The mere believed of Donald Trump probably winning the presidency has several americans threatening to leaving the US, consisting of a couple of Hollywood celebrities. Of the 196 countries in the world, the most popular location for relocation is our very own - Canada.

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Canadians are definitely milking this situation. There"s even a website licensed has been granted "Cape Breton if Donald trump wins" that"s been visited by end 1 million people because it was created.

I guess: v it"s flattering the they"ve thought about Canada together an option, however we"re not quite sure if us actually want them to relocate here. You decide... Below are 6 celebrities who would move to Canada if trump card wins:


Lena Dunham

“I understand a lot of of world have to be threatening to carry out this, yet I really will. I recognize a lovely place in Vancouver, and also I can obtain my job-related done from there.”


Raven Symone

“I currently have my ticket. I literally bought mine ticket , ns swear.”


Neve Campbell

"I’m terrified. It’s yes, really scary. My biggest fear is the Trump will triumph. I cannot think that he is still in the game. I cannot develop of just how that’s possible. Ok move earlier to Canada.”


Chloe Sevigny

"Nova Scotia."


Rosie O"Donnell

"I f***ing hate that orange piece of s***.”


Nina Dobrev

"Mom... I understand you made mine childhood bedroom right into your office however can I have it back? I"m coming home. #Canada "



"I’m relocating to Canada. Me and also Drake room going to it is in neighbors"


Barbra Streisand

“I’m one of two people coming to your country , if you’ll let me in, or Canada.”


BONUS: Miley Cyrus

“Honestly f*** this s*** i am moving if this is my president! ns don’t say things I nothing mean! ”(Miley currently lived in Toronto in 2001, for this reason Canada is most likely an option for her...)

And that"s no all. here are a few more celebrities that would willingly relocate anywhere outside of the united state if trumped wins:


Octavia Spencer

"I will certainly run under the street naked... In Mexico."


Chelsea Handler

"I have actually a house in Spain that"s going to it is in ready before the election."


Jenny Slate

“If Donald trump card wins the presidency, a pig will fly the end of mine butthole, due to the fact that it will certainly be a nightmare.”


Samuel L. Jackson

“If the motherf***** i do not care President I’m relocating my black a** to southern Africa.”


George Lopez

“If he wins, that won’t have to worry around immigration. Fine all go back.”



“If he were to it is in elected, I"m moving to Jupiter.”


Jon Stewart

"I would think about getting in a rocket and also going to one more planet, because clearly this planet"s gone bonkers.”


Whoopi Goldberg

“When they just use a blanket statement come talk around black people or once they usage a ceiling statement to talk about white world or females or any other team - ns don’t think it is America. Ns don’t want it to it is in America. Maybe it’s time because that me to move.”


Eddie Griffin

“If trump wins, I’m moving to Africa. If he wants to construct a wall to store Mexicans out, I recognize what the f*** the feel about a n****.”

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Donald Trump's new Social Media platform Is referred to as 'TRUTH Social' & That's not A Joke

Posts will be dubbed "TRUTHS" however that won"t do them true.

Joe Sohm | Dreamstime

Donald Trump, the guy who said a the majority of false things as U.S. President, is around to start a brand-new Facebook and also Twitter challenger called "TRUTH."


Trump announced his brand-new social media platform on Wednesday, through the promise the he will usage it come "stand up to the tyranny of big Tech."

"We live in a civilization where the Taliban has actually a large presence top top Twitter, yet your favourite American President has been silenced," Trump said in his statement. "This is unacceptable."

TRUTH social sounds prefer it"ll be comparable to Twitter, Trump"s old favourite social media, with an emphasis on text over pics.

Posts will certainly seemingly be referred to as "TRUTHS" (yes, all caps) and also the platform guarantees that it will certainly encourage "open, cost-free and honest global conversation there is no discriminating against political ideology."

Trump couldn"t short article his announcement on facebook or Twitter since he"s still banned end the January 6 Capitol riot, which erupted over a bunch that non-truths that he said around the election.

He promised after that half that he"d start his own social media company. The tried out a one-man variation of Twitter earlier this year and then closed the after that failed to catch on, however now the looks like he"s ago with a fully-fledged new platform.

TRUTH Social will be component of a larger, publicly-traded firm called trump Media & modern technology Group. TMTG will additionally launch various other subscription services geared toward conservatives, including podcasts and video services.

TRUTH social is intended to launch one invite-only beta in November adhered to by a complete rollout beforehand next year.

Trump provided Twitter to help him success the presidency in 2016, yet he won"t have that choice if that decides to run again in 2024.

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With fact Social though, there"ll be no tech agency to fact-check the if the does decision to walk for it again.

"I to be excited come send the end my an initial TRUTH on reality Social really soon," he wrote in his statement. "TMTG was founded with a mission to give a voice come all."