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Cardi B is viewed on the blue carpet prior to performing ~ above Super key eve, Saturday, Feb. 2, 2019 in Atlanta. Ryan Kang/AP pictures for the NFL

The rapper supported Sanders in 2016, telling her followers in a video to "vote because that Daddy Bernie, b---h." Cardi later on came in contact with Sanders" project in April 2018, as soon as she praised Franklin D. Roosevelt in a GQ interview as "the real "Make America an excellent Again,"" for his society policies.

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The campaign responded top top Twitter, writing that "Cardi B is right" around the importance of society Security.

In respectable 2019, the rapper and also the lawmaker satellite for a filmed interview in a Detroit nail salon to talk about Roosevelt, healthcare, 2020, and other issues.

Politico reported that Sanders" team noticed he to be impressed by she enthusiasm and knowledge the American national politics in enhancement to her straightforward personality.

"She"s a no-B.S. Person," Ari Rabin-Havt, the chief of employee for Sanders" presidential campaign, said Politico. "And Bernie Sanders loves no-B.S. People."


note Davis / Getty pictures

Van Dyke, who additionally backed Sanders in 2016, starred in a promo video for the senator the was exit in so late February.

In the video, the 94-year-old actor and comedian urged older voter to consider Sanders, who he claimed he to be backing again since of his regular record.

"Why wouldn"t an older citizen poll for somebody v that sort of a record and also with that kind of experience and honesty and also trust?" valve Dyke states in the video. "It simply doesn"t make sense to me the he"s not acquiring my generation. And also I desire to advice my generation to obtain out and also vote because that him, please."

—Bernie Sanders (
BernieSanders) February 22, 2020



Grande was a vocal supporter of democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in 2016 however has openly backed Sanders, who, one day prior to a democratic debate, she welcomed backstage at an Atlanta present last November.

Alongside photos of the beaming pair the singer post on Twitter, Grande referred to as Sanders "my guy" and thanked him for "all that you was standing for."

Grande likewise referenced the partnership in between her Sweetener human being Tour and Headcount, a non-profit organization concentrated on voter it is registered that, according to Grande"s tweet, registered at least 20,000 new voters throughout her tour.


Monty Brinton/CBS via Getty photos

In august 2019, the "Truth Hurts" singer tweeted a video clip in i m sorry she inquiry her pendant to think critically about who they choose to vote for after speak she supported Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Sanders, that she formerly defended against ageist criticism.

Lizzo wrote on Twitter to ask voters to "drop the ageism sh--" against 77-year-old Sanders.

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"I hear a many of around Bernie Sanders gift "too old" to run or be president... Yet we"ve currently got a 73-year old in office so drop the ageism sh-- and also just hear to what he"s gained to say," the singer wrote alongside screenshot of Sanders" and also Trump"s ages.

Months later on in November, Sanders appeared on "The Tonight show with Jimmy Fallon," wherein he borrowed a Lizzo track title to announce the he to be "feeling an excellent as hell."