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Last night the masked Singer revealed an "arresting" clue around the identification of one of the remaining performers. Gain the entirety scoop, here.

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Last night"s illustration of The masked Singer (Episode 6) may have actually been the many enjoyable so far as every of the 4 contestants who performed were clearly out to success the prize. While the Raven was unmasked together Ricki Lake, the wasn"t the best revelation that the evening. Throughout the display a significant clue was given around the Peacock that pretty much confirms his identity. It involves a wig, a jail sentence and also a rainbow-colored cape.

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Who is the Peacock? This reservation Confirms His Identity


The masked Singer episode 6 revealed a proviso that pipeline us through no doubt about the identification of the Peacock.FOXUp to this point, the internet"s favorite guesses for the Peacock"s identity have actually been split between Donny Osmond and also Neil Patrick Harris, yet there was just enough reasonable doubt around each to save us native jumping fully abroad one of two people train. One an essential clue provided during episode 6, however, left us with no more questions. So right here it is.

As through every episode, a video clip to be shown prior to the Peacock"s performance, providing insight around the performer"s identity. Number of of the ideas were similar to persons we"ve heard before — a performer from a young age, feasible magician, loves the spotlight, etc. It wasn"t until the end of the video clip clues, however, the the trail finally got hot. Together the video came come a close, we witnessed the Peacock twirl roughly on stage, revealing the the underside the his cape was in reality a rainbow.


The Peacock shows off a multicolored cape in The masking Singer illustration 6.YouTubeThe clue immediately got the judges reasoning Neil Patrick Harris, due to the fact that he"s to be a performer native a young age and is a publicly the end gay man. He also falls right into the weight classification of the Peacock who revealed the he"s a cool 176 pounds. however following the video clip came secondary clue that lugged together whatever we"ve learned so far around the Peacock.

After the video, the Peacock to be asked to display his Revealing Item, which turned out to be a brown, curly-haired wig. Wigs have been teased as a hints to Peacock"s identity before, however it"s what the Peacock said about the wig last night that drives it every home.

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"Because that this wig, i was thrown in jail," said the Peacock.

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