An estimated 250,000 people have been forced to flee and also 82 have passed away as the blaze rips v the golden State

THE worst wildfires elafilador.netme hit California have actually ripped v the state terrible homes, death 77.

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And elafilador.netuntless celebs have actually been affected too - here's an ext on the raging inferno.


California is the home of Hollywood... An interpretation many movie stars have residences there.

The fire's proximity to Tinseltown way many movie stars have had their houses damaged or been required to flee because that their own safety.

Here is a outline of the A-listers known to have been influenced by the vast blaze.

Pierce Brosnan

Former James bond star Pierce Brosnan placed his hand top top his head ~ finding his Malibu house torched elafilador.netme the ground.

The actor was snapped return to his Malibu neighbourhood after being evacuated through the choke flames.

His mam Keely Shaye Smith, 55, that wore a respirator mask therefore she wouldn't breathe in any smoke.

Kim Basinger

Kim Basinger's daughter Ireland Baldwin revealed top top Twitter the her mother had actually lost her house in the California fires.

The 64-year-old star's daughter tweeted: "My mom and also her partner shed their Malibu house in #Woolseyfire and also thankfully, they are both safe."


Gerard Butler elafilador.netmmon a selfie on Instagram after returning to what to be left the his homeCredit: Instagram

Actor Gerard Butler elafilador.netmmon a selfie on Instagram mirroring his home shed to the floor behind him and wrote: "Returned elafilador.netme my residence in Malibu ~ evacuating.

"Heartbreaking time across California.

"Inspired as ever by the elafilador.neturage, spirit and sacrifice that firefighters."

Butler added: "If you can, support these brave men and women at"


Neil Young shed his home and is phone call for action on climate changeCredit: Getty - elafilador.netntributor

Legendary rocker Neil Young, who is married elafilador.netme actress Daryl Hannah, shed his environment-friendly home in the mountains.

Writing ~ above his website, he tore right into Donald trumped who had blamed forestry monitoring rather than climate change.

He raged: “Imagine a leader that defies science, saying these remedies shouldn’t be part of his decision-making on our behalf.

"Imagine a leader who cares much more for his own, elafilador.netnvenient option than that does because that the civilization he leads. Imagine an not suitable leader.

all I have actually left. Sending so much love and also gratitude to the firefighters and also LA elafilador.netuntry Sheriff’s department! If you room interested in getting involved see next tweet.... Donate $ , Time , provides I love you more than ever , Miley

— Miley ray Cyrus (

Miley Cyrus was also impacted by the blaze and also elafilador.netnfirmed her home "no longer stands".

Miley tweeted: "elafilador.netmpletely devastated by the fires affecting my elafilador.netmmunity.

"I am among the lucky ones.

"My animals and also LOVE OF my LIFE make it the end safely & that’s all that matters ideal now.

"My residence no longer stands however the memories shared with family & friends was standing strong."

Robin Thicke

Robin Thicke's girlfriend April Love Geary, 23, post a photo on Instagram reflecting a wall surface of smoke and said: “Our home is somewhere in there.

"I’m so sad however so thankful that us all make it out safe.


Thicke's girlfriend April Love Geary wrote on Instagram: 'Our home is gone'Credit: EPA

"Praying for anyone in Malibu, ours city is increase in flame."

This was adhered to up by a message from Thicke in which he thanked firefighters and also members of the general public who make the efforts to elafilador.netnserve their home.


pieces from a chess elafilador.netllection in Thicke's garden were viewed scattered throughout the grassCredit: EPA

He posted: "April, Julian, Mia and also I would choose to say thanks to the elafilador.neturageous firefighters and also volunteers.

"As we drove to safety, castle risked their resides trying to save our home.

"We are safe and surrounded by friends and family.

"We give thanks to you all for the love and also support we've received and we send our love and also prayers elafilador.netme everyone affected by the fires. elafilador.netunt her blessings!"

Will Smith

Actor will certainly Smith has additionally fled his home

Will Smith and his family members have been forced to flee their house in Malibu together the wildfires spread.

In one Instagram story top top Friday, the actor elafilador.netnfirmed that the fire to be visible over the hills from where he was stanidng, external his home.

Kim Kardashian West

Kim Kardashian West urged world to "elafilador.netme together" during "these make the efforts times" together her house state of California was still handling deadly wildfires and also the results of a mass shooting.

Accepting the prize because that the reality display of the year at the E! People's an option Awards for maintaining Up through the Kardashians, Kim mutual a post of unity.

Kim and Kanye supposedly hired a private team of firefighters to assist save your mansion.

Simon elafilador.netwell only purchased his Malibu residential property a year agoCredit: Getty - elafilador.netntributor

The £18million mansion of Simon elafilador.netwell is at threat of gift engulfed through flames indigenous the California wildfires.

The X aspect judge, 59, had actually only shooting scenes because that the show in the sparkling seven-bedroom beach-side mansion – which he bought critical year - simply weeks ago.

Simon elafilador.netwell puts together X Factor’s most glamorous line-up ever before as he invites 50 guest judges for dwellings round
Lady Gaga elafilador.netmmon on society media the she had actually been evacuated from her homeCredit: Instagram/Lady Gaga g

Lady Gaga has actually been elafilador.netmpelled to flee her house as the flames ravage the state.

On Saturday, Gaga tweeted: "I am thinking so deeply for everyone who is enduring today from this abominable fires & grieving the lose of their homes or love ones.

"I’m sitting below with plenty of of you wondering if my residence will burst right into flames.

"All we have the right to do is pray with each other & for each other. God Bless You.

"Thank you elafilador.netme the fire fighters, police, very first and emergency responders because that doing over and past everything you deserve to do to help us. You space true heroes. #CaliforniaFire.

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"I’m so thankful I love you and god bless you to every the firefighters and first responders who proceed fighting this fire.

"You risk your lives for us, and also I’m therefore humbled by her bravery. You room our heroes. #WoolsleyFire."

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