The previous "Teen Mom" star attacks the erotic industry and also worries around ending increase alone. It"s not really sexy

Farrah Abraham (AP/Jeff Daly)
Honestly, when I picked up Farrah Abraham"s recent erotic novel, "The Secret"s Out: 2," I to be looking to acquire some kicks from how poor the sex scene were. Instead, I found what price to a treatise on mrs sexuality and empowerment. OK, therefore it"s not a particularly sophisticated writing -- it"s an ext interested in butt-play than intellectual rigor (not that the two are naturally contradictory!). However in the larger photo of Abraham"s celebrity, it"s type of interesting.

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That"s specifically true because, back the book is fictional, that is plainly based on Abraham herself. The follows Fallon Opal, a young woman celebrity who sex tape v a famed male erotic star is leaked. As you can recall, Abraham it s her is a young woman celebrity whose so-called "sex tape" through a well known male porn star to be "leaked" -- at least, that"s what she claims. Her costar, James Deen, says it was a professionally created porno made come look choose a leaked homemade sex ice cream -- every in the surname of a public stunt to development Abraham"s career.

Whatever the real fact may be about the "sex tape," Farrah -- or at least Fallon -- expresses a whole lot of hatred in the publication toward the porn industry. She generally references "lowly" or "trashy" erotic stars and also "immoral" and also "failed" erotic directors. The Deen character, Jimmy Heinz, is described as a liar and "porn star at the bottom that his totem pole." Consistently, Abraham paints herself, or Fallon, as a classy, sexy alternative to the "cheap whores" the porn. That is pretty cheap and not at all classy.

If there is noþeles at every to it is in revealed about the actual Abraham in this publication -- and, trust me, i haven"t ruled out the opportunity that Abraham herself is someone"s next-level graduate thesis ~ above the absurdity of modern-day sexual celebrity -- it has to do with her self-concept together a brave young mrs exploring brand-new carnal frontiers, every while harboring the are afraid of ending up alone. (And check out she does: over there is bondage, a threesome, squirting, ass-licking and man-on-man sex.) here are few of the book"s main lessons:

She is sexually enlightened: In the novel, the protagonist"s therapist speak her, “For some females it takes year to be comfortable enough to recognize what they desire in the bedroom. I watched your sex tape. The was very high quality and also as a viewer, I can tell that you to be the one in control the whole time.”

On the an obstacle of detect Prince Charming: "Sex is fun, it provides me feel great when whatever else stops working me. However I always planned come kiss frogs on a search to uncover my prince. How deserve to I discover him if the is just sex to the frogs i kiss."

On she sex tape regrets: “Every time i think about the sex tape we did, emotions to wash over me. Ns feel confused, manipulated and enraged. Yet at the time, ns was happy.”

She"s sticking through the "leaked sex tape" story: “Once again, that is talking about our sex tape favor it was some sort of cheap porno. ...

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He to be sweet to me, however it had actually all been a setup from the start.”

She has actually revenge fantasies: “What ns really want is to placed on a strap-on and fuck some man in the ass simply to get back at Jimmy.”

Women in porn room unethical: “I think earlier to the method the porn industry and mainstream entertainment treats women. The exchange that money and power because that sex pushes out women with values and also emotions -- instead of them through women with distorted ethics.”

She feels underestimated: "Some people don’t realize how wise i am until they offer me a opportunity to display them."