Simpson claimed she weighed 240 pounds. But in 2019, she announced she had lost 100 pounds by focusing on she exercise. She trainer said she to walk 14,000 actions every day, resolved in the gym, and got seven hrs of sleep every night.

"Even as soon as it felt impossible, I made decision to work harder," she created in one Instagram write-up in September 2019.

John Goodman lost an ext than 100 pounds by difficult to the Mediterranean diet, follow to his trainer.


man Goodman. Julian Parker & Desiree Navarro / Getty

The "Roseanne" star verified off his weight loss in 2015. His personal trainer said he had actually lost 150 pounds by difficult to the Mediterranean diet and cutting under on red meat. Goodman additionally said he lost the weight by concentrating on exactly how much he was consuming.

"It was basically just portion control, and also "I don"t require it," i was simply shoving whatever into mine mouth," Goodman called AARP in 2018.

drew Carey. Walter McBride/Corbis & Tara Ziemba/ Getty pictures

Drew Carey is recognized for hosting "The Price is Right" and also for his comedic talents, yet while hosting his show, Carey stated he developed some negative habits.

"When ns was doing <"The attracted Carey Show">, i was eating a lot of garbage, ns was drinking a lot, therefore I had a lot of mood swings," that told Success in 2015. "I had diabetes."

Carey stated he made decision to emphasis on his health and also to "change my whole id system" when it involved eating.

"It wasn"t like, "Eat this for 90 days and also lose 20 pounds." that was: "Eat prefer this because that the rest of her life,"" that told Success. "I"m no a maniac about it … ns mean, i was at a wedding ~ above Saturday, and I ate cake. But 95 percent of the time, I"m ideal on the money."

He additionally said he reduced out alcohol indigenous his diet.

Jennifer Hudson. Malcolm Ali & Amy Sussman / Getty

Jennifer Hudson increased to fame on "American Idol," yet she really jumped into the spotlight when she starred in "Dreamgirls" and also won one Academy Award because that her role in 2007. 4 years later, Hudson do headlines v her transformation.

In 2011, she called Oprah that she shed 80 pounds and went indigenous a dimension 16 come a dimension 6. She said partnering v Weight Watchers aided her lose the weight.

"I chef all my meals in ~ home. As soon as Iwork out, I favor what i do. Ns don"t believe in overdoing myself," Hudson called Oprah. "It"s all around self-motivation because, in ~ the finish of the day, you deserve to have all the trainers and all the money in the world, but if friend don"t have that mindset, it"s no possible."

Since then, Hudson has controlled to store the pounds turn off by eat fruit, yogurt, grilled chicken, and a tiny piece of cacao every now and then, follow to an excellent Housekeeping.

In 2014, Mo'Nique shed 80 pounds v exercise and also said she is the healthiest she's ever been.

Mo'Nique. Frederick M. Brown & Paul Archuleta / Getty

Mo"Nique is well-known for her comedic acting chops, however she won an Academy Award for her role in "Precious" in 2010. Due to the fact that then, the actress has actually lost 80 pounds. In 2013, she claimed she to be 45 year old and also the healthiest she has ever been. A couple of years later, she revealed the she to be under 200 pounds because that the an initial time in her adult life.

Mo"Nique focused on working out regularly and hiring a trainer.

"I had to carry out it for husband and my children and also get the end of my own way," she toldTV One in 2014. "Those moments as soon as you feel prefer you can"t go any kind of further and also you can!"

Kirstie Alley. Jim Smeal & Michael Desmond / Getty

Kirstie Alley has been a comedic actress because that decades, getting her begin on "Cheers" in the "80s. Transparent the years, she has actually been really open about her weight loss journey. In 2004, she announced she shed 75 pounds when she partnered with Jenny Craig. For three years, Alley preserved the weight off, yet she at some point gained it back. But in 2011, she lost 100 pounds when contending on "Dancing v the Stars." She also says she doesn"t purchase unhealthy foodstuffs so that she isn"t tempted.

But in ~ the end of the day, Alley stated it doesn"t matter just how much you weigh, as long as you"re happy.

"It"s so necessary for females to look the method they want to look and also feel the way they desire to feel for their own reasons, not due to the fact that someone"s telling them to or due to the fact that it"s fashionable or trendy," Alley called Women"s health in 2014. "Losing load is losing weight, however just because you"re thin doesn"t typical you"re happy."

Chris Pratt shed 60 pounds for his function in a Marvel movie. He worked out for increase to 4 hours a day.

chris Pratt. ANDREAS BRANCH/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images/ Jeff Spicer/WireImage

After reaching success as Andy top top "Parks and also Recreation," kris Pratt was all set to end up being a movie star in 2013 once he joined the Marvel world in "Guardians the The Galaxy." because that the role, he shed 60 pounds.

To do so, Pratt boosted his calorie intake to 4,000 and drank a many water. "I was peeing every day long, every day," the actor told Men"s Health. "That component was a nightmare."

When it involved working out, Pratt concentrated on running, swimming, and kickboxing. He stated he worked out for 3 to four hours each day.

Sam Smith. Joseph Okpako & Karwai tang / Getty

The Grammy Award-winning artist admits castle struggled through emotional eating. Smith described that they provided to eat whenever they felt lonely or felt choose an outcast in ~ school. A few years ago, Smith made decision to readjust that habit once they met a nutritional therapist.

"I met a woman that has totally changed my life,"they wrote on Instagram. "Amelia Freer has actually helped me lose over a stone in 2 weeks and has completely transformed my partnership with food."

Since then, they have lost 50 pounds.

Christina Aguilera. Jeff Kravitz/AMA2011 & Axelle/Bauer-Griffin / Getty

As a successful singer and also host on "The Voice," Christina Aguilera claimed she was not able to prioritize herself, therefore she got some weight.

"I acquired to have, finally, a break and spend part time with my son, being able come breathe and have time away outside of the camera and also get to the nitty-gritty of every things real and personal earlier refreshed," Aguilera told us Weekly in 2013.

When she take it time to focus on herself, she started eating salads, shrimp, celery, and blueberries. In time, she lost 50 pounds.

Rebel Wilson. OGUT/Star Max / Getty

In November 2020, Wilson walk on "The attracted Barrymore Show" and also announced she had actually lost 40 pounds.

"For the last couple of years, I"ve been theme-ing mine years. Therefore I had the "Year that Fun," last year I had actually the "Year that Love," and this year it"s gonna be the "Year of Health" because I turn 40 this year in March," the comedic actress stated on the show. "I never ever really focused on my health, which was probably obvious. Ns was walk all around the human being jet-setting everywhere and also eating a ton that sugar. That was type of my vice. I have actually a really sweet tooth. Ns love desserts."

Wilson claimed she took the "holistic approach" by focusing on her psychological health and tackling emotionally eating head on. She additionally mentioned that she started swapping carbohydrate for protein.

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"I love my curves and also stuff. Ns don"t think I"ll ever go also skinny, but I feeling so lot healthier," Rebel said.