WASHINGTON - With much less than a week away until Election Day, we're acquisition a look at eight celebrities who've do it known that they want to gain out the the nation if Donald trumped wins ~ above Tuesday. Let's take a look.

1. MILEY CYRUS: pop star Miley Cyrus took to Instagram with a post around Donald trump saying "I am relocating if this is mine president! ns don't say points I don't mean!"

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2. BRYAN CRANSTON: actor Bryan Cranston questioned his plans come leave throughout a podcast interview. Cranston said he would go to Vancouver, Canada and also "it wouldn't it is in a vacation. I'd be an expatriate."

3. LENA DUNHAM: gibbs Lena Dunham, that is a Clinton surrogate and also supporter, discussed the topic at The procession Awards and said, "I understand a many of civilization have been threatening to carry out this, however I really will." She later said she knows a lovely ar in Vancouver, Canada and also can acquire her work done type there.

4. CHELSEA HANDLER: Comedian Chelsea Handler likewise wants come leave, but she's no going to Canada. In one interview through Vanity Fair, she said, "I have a home in Spain the is going come be prepared right after the election."

5. BARBRA STREISAND: Barbra Streisand sat down for one interview v an Australian news outlet wherein she said, "I'm either coming come your nation , if you'll permit me in, or Canada."

6. CHER: Let's talk around Cher - she took to twitter and also is looking to an extraterrestrial place to contact home. In an exchange with an additional user, she said if he were to be chosen "I'm moving to Jupiter."

7. RAVEN-SYMONE: "The View" can be looking for two brand-new co-hosts ~ Tuesday if trumped wins. Raven-Symone was talking about leaving prior to Trump even came to be the Republican nominee. She confessed the "if any Republican gets nominated," she would move to Canada v her family. She walk on come say, "I literally bought mine ticket, ns swear."

8. WHOOPI GOLDBERG: And likewise in an illustration of "The View," Whoopi Goldberg spoke around her concerns around Trump and said, "I don't think that's America. Ns don't desire it to it is in America. Maybe it's time because that me come move, friend know."

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So currently that we are less than a week away from the election, do you think this celebrities will certainly actually pack up and leave if Trump becomes the president on Tuesday? Tell us what friend think top top FOX 5 DC's on facebook page and Twitter account.