As of Friday afternoon, November 16 in the united state (10:00am Saturday AEDT),the California fires room responsible because that the deaths that 66 people, through hundreds an ext missing.

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The Woolsey Fire in and also around Malibu, California, has actually tragically asserted three lives and destroyed 616 structures. The fire, i beg your pardon started close to Thousand Oaks, soon reduced the Malibu Creek State Park come ashes and also forced the evacuation of roughly 250,000 civilization including Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian West, Kourtney Kardashian, Rainn Wilson, Alyssa Milano, Gerard Butler, Camille Grammer, Scott Derrickson, Robin Thicke and many more.

The blaze has shed 98,362 acres so far. That is now 69 every cent contained, follow to CalFire"s November 16 (November 17 AEDT) update.

Separately, a fire burn in north California"s Butte County known as the"Camp Fire"has to be blamed for the deaths of 63 people, while an approximated 600 others are apparently missing. The fire has melted 142,000 acres and destroyed 9,844 homes, 336 advertising properties, and also 2,076 other buildings. The fire is 45 every cent contained, according to CalFire.

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On November 15 (November 16 AEDT), The genuine Housewives of Beverly Hills star Camille common before-and-after picture on Instagram after her home had been fully destroyed by the Woolsey Fire."This is what"s left of my home," she created of a photo of the consequences (pictured, ~ above right). "We deserve to replace/rebuild our home however we can"t replace world we have lost. I shed my that 20 plus years Scott two days prior to the fires. I’m still grieving and also will continues to perform so. He was family to me."

She also shared heartfelt post of gratitude for the firefighters risking their resides for others.

"So, to those the end there that space yelling at officials and firemen why their houses weren"t conserved let"s placed things in view here. You space alive. You are safe. Let"s give thanks to the firefighters for saving as plenty of lives throughout this disastrous disaster. We are below to assist others and gather come rebuild what has been lost. Here are some pics of what is left of mine house and memories indigenous the past. I will save these memories and hold lock in my heart forever. Thanksgiving dinners, Christmas, Halloween, and charity events I hosted at my house. My family members home will continue to be in my heart as I start to rebuild anew wherever that will certainly be. My heart is v my family and also friends.#malibustrong#woolseyfireI Malibu!! My home always!!"


Grammer Meyer, initially posted this devastating photo of she Malibu mansion ablaze.

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"Sadly my residence couldn"t it is in saved. The courageous firefighters were able to save my dare and an individual items recovered from my home. I thanked the fire chief and his team the firemen for every one of their hard work. The took the time to explain what happened and I"m grateful for all of their hard work trying to conserve my home. Sad we shed our home however grateful that my household is safe. Luckily we easily evacuated our house yesterday after a patrol auto drove increase the street announcing mandatory evacuations. I"m grateful for my lovely neighbours and friends who retained me informed and also for their help this evening. Thank you all for caring#woolseyfire#malibu. Special thanks to Fire chief Rash and his brave team of firefighters."


Singer Robin Thicke opened up about the catastrophic fires -- including the loss of his own house -- in one interview withEntertainment Tonighton November 13 local time (Wednesday morning AEDT).

"It"s funny, you check out movies, you"d think there would certainly be one doll left over, or a book of course, something. it"s just rubble," the 41-year-old claimed of the residence he shares v his girlfriend, April Love Geary. "There’s naught left."

Geary, posted this love wrenching photograph to she Instagram Story announcing that " home is gone."