Drugs and also alcohol not only altered these celebrities' minds, it also had a large impact on their appearance.

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The actresses was a picture of health when she filmed G.I.Jane in the so late ?s. However that appeared to adjust after her split with husband Ashton Kutcher, when she shocked fans v her gaunt appearance and reports of one Adderall addiction according come Radar online.

Mischa Barton looked really different from The O.C. days when she was captured in may 2011 spring disheveled. According to world Magazine, those closest to Mischa in 2009 described her as "just also screwed up on drugs and also alcohol."

Lindsay Lohan appeared in publicly in 2011 flashing seemingly decayed teeth, which she father called Jane Velez-Mitchell on her HLN show, was a result of her "smoking a pipe through meth or crack."

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