We know Common and also Chance the Rapper have the right to put out good music. Ever wonder exactly how they might fare on a basketball court, though?

The pair the Chicago-based rappers will certainly be two of the numerous celebrities taking component in this year"s NBA Celebrity All-Star Game, which will kick off NBA All-Star Weekend at United center in Chicago on Friday night.

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Common is the captain the the "home" team, while chance the Rapper holds that position for the "away" squad. Both groups will have actually players v ties to the publicly City and be coached by one ESPN analyst: Michael Wilbon and also Stephen A. Smith, respectively.

Here"s every little thing you must know around this year"s celebrity game.

2020 NBA Celebrity All-Star Game


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When: Friday, Feb. 14 at 7 p.m. ET

Where: United facility in Chicago



Team Wilbon (Home)

Captain: typical (rapper, recording artist)

Bad bunny (recording artist)

Hannibal Buress (actor, comedian)

Kane Brown (recording artist)

Jon Batiste (musician)

Alex Moffat (actor, comedian)

Jose Andres (chef, humanitarian)

Famous Los (comedian, social media influencer)

Jidenna (recording artist)

Chelsea Gray (WNBA player)

Quentin Richardson (former NBA player)

Team Stephen A. (Away)

Captain: opportunity the Rapper (rapper, record artist)

Quavo (rapper, recording artist)

Taylor Bennett (rapper, recording artist)

LaRoyce Hawkins (actor)

Anthony "Spice" Adams (actor, comedian, previous NFL player)

Marc Lasry (Milwaukee Bucks co-owner)

Ronnie 2K (2K sporting activities marketing director)

Katelyn Ohashi (gymnast)

Lil Rel Howery (actor, comedian)

A"ja Wilson (WNBA player)

Darius mile (former NBA player)

Preview, MVP Pick

Common has a the majority of experience in the NBA Celebrity All-Star Game. This will be his eighth time play in the event, and he was likewise an assistant coach as soon as he critical played in the game in 2018.

But there"s walking to be some solid competition this year, just as there was the critical time usual participated. In 2018, he was teammates v Quavo, who is part of the hip-hop group Migos. In the contest, Quavo scored a game-high 19 point out in his celebrity-game debut to success MVP honors.

Quavo returned last year and also had another strong performance, scoring a game-high 27 points. If his team had won, climate he likely would have again been the game"s MVP.

Common won"t have actually the luxury of playing through Quavo this time, as the two room on various teams. However, he will have actually a former MVP on his side in famous Los.

Last year, the comedian had a exceptional debut. While play in Charlotte, the Durham, N.C., aboriginal scored 22 clues to command the residence team to an 82-80 win in the highest-scoring matchup in NBA Celebrity All-Star game history.

It wouldn"t be surprising because that Common, Quavo and Los to all have actually solid performances again this year. Plus, any kind of of the previous NBA football player or current WNBA players might get hot at the appropriate time and make the many of your minutes in the game.

Quentin Richardson (Home) and also Darius miles (Away) room the previous NBA players playing in this year"s game, while Chelsea Gray (Home) and also A"ja Wilson (Away) space representing the WNBA. This is the 2nd straight year the Wilson is playing in the game.

But only one player can emerge as the MVP the the NBA Celebrity All-Star Game. And also this year, it will again it is in Quavo.

Even though the record artist didn"t victory the award critical year, he to be still maybe the best player top top the court. He"ll simply need to make certain his team is victorious in bespeak to be MVP.

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Expect that to happen, and also a huge reason for the away team"s win will be the play of Quavo, who has proved his skill level already in the past.